#WeddingWednesday today. Enjoy these pictures of L+A’s romantic garden wedding this summer. All photos by me.
Lindsay wore head to toe @bhldn which had the perfect 1920’s feel for the era of the manor where the wedding took place. #weddingphotography #documentarystyle #realweddings #reallife #realmoments #aldiemansion
I used natural light until the sun went down then switched to a #lumedyne strobe pack synced to my DSLR. Enjoy!

Bare Bulb flash systems .... Part 3 using them in reality.

Bare Bulb flash systems …. Part 3 using them in reality.

Because Godox use a Lumedynestyle mount the same as Quantum Q flashes a lot of the light modifying accessories are interchangeable. The may be some minor compatibility issues between some systems but from what I have researched around the net there is a great amount of compatibility between the systems and not only with the modifier mount e.g. using 3rd party trigger for HSS, adding several Godox…

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