what do boggarts do if you’re afraid of an idea? like, if you’re afraid of someone dying, it turns into that person dead, if you’re afraid of an animal or a person, it turns into that person.

but what if you’re afraid of the dark? does it cause all of the lights in the room you’re in to go out and make your wand unable to cast a lumos?

if you’re afraid of heights does it make it look like the floor under you is completely invisible? and if that’s the case how much power do boggarts have on reality?

what if you’re afraid of public speaking?

what if you’re afraid of the future?

The Light Rats 

(Alt vers. here)

Light rats are an old species of the Farside, deeply fused with the magic of their realm. They’re very intelligent, they speak many languages and are appreciative of their world’s history and secrets. However, they are incredibly fragile, and are considered vermin and even game to the more powerful creatures in the Farside. For this reason they have to hide deep within caverns, even below the cloudline.

Aerrow negotiates with Lumo, the leader of one of the last truly hidden lights rats. He offers to help his colony in exchange of their knowledge of the Helix stone.

More Farside ideas. Oh man I have too many of these, I can’t draw enough! This is an oldie for sure but I really wanted to update it, so I guess this counts as another OC reboot?? I think Lumo counts… Oh man this was fun to draw, I’m finally putting the manga studio I got for my birthday to use (even if it’s only the poser haha). Honestly, colouring this was the hardest part. I couldn’t decide if the blurred version was better or not so I left it as an alternative.