New painting added to the shop! 
“HENNA SILVER WANE” has a violet background marbled with black and metallic gold. The centerpiece of this painting is a metallic white-silver crescent moon surrounded by intricate detailing. This piece would also be a perfect compliment to your Halloween decor!

You can view/purchase it here.

Dear Andrea and Jason(quality,quality,QUALITY)


can I have a moment please? Can you make an appointment in your agenda to read this. When you read this, it’s probably 2015 or something. And I want to remind you, we(Renata,Isabela,Marilia,me..) are still alive. And we are awesome cause we sticked together. So, we kinda missed you. To us, having a social life is kinda scary. So, that’s why we don’t try it. But we’re glad you did find a social life. How does it feel like? Is it better than spending countless hours on tumblr? We’d like to know(:

Nevertheless, we won’t bother you any longer. Just wanted to say hi. It’s funny cause we feel like we’re bothering you, which..we probably are :D

Stay quality ;)

-Ella(thegirlthatwentmad), Isabela(lunattic), Renata(thegirlcoveredinleaves), and Marilia(smellslikewanderlust)

P.S. Wow, everyone changed their urls except Marilia :’D omfg

P.S.S. Rena, Isa, and Marilia: comments are valid(:

P.S.S.S and I want all of that ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass stop. Now make that mother fucker hammer time

Hey there little flowers!

I made an art blog so you can view all of the projects I’m working on, and not just the ones I have for sale on my etsy. I am currently working on a bunch of paintings and other projects for an upcoming craft fair! You can keep updated here:

Thank you so so much and warm wishes and love to you all!