anonymous said:

hey me again, sorry to bother u i just feel like talking, i hope thats okay. i forgot to mention this but good luck at your new school tomorrow, i bet it'll b great. i was just wondering how many times you have moved schools? i have been at the same god awful private school since i was 4 years old, and no i'm not kidding. the place is a torture chamber in plaid all the girls are spoilt rich with horses and cars and maids and i'm just sitting there waiting to get out and thank god i'm moving soon

aw thanks, I’ll need t! I’ve only moved schools once but that was from elementary school to secondary school which is normal for everyone in belgium at least! I’ve never actually moved schools because I had to or wanted too, until now :) omg your school sounds cool tbh hahaha reminds me of gossip girl tbh and I lurrrvvv gossip girl! my mum used to go to a school like that and loved it too! oh well haha I’m sorry you don’t like it babe, so you’re going to a new school too soon? good luck xxx