The Four of Us Travelled the Stars (aka: I am having a lot of feelings and don’t know what else to do with them, so let’s make a mix for family sweetness, impending doom, and sacrifices)

1. your bones - OF MONSTERS AND MEN

in the spring we made a boat

out of feathers, out of bones

we set fire to our homes

walking barefoot in the snow

distant rhythm of the drums

as we drifted towards the storm

2.  end of the world - DAN ROMER & BENH ZEITLIN


3. run boy run - WOODKID

tomorrow is another day

and you won’t have to hide away

you’ll be a man, boy

but for now it’s time to run, it’s time to run

4. one family - PHIL COLLINS & MARK MENCIA


5. go to rakuen - YOKO KANNO


6. this place is a shelter - ÓLAFUR ARNALDS


7. sleepsong - SECRET GARDEN

may you bring love and may you bring happiness

be loved in return to the end of your days

now fall off to sleep, I’m not meaning to keep you

I’ll just sit for awhile and sing loo-li-lai-lay

8. star canopy - ALAN SILVESTRI


9. winter - CAROLINE

if we hold onto each other, life would be so sweet

if we hold onto each other, life would be complete

all this time, winter was coming

10. the emigration tunes - LOREENA MCKENNITT


11. river lullaby - HANS ZIMMER & AMY GRANT

sleep and remember this river lullaby

and I’ll be with you when you dream

12. battle - standing up - TAKEHARU ISHIMOTO


13. protecting his charge - GARRY SCHYMAN


14. sad resolution~separation - MICHIRU OSHIMA


15. a place in heaven [feat. jenifer thigpen] - THOMAS BERGERSEN


16. home - DANIEL JANG




And some weapons. The sword Lord Tarr gave to Pitch is pretty much Anduril (Aragorn’s sword from Lord of the Rings, first picture and SO PRETTY). The others are all just inspiration for nothing in particular.



MiM has some fans and it seems love for him is growing [be that due to the books or the many blogs popping up].  Here is a fun and easy list of ways for your Earthbound character to interact with him that don’t involve spontaneously appearing on a space ship hundreds of thousands of miles away from Earth.

  1. Be Patient.  The Man in the Moon might come down to Earth on an expedition or for fun.  You’ll have a great chance then.
  2. Get Creative.  The Man in the Moon listens to his balloons which are linked with children all over the Earth.  If you really need to talk to him, just focus on those thoughts.  Sending a message via balloon would help too.
  3. If you want to ask him a question, ask it!  A lot of MiM roleplay blogs also serve as ask blogs.  Muses will answer questions out of their current setting.  So all you have to do is ask something.
  4. Talk to a Guardian.  MiM is the head of the Guardians.  Maybe talking to one will yield some results.
  5. Even just watching them might be good.  An opportunity could spring up any time, via M!A.  [Hell, you can even send a Magic Anon to turn ‘em human sometimes!]

But please please please please stop showing up on the Clipper out of nowhere.  In all honesty there is just nothing to go on when you do that.  We MiM muns are just as human as you are and one-sentence intros sent via askbox, featuring your muse just randomly appearing on a secure vessel are horribly difficult to write off of.

Please be creative.

(( The more I think about, the more I think that Kozzy may not like being the Lunanoffs bitch boy champion. I mean, I tend to see Manny and his grandfather being much the same in personality and tendencies to play people like chess pieces. Kozzy would have to grudgingly admit that they’re rather effective at it and do keep the peace and balance, but doesn’t mean that he likes them, specially since he knows that he’s all but a puppet to them. ))

porcelaindaemon said:


oh my god ok

so holly used to be artemis, this badass moonbeam who was hella by the book and then aysel shows up and she’s like “eyyyy imma corrupt you” and shows her how to have fun and how to find the beauty in the galaxy they’re trying to protect. and they are adorable and fall for each other and are hella cute and stuff

and then aysel’s group goes in to storm pitch’s galleon and she tells Holly to stay back and stay safe and that she’ll be right back

but she isn’t

she gets captured and presumably destroyed

regardless, holly never sees her again

years pass and pitch eventually gets imprisoned by Nightlight

so now she’s lost  general Koz Pitchiner, her bro, Nightlight, and the love of her life, Aysel, not to mention the only parental figures she ever had, the Tsar and Tsarina Lunanoff. 

and she’s left with this terrible loneliness tearing through her moonbeam heart and this gaping hole where love used to be and then one day, she gets called to pull one Jack Frost out of the lake

and once she does, and she looks at him and whispers his name, she can’t bring herself to leave. this kid has nothing. and that’s something she can sympathize with. so artemis stays, and bonds with him and becomes part of his staff and forgets everything she ever knew. all the pain and sorrow and heartache

and all that’s left is Jack’s good will and some memory of a glowing woman to tell her that it’s a beautiful world out there. that things will get brighter if we believe. and that happiness and joy and fun will keep her safe

except she can’t place the face to the words and just assumes it’s all from Jack anD IT’S NOT AND THIS KILLS THE MAN

and then later in her canon she regains memories and she’s like


the first person who ever made her smile is gone

because she stayed behind

anonymous said:

I'm so very sorry if this is a dumb question but who exactly are Jokul and Sid and those others you mentioned? I'd love to read a prequel but now idk if I'd just be entirely lost hahaha ^^;;

Well, I’m probably not going to have time to even plan the prequel until November, so there’s plenty of time to get up to speed :)

Jokul was the Selenan king at the time of the Great War, who evacuated the Selenans to Lunanoff. Sid is the Umbran Prince Obsidian - he’s actually a little older than Jokul, but his father remained king for many years.

The story would start when Jokul and Sid first met, when they were teenagers (well, Jokul was 19, Sid 22), right through to the evacuation of Selena. It’ll include the tale of the Great War, and a lot of international tensions and politics. It’ll also include a great deal of sex and romance and that sort of fun stuff. 

nikolaecuza said:

His full name is Tsar Lunar Lunanoff the third or something. He has power and magics that are quite different to your world. he gains power from belief. He has people beneath him who he gains power from as well. This whole world feeds him power as well as he has his own.


"Sounds like I got myself some killin to do. Good thing I have my legions with me."