Bloggers’ Central Best Blogs #2

Introducing the lovely lushize. A gorgeous modern/lush blog that is full of lovely, clean posts that are sure to freshen your mind. Muberra is 16, she’s had the blog for less than a year and she’s previously been a personal blog, a vertical blog, and even pale, but she’s now settled into the fab style she is now. She thinks that although tumblr is very entertaining, she finds there is also a lot about it that she doesn’t like.

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yetanotheryear asked:

favorite blog on tumblr?

Well, according to my tumblr crushes they are: and lushize but the link wont work aw :’( theme| 8 url |6 icon |8 posts|9 follow back| Already am :) Ask me things or send nice things for a blog rate like this :)

sorry guys, i cant gain the winners 20 followers each, it’ll have to be 10-15. because the blogs were so lovely i couldnt pick one! hahaah i chose three

sorry guys, i am currently on my phone, and i wont have access to my laptop until tomorrow. dw the promos will be done. mean while, THESE ARE MY WINNERS! 

If i promote you, i will leave a nice message saying so. xo

anonymous asked:

f-abulush, lushize, lushust, lustire, tigreh xx thoughts ty

f-abulush - i love their blog they’re really nice to everyone and they don’t act as if everyone’s beneath them :) xx 

lushize - this blog is so cute omg and i love all her posts x

lushust - this blog is so colorful and vibrant and aw man makes me happy :) <3

lustire - i love this blog tons i’ve been following on my other blog since forever and both nat & aine are very nice to their followers and they’re so so sweet :)

tigreh -i love her posts her whole blog is rad and she seems like a really nice person too x