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Thank you all so much and, holy cow you’re all so stunning!

I got a haircut yesterday - as you can see - and my long flowing hair is all gone now, siiiigh.

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lifechangeing, the-love-laws, larry-newbie and someonethatsfunny: I know you don’t take selfies but, just so you know, YOU’RE ALL BEAUTIFUL. <3

Goals & Rewards

I avoided all the sugar today!!! There were actual stacks of cookies, fudge, cakes, and pie so I’m pleased with myself. 

I even said no to the lunch that was provided by the PTO today. I found out later it was homemade Mexican food (not the usual Tex-Mex restaurant stuff we get) so I’m seriously doubting my life choices. 

When I lost over 100lbs in the span of 2ish years, I set small goals and had rewards planned out for when I met those goals. Most of these goals were in 25lb increments and I got some very pretty dresses when I met those. There’s something about having something specific in mind that keeps me slightly more on my game. 

Since I know this works for me, I’ve decided this pretty thing will be my reward at the end of July if I can lose three pounds a month for the next three months. If I somehow manage to lose 10lbs sooner than that, I can purchase it then. If someone buys it for me for my 30th birthday (mid July), well, I have no control over that. 

I haven’t decided on color, but, if all goes well, it’ll be my first lululemon purchase ever. It only took five years of consistently working out, four half marathons, and two marathon training cycles for it to happen. My Target bras might never feel the same. Although, I suppose I’m getting ahead of myself. Must lose weight first. 

Bs, you guys all love the bra, right? Is it worth it? 

lulu28816 asked:

Absolutely with Tucker, on Lopez however, I'm going to have to disagree. He does care about them, but in the family way. Where it's like "I would honesty kill you if you were anyone else". Because seriously? In season 11 he could have left them during that fight, he's always trying to warn them of danger despite the language barrier, and if he hated them that much he could have either killed them or left. There's nothing keeping him there.

That’s actually adorable. I’ve never really thought about it that way.

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