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My boyrfiend told me that thanks to me he want to be a better person :)

Aw aw awww this is so cute! I hope you spend all of your lives together being happy and full of love towards each other :)) 

what is your best memory of 2013? what made you really happy or proud of yourself? share your memories

Tag Game

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Answer timeee~

  1. Reach your left arm out, what’s the first thing you touch?
    The book I am currently reading at the moment; Clockwork Prince.

  2. One of your pet peeves?
    When people walk out of the room and leave the door open. Um, hello were you born in a field?

  3. What is your hair colour? Is that its natural form?
    It’s a nice darkish-but-not-too-dark-and-sorta-light-with-caramel-tints-when-the-sun-shines-on-it brown and yes; I’ve never dyed it :)

  4. Have you ever stolen anything?
    Nope, never. Well I took a rubber from school once when I was 6; but that doesn’t really count although I thought I was badass back then; I’m a good girl ^^

  5. Admit one confession that not many people know about you.
    I’m ridiculously self-conscious and afraid to start up conversations with people because I worry too much about what they think of me and I’m convinced I’m annoying; so people think I’m rude if I don’t talk to them D:

  6. Coke or Pepsi?
    (Diet) Coke;

  7. What are on the walls of your room right now?
    Pictures, Matt Smith, Josh Hutcherson, One Direction, Darth Vader don’t judge me and an old violin antique thing that was my grandad’s :)

  8. Favourite TV shows?
    Doctor Who, Waterloo Road, FRIENDS, Misfits + Corination Street.

  9. Do you have any pets?
    Nope, I used to though but not right now :c

  10. If you were on a desert island and could take only three things with you, what would they be?
    Laptop, a book + food in general.

  11. Never gonne give you up?

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    1. Name one thing that make you feel really happy.
      I love sitting in reading a good book or just coming on here or Skype and just talking with people on here :)

    2. Do you speak other languages except English? If yes what is it/are they?
      I speak some French and Spanish; badly though.

    3. Do you have any pet? If yes present them briefly.
      Nope; I used to though :c

    4. What are your favourite novels?
      Oh god I have so many, I can’t be bothered to choose/name them all! To quote Ross from Friends; “It’s like Sophie’s Choice.”

    5. Have you ever had a crush on a person? (they can be real or fictional)
      Real? Yes. Fictional? Duh.

    6. Do you have a passion? What it is?
      I love to read; it’s the closest thing to a passion I have I guess. And writing too. And Art.

    7. One ship you’ll ship till death.
      SO HARD. Erm…I can’t decide because there are so many OTPs I have :c But a few are; Senri/Rima, Gray/Juvia, Roy/Riza, Gajeel/Levy, Will/Tessa, Simon/Isabelle, Four/Tris e.t.c.

    8. What’s your favourite color? (don’t know what I’m doing -_-‘)
      I like lots of colours; don’t really have a proper and definite favourite.

    9. What’s the meaning of your url?
      Petite = small, cause I’m short IRL. Shima = Senri/Rima from VK, I love the pairing ^^

    10. What is/was your favourite subject at school?
      I like Art, English + Maths quite a lot :) And the Sciences are pretty cool too. I like a lot of subjects, like colours, don’t have a definite favourite!

    11. What are you doing right now besides tumblr?
      Breathing. I’m waiting for Episode 6 of LoK to load so I can watch it :3


lunati-caa said:

Cara boa noite, só passei pra dizer que seu tumblr se tornou o meu favorito e que é muito bom o jeito que você fala da sua infância, das suas origens. Tem uma verdade tão pura, tão inocente que pow meu, é difícil encontrar pessoas assim como você, enfim parabéns.

Ai meu Deus! Boa noite meu anjo. Nossa, deu até vontade de pular ao ler isso. Me tirou um sorriso enorme agora. Muito obrigado meu bem, de coração. É bom saber que tem pessoas que leem mais sobre mim, e eu fico super lisonjeado quando essas pessoas me mandam mensagens elogiando a minha pessoa. Eu fico muito feliz mesmo. Obrigado. 

I want to have a solid 12 main trolls and then side characters can be whoever [you’ll have to ask to RP them, I won’t make opens for them].

  • ♀ Nayeli Rnerva [hemoanon]
  • ♂ Helios Luctus [brown/orange]
  • ♀ Astrid Sevell [teal]
  • ♂ Vergil Resrin [jade]
  • ♀ Setira Ophion [indigo]
  • ♀ Lunati Aeloth [purple]
  • ♂ Solmon Grimir [purple]
  • ♂ Zaurak Alzirr [violet]
  • ♀ ??? ??? [violet]
  • ♂ Lyncis Betria [tyrian]

Final two trolls are unknown.  Might bring some old ones I made back years ago or make new ones who kNOWS but for now, shower, then food, then replying to things throughout the day.

1968 Chevy Corvette Convertible for sale (PA) - $40,000

1968 Corvette, big block, body off restoration, convertible, hard top, 3400 miles since restored. This is not a numbers matching car. It has a clear classic car title. Meticulous body off restoration. This car was originally a big block 427 4 speed. Not it has a 402 mated to a 5-speed overdrive transmission. The motor has a Lunati cam, new timing chain, Quadrajet 750 carb, GM aluminum intake, new aluminized 2-1/2” exhaust, new distributer, new freeze plug head gaskets, valve seals, alternator, starter, ignition, wiring harnesses, power steering system, vacuum system for wiper door and headlights. The engine compartment is dress look correct with Corvette exhaust manifolds, ignition shields, plug wires, etc. All the vette big block parts are on the car… Heavy duty front and rear springs, rear anti sway bar. The vac system for the wiper door and headlights works flawlessly. New fuel system, tank and sender. World Class T5 5 speed transmission, new clutch kit, new flywheel, no leaks.

Tight body gaps on its original GM body panels. Its straight as an arrow

DeWitts aluminum radiator

New stainless steel brakes, suspension, stainless lines, hoses and master cylinder

3:70 gears - @70MPH = 2000RPM in 5th gear

The trailing arms and differential have been rebuilt

68’ options include:
wood steering wheel
power steering
power brakes
telescopic wheel
speed warning indicator buzzer in speedometer
headrest seats
tinted glass
matching hardtop with all new weatherstripping

All gauges function correctly
5 correct 15x17 AG code 1968 corvette wheels on new Michelin tires
Dupont base-coat clear-coat - lemans blue
New spare tire with jack 

Call Jeff @ 412-389-6187

Watch on

Gol de Blanco. Olimpo 1 - Independiente 0. Fecha 4. Torneo Primera División 2014. FPT
El volante del Aurinegro cambió por gol el penal que Lunati le cobró a Rodríguez por falta sobre Cuero.
Via FutbolParaTodos


1978 Volvo Bertone 262c for sale (TN) - $20,000

This 1978 Volvo Bertone has been featured in several magazines and won 1st place in car shows. 
It is rare in its self because it was the 596th of 1300 built that year. 
As you can see from the pictures she has been painted Porsche Guards Red. 
The interior is all original in Italian black leather. 
'But as you can see by the pictures it's not a regular Volvo. 
Every time I’m out in this car men and women alike are drawn to it! 
75k miles since the restoration. Power mirrors & widows.
It has a ZZ4 small block, Holley 4150 Street Avenger,
Edelbrock dual plane air gap, Lunati cam, 
Pete Jackson cam gears, 700 R4 Trans with 1800 stall converter,
Volvo Metric Dana 30 with locker, IPD poly bushed links, 
IPD sway bars, IPD Springs, new bfg 255/60 rear
and 205/50 16 front, Migila 1000 Wheels and more. 
Don’t let this one get away.

Call Greg @ 865-254-5384

Gimnasia y Rosario Central se enfrentan en La Plata

El equipo dirigido por Pedro Troglio, que aún no ganó, y los rosarinos, que vienen de caer ante River, protagonizan este sábado uno de los encuentros por la tercera fecha del Campeonato de Primera División.

El encuentro se lleva a cabo en el estadio del ‘Lobo’, en el Bosque Platense, desde las 15, con el arbitraje de Pablo Lunati.

A través de de
Con la premisa de sumar

Con la premisa de sumar

Gimnasia La Plata, que aún no ganó, y Rosario Central, que viene de caer ante River, chocarán en el estadio del ‘Lobo’ en el Bosque Platense. Jugarán a partir de las 15, con el arbitraje de Pablo Lunati y la televisación a cargo de Canal 9.

En el historial jugaron 123 partidos con 50 éxitos de Central y 35 de los platenses, más 38 empates.En la temporada pasada, los dos equipos ganaron por 3-1…

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