Day 1 challenge #FREEYOGIS #FREEDOM I chose wild thing pose for day 1 “freedom”. I used to hate this pose because it was really hard for me to transition into it. I started trying them more and more because I think when you confront things that you hate and look at them with an open mind, you become free. Open your heart to the poses or even people you hate because you won’t be truly happy or advance until you learn to love. Love everything. Love your enemies and everything that challenges you. Just love and you will become free.



  • From one motivated friend to another! Sophie and I lived together for a year when we were at uni, and she was unlucky enough to become my adopted little sister. The sweetest girl you’ll ever meet, and time together is endless laughs.
  • We ran our third 10km fun run together for the year - the de Castella Run for Mental Health. I am so proud of Sophie. She only started going to the gym this year and has made so much progress. Between the Keeping Kids On Track 10km in March and the Mother’s Day Classic in May, she cut about six minutes off her time and is getting fitter and fitter. She’s running the Melbourne Marathon 10km when I do my half. Serious fun run buddies.
  • The de Castella Run is the best one I’ve done yet. It was really hilly, but not so steep it was hard. Like I’ve said before - running up hills are worth it if you can run downhill, and there were plenty of downhills in this run! The scenery was stunning too. Despite being in the middle of Melbourne, the track was surrounded by bushland and gorgeous views. The perfect weather was an added bonus.
  • I wasn’t confident going into this run, mainly because of how hilly it was, but I still did ok! I really settled into the run, I didn’t have the urge to stop and walk once and it was just so comfortable. I even kept it to under an hour!
  • The last 1.5km was all uphill and the steepest part. The only time I strugged. But with about 500m to go, a girl ran up from behind me and as she passed me, egged me on and told me to keep going. It’s amazing how a few encouraging words from a stranger can give you energy to keep it up! Picked up the pace and floored the last 200m to stay under an hour. Felt amazing. It’s hard to explain, but a good solid run just puts me on cloud nine and it’s probably the most satisfying feeling I’ve ever had.
  • Went shopping. Did some damage at Lululemon and Lorna Jane, feat. a million new sports bras (Tata Tamers - thank you inpursuitofbrunch for getting me onto those!) and crops and the most comfortable yet stylish yoga pants ever. Also lifting gloves because I can’t handle how sore my hands get when deadlifting.
  • BOOST PRO-CHOC SMOOTHIE! Has anyone had one? They are HEAVEN! It’s almost too upsetting to get them because I get so sad when I finish them. I googled the recipe and made a pretty decent imitation this morning. Needs some tweaking, but enough to satisfy my cravings. They’re only limited edition and it will be a sad day when they stop making them. So hurry up and go get one before it’s too late.
  • This post is way too long already, I apologise, I’ll shut up now. But really - great, great, wonderful, joyous weekend. I hope everyone basked in the sunshine and was surrounded by people who make them laugh until their stomachs are sore. It’s what we all deserve.

handstand progress is slow. it takes a lot of time and more than anything else, it takes falling out of a lot of handstands. the only way to get better at handstands is to handstand a lot. and while getting hang time is fun, what’s become so satisfying for me is choosing when and how to come back to earth. I can’t yet press up into a handstand, but I can carefully lower myself. this isn’t a lucky snap - I held this position and gently lowered down from my core, keeping myself perfectly balanced over my hands until my toe touched the ground. it feels so good and uses core muscles I didn’t even know I had.

practice and all is coming.