So this blog is being implemented as a side blog to my photography account and its just gonna be an amalgamation of different genres. Art, literature, pictures, cannabis, and basically whatever i find rad. Any of my personal photography i post will most likely be more introverted work and have a story attached to it in an effort to keep the creativity flowing. 


Considering how substantial photography is becoming in my life I have decided to embark on a new photograph a day for the entirety of the year. I figured this gives me something to be held accountable for and help me continue to practice my art. 2014 was one of my most progressive years as far as making strides into having a photographic career. Purchasing my new camera, getting a second job as a freelance photographer, shooting weddings, concerts, etc. And I have no plans on slowing down. 2015 should be a good one.



I’ve always had a persisting thought ever since I was a child and that was what would it be like growing up in a place like a dense metropolitan city.  To someone that has never known much than droll suburban life a place like San Francisco would have been wild to be a kid in.