Inauguration protests - Washington D.C.

Top: Protesters outside the Presidential Inauguration demand “Money for Education, Not Drone Massacres,” January 21, 2013.

Bottom: Lupe Fiasco was dragged offstage at a pre-Inaugural concert January 20 when he refused to stop an anti-war song.

emeralddreamer replied to your postSo being on “Two and a Half Men” just drives…

Why what happened?

The actor who plays the kid (or teen now, i guess) in the show is apparently all super Christian now and thinks the show is “filth” and is encouraging people to stop watching it.

lupefiascos replied to your postSo being on “Two and a Half Men” just drives…

right? i thought it was a joke at first. still not even sure tbh

I know, I’m not either. I didn’t actually watch the vid where he says everything yet so idk

heavenhathrejected replied to your postSo being on “Two and a Half Men” just drives…

I had to google it but omfg if you don’t like it FUCKING QUIT jfc

IKR? He’s probably like contractually obligated to stick with it or something. Who knows. 


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answer it


favorite female character: Ronnie. Before they ruined her with the fucking baby swap thing.
favorite male character: LUCAS! Omfg. He was the best and you know it. Also Phil of course. And I have a bit of a thing for Jack.
least favorite character: Heather fucking Trott. Best day ever when they killed her. Also that kid Adam, remember him? Oh and fucking Libby, remember her?
best face: Jack. Also I’m not gonna lie, I have a bit of a crush on Jay. Is that weird? Also when Peter was around …
funniest character: Ben Mitchell (unintentionally of course). Ian Beale. Omg I almost forgot Tamwar!!!
favorite season: Pretty much anything before the guy from Hollyoaks took over.
favorite episode: The live one was good, for the comedy value.
favorite romantic ship: Jack/Ronnie. Jay/Abi. Lol.
favorite family ship: The Mitchells. Oh and The Brannings.
favorite friend ship: Peggy/Pat.
worst ship: Heather and Minty. Ewwww remember that?



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