My mom bought me this cute new top on sale at lululemon! Thanks, mom!😍It’s got a mesh back so it’s nice and light and breathable. Perfecttt.

6/2 Workout:

Shrugs: 4x12 70#
Upright row: 4x6 40#
Side raises: 4x6 30#

And I can’t do shoulder press yet. Hopefully next week my doc will let me raise my arms above my head! But for now, more recovery😉

DIY Bina Brianca Wrap Tutorial from Right Where I Left Off. *New Bina Brianca Tutorial and Updatdes*

This tutorial consists of 1 panel of fabric, 2 slits for arms and 2 button holes. I find the diagrams for this DIY Bina Brianca Inspired Scarf easier to follow than other tutorials. Also, there are clear instructions on how to customize the size so the scarf can fit everyone.

The Bina Brianca can be worn as a scarf, cardigan, poncho, blouse, shrug, stole, turtleneck, shoulder scarf, back wrap, tunic and headscarf. You can download the PDF “how-to” manual for all these styles from Bina Brianca here - cover photo above.

*If you don’t want to DIY,  you can buy from Bina Brianca, made out of 100% Modal Jersey, for $42.50 here.*


You can find the original tutorial for the DIY Bina Brianca wrap at Fine Craft Guild here and and an update on the pattern from Fine Craft Guild here. *She also added patterns with snaps and a NO SEW pattern. If you have questions, read the comment section, *No photos of the finished DIY posted, and no visuals of the pattern*

Then there is the DIY Bina Brianca Wrap Tutorial by Organized Living Solutions. This blog no longer exists but you can now find the DIY here: See the photos below:

Also check out this DIY of Lululemon’s Vinyasa Scarf Tutorial from Hammers and High Heels. This is such an easy DIY and only takes a 1.5 yards of fabric and some snaps.

🚨Week 2⃣1⃣🚨 of Monday Morning Progress! Today we have some booty progress in my awesome new lululemon👖 pants! I cannot arch my back and pose to get my booty to look all nice so this is just plain old standing there booty progress. Last night I realized I can do some donkey kicks since I don’t use my back at all to do them and only use the glutes. So even though I can’t do squats or deadlifts for a while longer, at least I can do something!👍