Dear Concerned Patron,

Feel free to at any time.  I delete duplicates anyway so if it does show up earlier it should get answered and I’ll just toss the extra when it rolls around.

(Blog in letter)

Dear cteranodon,

You got it.  You’re on the right.

Dear Lunar M. Terran,

…Just “Mod” is fine.  I insist.  “The Mod” if you’re feeling formal.

Shipping does not influence answers on this blog.  Starry-eyed hopefuls are met with denial and exasperation on behalf of the characters.

You may demand all you like.

(She knows she wants me.)

Dear Longtime Lurker,

I have a badge.  It’s right next to your letter there!

However, no, I haven’t played or watched any of those.

Dear rangepup,

The Payne line is a long and storied line of Paynes.  I think that’s all that needs to be said.

Dear Kraps Lehsurb,

Can I at least finish Xenoblade first?  It’s really good and I’d hate to die only part way through.

Dear Not Me,

Considering my shadow would be the darkest, most repressed side of me and all of my weaknesses, I’d much rather not discuss such things on the internet.  Perhaps that makes me The Hermit.

Dear Anonymous,

Chie, obviously.  There’s no other choice.

But man, SMTxFE sure came out looking absolutely nothing like I had anticipated.  It’s just an overdose of waaaaay too much bouncy diva anime and I couldn’t recognize anyone at all.

Also, the main character looks awful:

Is that supposed to be Marth?  Does he even have a color scheme?  What’s stuck in his hair?  Everything about his character design screams “bad idea”.  My eyes refuse to focus on his clown vomit costume.

Basically what I’m saying is I am currently not looking forward to a title I was hoping I could look forward to.  I’d love for them to surprise me, but I felt a little ashamed just watching the trailer, honestly.

Dear Ekimmak,

That was me being illiterate.  Sometimes I just think I see a name and don’t double check.

Actually, that was Miles Blondesworth with a tie instead of a cravat and cool dude shades.

And yes, that’s just plain ol’ Diego Armando.  He’s already the polar opposite of Godot.

That Nintendo Direct was fantastic.  200cc for free on the same day as the new MK8 DLC which was supposed to actually be in May?  Lucas returning?  The ability to vote for Phoenix Wright or less deserving characters in Smash?  That amazing looking Fire Emblem game?  Nohr for life.

What a great company.  Granted it took me like three days to finally get my Platinum Club Nintendo reward, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

Dear crazycatgentleman,

Well, you see:

(Link in letter)

Dear taotruths,


Dear DGS fans,

That would actually be an interesting plotline to an Ace Attorney game where one serial killer was behind all the cases.  Although you’d lose out on the great villain breakdowns with each case since you’d just be defending your client.

Ace Attorney takes on classic characters like what Project STEAM is doing with American folklore would be amazing.  Sherlock Holmes doing Jojo’s poses is already fantastic.

Also, it’s not really Dracula (to our knowledge).  Sarcasm doesn’t translate well through the internet so I’m not sure which one of us is kidding right now.

-The Mod


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