I tried to search and I didn’t see Minseok wearing same shoes before so I assume they are new. Also that shopping bag is Givenchy’s. No need to doubt that. 

SHOES: Metal Star High Top Leather Sneakers, 615 euros (830 USD) 

EDIT: One more photo of Luhan shopping on 140204 where you can see his shoes

EDIT: I heard there is a saying that if you gift shoes and they’re worn right Away, it equals to ‘I will walk with you forever’  So romantic ㅠㅠㅠ

I will love you softly. In whispers, in calculated gestures, in legs intertwined and mornings with your shirt. I can love you without yelling, calmly, in a hurry, carefully, with intensity, with surrender, with the love stuck in my throat, with my hands pushing your fear away and pulling your hand very close to me. I will love you just the way you want and need.