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I just imagine Lunet freaking out every time the Inquisition goes to far like having shems stand on graves or paint their logo on elven temples. Just marches up to Cullen ordering his men fix this now. 

Registration Guideline

Alright guys, here is my long article on registration! Unfortunately since registration is not yet open, I cannot show you the fall and winter terms on the WebAdvisor, but I will do my best to explain it to you as easily as possible. By the time registration is open you will all have been shown how to create your Laurentian accounts so I’m not going to explain this here - I will make a post on the Facebook group on account creation (it’s not complicated but I will explain it for anyone who does not know what to do).

Anyway, to start off, once your account is created, you are given access to all your student portals. LUNET is the big one, where you can link to your Laurentian email account, D2L (online class resource for profs and students to use), and the WebAdvisor. The latter is where you can access your account summary (how much you owe), bursary applications when they’re open, your class schedule (which is NOT in a timetable form, it will only be in a list), and where you register for your classes. To start off, you will have to log in to the WebAdvisor:

After you have logged in, you’ll click on the ‘Students’ link:

For class registration, you want to next click on a link that says ‘Register for Sections’. Right above it is ‘Search for Sections’ which allows you to search and see what’s available, but you cannot register for them there. Below it is ‘Register and Drop Sections’ where you can go to register for your classes after choosing them, or drop them if you decide to take something else. For actually choosing your courses, though, go to the middle option:

After you have done that, you’ll come across a page like this with tons of different options. To search for your courses, you’ll want to click on the first one, which says ‘Search and Register for Sections’:

Once you click on that, you’ll be brought to a page that looks like this. You absolutely MUST choose a term in order to search for classes - to search for a three credit class, you’ll search in either the 2015 Fall Term or the 2016 Winter Term (which are not in the picture but will be shown once registration is open), and to search for a six credit year long course, you’ll search under 2015 Fall/Winter Term. You’ll want to know ahead of time what you’re searching for, and the LU website can tell you whether a required course is six credits or three, however it never hurts to check in all three of the terms (because the Laurentian website is not always 100% correct):

This is now where it gets a little complicated - you will want to choose your subject and course level (first year for most of your courses however some students may have one or two second year courses required in first year). To know whether one of your required courses is first or second year, look at your course code - a course code where the number starts with 1 is a first year course, 2 is a second year course, etc. As an example, HIST-1206 is a first year course, but HIST-2026 is a second year course. You will not want to search the course number or section, though, because if you put in TOO much information, then you will get less results, and often times, no results at all. You can choose language and campus, though, and it’s recommended that you click on which campus you’re looking at so you don’t try registering for courses at another campus (it won’t let you but it might make things complicated for you). Also ignore everything at the bottom, because you don’t know what profs are teaching the courses or when they’re offered yet - and remember, the more you put in, the less of a chance you have of getting results:

Also note that in ‘subject’ you will find subjects that say ‘Social Science’ or ‘Humanities’. You cannot search for social science or humanities courses in there - I’m not even sure why those subjects exist but there are nothing in them. You have to search for them by the direct subjects - anthropology, history, English, philosophy, etc. To know which is a social science and which is a humanities subject, refer to the list I posted on my last long post (the one about knowing what you need before you register).

When you first go to register, it will tell you to pick a student association. As I have already picked one ages ago, I cannot show you what the choosing page looks like, however after you do that, every single search you do when registering for courses will bring up a page confirming your program and student association:

After you have done that, you will come up with some results. For this, I simply searched for history courses in the 2015 Spring Full Term without putting in a course level. During the school year you will find many more results, and they will have your class location as well as the time it is offered (so make sure to pay attention to that, as you are unable to register for any courses that conflict). You will click the little box next to the course in order to select the one you need:

As an example of what it will look like to see what time and location your class is offered at, here’s a general search for 2015 Spring First Term courses. You’ll see that it mentions a building, a classroom, the days the class takes place, and the time. If your selection says ‘(more)’ at the end of it, that means the class is also offered at a completely different time on another day, and you actually have to click the link in order to see the full information of when your course is offered. It is imperative that you do check this, as you will not be able to register for conflicting courses, and if you don’t check then you may not understand why the WebAdvisor is telling you that your courses conflict. Also make sure that you remember which building each is offered in - many students do have to run across campus in the ten minutes between classes because they have required courses back to back on opposite sides of campus, but if you have the option, classes in the same building or close buildings are the easiest to handle. If you have to run from the classroom building to the School of Education, you may be late for class:

After you have made a selection, it will bring you to this page. You can either register right away or you can do another search and register for everything together at the end. As I am all registered for my summer courses, it does not show anything for me to register for, however you would officially register for your course by clicking the menu beside the course and clicking ‘Register’ and then clicking the submit button at the bottom. Once you are registered for the course, it would show in that list below (as you can see, the four courses I am currently registered for):

If you’re worried that the registration did not go through, then you can go back to your main menu, and go down to ‘Class Schedule’ so you can see whether the course appears on your schedule:

I only have Spring and Summer terms available to choose from here, however you will have four additional terms to choose from - the 2015 Fall Term, 2016 Winter Term, 2015 Fall/Winter Term, and the Winter Academic Term. The first of those three will show you the specific courses in that category, however if you choose to click on ‘Winter Academic Term’, you will see every course in which you are registered for the 2015/2016 school year (regardless of which semester they’re in, or whether they are all year):

Once there, you will see a list of all the classes you are registered for in that category - I’ve blocked out my student number however you see here the list of classes for which I am registered for the 2015 Spring Academic Term:

If you have any questions with that entire process, don’t hesitate to ask. It may seem a little complicated for you when you’re reading it for the first time, but it’s actually not very complicated at all once you get into the hang of it. Although I’m almost halfway through third year technically (as far as my transcripts say), I was a new LU student last year, so I registered for the first time amongst others such as Eric, and as a new student I was still guiding everyone through registration because I worked out beforehand how to register for courses. I’m sure everyone will be able to register for their courses with little issue, however as there always will be some complications that arise, contact me (or Eric) immediately and we can help you! We still do not know when registration will open - the school is currently saying sometime in late June, however last year it did not open until early July and some years it didn’t open until August, but this way you are prepared as soon as it does open!

- Brittany

[Summons War Table]

We are gathered today because the DA:I lighting make Lunet look very white and it makes me uncomfortable. 

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