I won’t let him take me.

  • me:*having a bad recovery week day*
  • me:*skips breakfast this morning*
  • me:*buys lunch anyway to try and say fuck you to eating disorder*
  • me:*goes and sits with friends who know about my eating disorder*
  • friends:oh my god i never eat lunch here
  • friends:i never eat breakfast too. there's never enough time
  • friends:this apple is good enough to last me today
  • friends:one time i went without food and pigged out the next day and felt really guilty
  • me:*throws out lunch and walks away*

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My school is no longer allowed to sell anything sugary as snacks outside of lunch and so they stopped selling coffee. People were literally crying that they had no coffee 1, for the cold, 2, for the fact that WE NEED OUR COFFEE.

yo thats dumb as hell

I spent a lot of today with my brother. It was good. I like the silence with him. There’s no need to fill it. It can just be there, and I can just let my thoughts unravel around me as he goes about whatever he’s doing. We also spent a lot of that time in the car, and that was nice. Despite the traffic which never seems to end, there’s something therapeutic about being inside the quiet of a car but still watching the world go on as noisily as it would. I did actually get a chance to discuss my current venture right now and the problems in my plan, and the help I need, and just stuff like that, and it felt good to have someone take me seriously instead of blow me off like I’m just another dreamer in this world. There is one thing I’m yet to talk to him about, but we do have Chinese lined up for lunch tomorrow, so maybe I’ll talk to him about it then. But, yeah. Spending time with my brother always fills me with a calm I can’t explain. It’s the same kind of calm I feel when I hear the faint thrumming of Sara’s heart when I have her in my arms, y’know? But, yeah. Felt like writing this all up even though it has no purpose. Sorry if you were expecting an interesting story, exciting things don’t really happen to me much. 

Today is the first time in elevety-nine years that it has rained in the Bay Area and I somehow wore a sundress and flats with naked legs to work? A coworker straight laughed in my face when I walked in. Fall/Winter clothing is my favorite so not sure how I showed up in literally an outfit I wore in Cabo over the summer. 

Also, the cafe in my little business park was closed for lunch today so I actually had to get in my car and go out for food. I now have a burrito and, thanks for 102.1FM, I now know that I still remember all the words to the JLo classic “I’m Real.”  

Product Review: Live Well 360

This past month I’ve been trying out a new gym bag. As a straight-from-the-gym-to-work kinda gal, my bag is always filled to the brim and despite buying the biggest gym bags I can find, I often have another small tote with me to carry work day essentials (aka my lunch and snacks). So when I was given the chance to review Live Well 360, obviously I chose the biggest bag, the Luxx


The Luxx is a sturdy bag, ideal for days when I’m carrying tons of stuff and if the weather happens to be bad, I know this bag will make it through. There are outside loops to carry a yoga mat (or a jacket, genius). I love these yoga mat straps because other totes that are supposed to carry yoga mats, often don’t actually fit them. On this bag the straps are adjustable and  clip on and off, making it easy to attach your mat.  Inside there are different compartments for shoes, a laptop, exterior water bottle holder and more zipped off compartments. This bag is great for those big gym days where I go straight to work and occasionally throw in another after-work workout. Aside from trekking to the gym, this would also be perfect for weekend trips. I’m definitely going to use this bag for my fitness related trips like out-of-town marathons or even in-town triathlons when I’m required to lug tons of stuff to the race site.


[a look at my bag, complete with yoga mat and pup because why not]

If you need a large gym bag, whether it’s for weekday trips to the gym or weekend trips out of town, take a look at the Luxx. If you don’t require such a large bag, my next favorite is the Accel, equally great in quality but much smaller.


I will admit that the Luxx is a bit big to lug around the city (people on the subway HATE me!) but it really is one of the few bags that can fit all my gear. Because of its heft, I’m more likely to use this bag when traveling for races or let’s say I start leading bootcamp classes and need a way to carry all of the equipment- this would be perfect.

With the holidays approaching, these bags would make a great gift for traveling fit friends and family! Make sure to purchase through THIS link and you’ll get 15% off your order. Enjoy!


we had fresh fruit at lunch today and naturally i was frickin hyped over this fruit so i was waiting to get my lunch and i saw everyone taking like 3 of the little cups of fruit and i was stressin bc I thought i wouldn’t get any so i went to get my lunch and the fruit cups were g o n e and i was complaining and an angel on earth gave me her fruit cup and i wanted to kiss her on the mouth anyways so everyone’s leaving lunch and there’s SO MANY fruit cups that people didn’t eat left on the tables and i just feel so disrespected tbh

today my mum brought me lunch at work!!! it was so yummy love u momther :) :) 

also this cute 5 yo girl whose dad i served kept asking “excuse me, can i show you how to write my name?” and she wrote it on an old receipt i gave her she was so cute!!! kids are so cute

i think this is a silly thing to say but i feel as if i have ~grown up~ a lot since i got this job  maybe it’s bc i am more independent now due to having a source of income

i am so tired and dead now since i walked home with my mum after missing the bus and carrying heavy groceries i am going to count as part of my daily exercise routine

today my high waisted skirt was squishing my stomach bc I ate too much at lunch so I told my teacher that I got my period so I could go home and change

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Wow, you Tumblr a lot from your phone.

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usualchatter - Well to be fair it’s not all tumblr.  I’ve been doing some extra curricular work for school parents’ association and for a start up, so lots of emails with attachments, and linkedIn … yada yada yada.

turtleseyeview - Yeah I Wifi where I can but I do a lot on my phone on the bus ride to and from work, and at my desk at lunch - so that’s about 2 hours a day of Wifi-less phone data usage. At work our network is super locked down and monitored, and there’s no way I want them tracking my personal stuff. Yunno?

one of the best feelings in the world is telling someone what career path you want for the future and getting the reply, “you would be great at that” or “that would be perfect for you” like please support ur friends!!! please support those around u!!! u never know how many times someone has had their dreams pushed down or made into a joke!!!