Who gave him the right


these polaroids will be the death of me

I love these goofs to an unhealthy extent

Everyone says that Luke would be really vanilla with sex. But let’s talk about that one interview where they said out of all the boys, Luke seemed the most likely to attack the paparazzi, cause he is 100% Australian. Like that anger and frustration has to go somewhere else, every other day. I don’t imagine him being all soft and gentle, I bet he would be a little rough but still easy all the time and he would like press you up against walls and love leaving marks all over you and and and well I’m not really sure what I was suppose to end this with but yeah I really just need a Luke Hemmings

  • 5sos:*communicates with mark hoppus over twitter*
  • 5sos:*is friends with all time low and has written songs with them*
  • 5sos:*writes with the lead singer of sum 41*
  • 5sos:*writes with Pierre and chuck from simple plan*
  • 5sos:*is noticed by rock magazines as a good, quality band*
  • 5sos:*does a quality cover of american idiot that was posted on green days facebook*
  • teenage white boys:*still refuses to take them seriously bc girls think they're attractive*