do u ever have those friends u wanna meet so bad and u think of them as your best friends and u want to do eVERything with them like go to school with them and have sleepovers and talk and cute things but nO u fuckiNG Cant because they live in a different place !!!!!!!

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what is a song you can listen to 29432998398635535 times and never get sick of it?? xxxxxx

Suga Suga by Baby Bash 

compliment- your eyes your eyes your eyes!! omgomg!

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What is one of your favourite memories from when you were a lil child ??? ♡♡

My grandma and grandpa made me a “fairy garden” at their house and I used to play there. There was a tree trunk table, wind chimes, little stone fairies stuck to the ground, wind socks, stars hung up everywhere, a little lily pond with a lizard that lived near it, white pebbles lining pathways. It was beautiful. I loved playing there. I felt like a fairy.

~ ABBEY. AHH. I LOVE YOUR FACE SO MUCH YOU ARE PERF. From what I’ve seen, you have a really really great style. I love it. I love you. You are such a babe, you look like a princess. ~

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Me luneclipse !!!!


it was so nice seeing you again the other night even though adelaide metro is complete shit. we must do it again sometime soon!

you’re one of the nicest people i’ve ever met and you’re so much more mature than most people i know in your year level. there’s this one girl that catches my bus who’s in your grade that i just think about being your age sometimes and it completely blows my mind. i was really upset and crying on the bus one day and she was being a little shit and kept singing so loudly and pissing everyone off and i told her to shut the fuck up and then she kept singing louder and louder until i told her she couldn’t fucking sing for shit and her voice was obnoxious and she looked at me and was like “omg pagan you’re such a bitch!” and my friend who was sitting with me told her that i was right though and it just shut her down but when i went to get off she spread her legs across the walkway so i couldn’t get through and when i asked her to move and she was like “say please (:” and then i had to walk further because the bus driver started to drive off again. on a brighter note there was another time when my aforementioned friend told her she wore too much mascara and i think i nearly died from laughing so hard because she looked so put out that a boy was unimpressed with her makeup ANYWAY the point of the story is i can’t believe you’re supposedly at the same maturity level as that

got a lot of love for you, pal

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you are so pretty and you juts have such a naturally beautiful face ah i can't explain it hehe ♥♥♥♥♥ and your blog is gorgeous!

thank you ♡ I’m literally freaking out right now because you followed me, wow :’) 

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i really admire how you are deciding to be happy and stuff and by reading your post i decided that im going to try not being as negative too and just be like "fuck being sad". ^-^

Awww okay this made me really happy (happier??! I dunno.) I’m so glad. I wish you luck on your endeavors of living a fuck-free life. I made three new friends today and two guys flirted with me so HEY WHY NOT? Must be good for something. XOXO