Being 5sos’ supporting act and being so nervous for the first show that Luke gives you his antler necklace to wear because it’s his good luck charm and thinks the good luck could calm you nerves (but he secretly wants you to wear it because it’ll be a piece of him on stage with you)

Faking it ~ Luke Smut

Requested ~ Kinda 
This is an idea for a smut I’ve been pondering on for a while. When i first thought of it i didnt know what boy i wanted to do and also how i wanted to write it but then the other day someone asked if i knew anyone who had any smuts where Y/N is faking orgasms and the boy finds out and is rough and shows her never to fake again and thats when this hit me! :) so i hope you like it! Also while writing this I’ve decided dom!luke is something i need in life… oops
Dom!Luke and overstimulation?
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~ Krissy

^well shit^

Luke Smut ~

“I figured we could stay in tonight. Ya know have a little movie night or something.” Luke smiled but not without sending you a cheeky wink.

Leaning over he rubbed his nose against your neck peppering little kisses here and there. A light blush rose on your cheeks at this small action. You knew all too well what he meant by a ‘movie night’. You smiled back, turning giving him a quick peck on the lips.

“Sounds great babe.” You nodded.

“Fantastic! I’m just going to run out and get some snacks and maybe see if i can find a movie we haven’t watched yet.” Luke said. “I’ll be back in like 30 minutes do you need anything?”

“No i’m good thanks.” You said.

Slipping on his coat Luke left rather quickly. You sighed slouching back into the couch not wanting to have to continue the rest of the night. Maybe you could pretend to not feel well when he got back and you wouldn’t have to do anything and the two of you could have an actual movie night.

It hadn’t been easy but you had been doing it. Your sex life wasn’t necessarily bad or anything. You just weren’t getting to the point of having an orgasm the past few weeks. Everything was great up until that point but for some reason Luke just couldn’t get you over the edge. But he didn’t know that. So you had been faking ones in hopes of not crushing Luke’s heart making him feel like it’s his fault because you were pretty sure it wasn’t.

After talking to friends and doing some research on the internet. You wondered about trying to work yourself up before sex in hopes of being worked up enough already to have an orgasm when the time was right. But you didn’t feel you had enough time before Luke got home. There was no way in hell you could live with him 'catching’ you masturbating.

Picking up the phone you called your best friend looking for last minute advice.

~~Phone call~~

“Hellooooo!” She cheered.

“Now is not the time [Y/BFF/N].” You groaned.

“Oh jesus what’s wrong? More sex life problems?” She chuckled as if she found the whole thing amusing to which you clearly didn’t.

“Yes now this isn’t funny!” You whined.

“I’m sorry continue is there anything i can do to help?” She asked.

“I don’t know! I just, there’s no fucking way i can fake another orgasm.” You pinched the bridge of your nose, shutting your eyes waiting for her feed back.

“Have you tried just talking to him about it?” She asked seriously.

“What?! Are you out of your mind!” You blurted out. “You can’t tell me if Dylan couldn’t get you to orgasm that you would say something.”

“[Y/N]… Lets be real now you know i’m blunt and don’t give two shits. Yes i would.”

“Yeah but i’m not you i’m not blunt.” You groaned.

“Here’s the deal chick. He has made you orgasm before yes?” She checked.

“Yes.” You mumbled.

“So we know him getting you to orgasm is not impossible yes?”


“Good now that we covered that, just talk to him.” She sighed.

“I can’t… I can’t i think i’ll just say i don’t feel good.”

“Don’t feel good huh?” Luke’s voice sent a shiver down your spine. Slowly you looked up catching his gaze.

“I think i need to call you back.” You cleared your throat.

“He’s standing right there isn’t he.” You stayed silent gulping rather loudly. “Shit i’ll take that as a yes good luck girl.”

“I um, i thought you were-” you stammered over your words.

“Going to the store? I forgot my keys inside.” He finished for you grabbing his car keys from the coffee table.

“H-how much of the did you hear?” You asked now looking down again.

“I heard enough.” He spoke softer than before.

“Look babe it’s not you it’s just-” he cut you off.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Because i was embarrassed also it’s not like our sex isn’t good - well recently maybe it hasn’t been the best - but i mean Luke,”

“Quiet.” He had authority in his voice.

“But -” Luke’s hand came up to cover your mouth.

“Sh,” he shushed. “Only answer to what i ask you okay princess?” You nodded while he removed his hand. “Good. Now how many times have you had to fake it?” You just shrugged. “Think.”

“I-i don’t know… Like 4 or 5 times maybe.”

“Do you think you can cum 4 times for me tonight sweetheart?” You nodded your head yes quickly. “Use your words.”

“Y-yes.” You stuttered.

“Good,” he smirked. “Now get up.”

Quickly you rose to your feet. Your heart was racing and you knew from the way he was acting you were already extremely turned on. You glanced up at his tall frame while he had a smirk plastered on his lips. Spinning his finger he motioned for you to turn around. Doing this you felt his hand land lightly on your back and he started walking you towards the bedroom.

“Strip.” He ordered.

Tripping over your own feet you shimmied out of your pants and underwear. Next to come off was your shirt and bra and before you knew it you were completely naked in front of a still very much clothed Luke.

“Lay down.” He gestured.

You watched from your position on the bed as he removed his coat and kicked off his shoes. Quickly his shirt followed leaving him in his jeans. Luke wasn’t one to always be dominant. It wasn’t like you were dominant either, but this side of Luke was extremely sexy to you.

Slowly he climbed on the bed working his way up your body. Peppering wet open mouthed kisses from your thighs, to your lips. Your hands tangled in the hair on the nape of his neck pulling him closer.

“I’m gonna wreck you tonight baby girl.” He chuckled as you whimpered.

Moving down he nipped at your neck being sure to leave behind marks. His lips trailed down to your nipples, sucking the right one into his mouth while he worked the other one between his fingers. After a few seconds he switched giving each equal attention before descending down your body. Tapping your lips with his fingers he smirked lazily.

“Suck.” He said blatantly.

Taking his fingers in your mouth you sucked harshly on them. Whining when he pulled them out, your spit coating his fingers. Luke chuckled deeply knowing all too well the effect he had on you. He ran his two fingers between your folds mixing your wetness with your saliva. His finger lightly grazing your clit and entrance as he moved his wrist.

“Luke please.” You whimpered.

Without warning he plunged two fingers into you. You body jolting off the bed as a reaction. Luke’s free hand came to hold you down by your hips. He slowly thrusted his fingers in and out of your throbbing core. Eliciting whines, whimpers and moans from your swollen lips since you had been biting on them.

“Tell me princess do you like my fingers buried deep inside your pussy?” He cooed.

“Mm,” you hummed.

“Stop biting your lip i wanna hear how good i make you feel.” He snapped.

“Fuck,” you whined throwing your head back as he sped up his fingers. “Oh my god - Luke yes!”

“Does that feel good?” He cooed moving his fingers in a 'come hither’ motion.

“So fucking good baby, shit.” You moaned.

“You look so beautiful squirming under me like this.” He chuckled deeply stroking your trembling inner thigh with his free hand.

The knot in your stomach was clearly evident. You almost felt dizzy with excitement and pleasure. Your whole body began to shake. Luke somehow managed to move his fingers faster.

“I’m gonna,” you whimpered.

“You’re gonna cum huh princess?” He smirked.

“Fuck yes!” You cried.

“Come on cum for me princess. I wanna feel your pussy squeezing my fingers.” He growled nibbling on your ear.

“L-luke…” You breathed. “Oh shit, shit, shit, shit!”

Your eyes shut tight and you felt like you had the wind knocked out of you. Your arousal dripped onto Luke’s hand while he road out your first high of the night. Your breathing was erratic and stars clouded your vision, hands fisting the sheets, your toe curling and turning white.

“Such a good little girl aren’t you.” He pecked your lips. “But you made such a mess. I’m just gonna have to clean that up for you.”

“Uh uh,” you shook your head no. “Not yet.” Ignoring your pleas Luke spread your folds licking one long stripe up your core. “Oh my god!”

You were still so sensitive from your first orgasm there was no way you could handle another right then. Or so you thought. Luke lapped crudely at your entrance - slipping his tongue in every now and then. You twisted and turned down onto his mouth no longer even trying to contain your moans.

“You taste so good.” He growled.

“Oh yes!” You whined.

Luke sucked your little bundle of nerves into his mouth. Lightly using his teeth against it just to drive you insane. Licking back down to your entrance he started rubbing your clit with his finger coaxing you along to your second orgasm.

“I wanna hear your scream my name when you cum baby girl.” He ordered.

You were already close to the edge once again. Your legs started to close around his head and your fingers tangled in his hair pushing him farther into your core. You could feel his tongue slipping in and out of you. Slurping up all your wetness like it was his last meal.

“I’m, i’m c-cumming! Luke f-f-fuck.”

You released all over his tongue. Your whole body shaking as your second orgasm hit you like a brick wall. Luke held your hands, panting heavily since you had practically suffocated him with your core. Your wetness making his face glisten.

“Are you good baby girl?” He whispered, running his thumb over your cheek.

“Mm, yeah.” You panted.

Using the sheet Luke wiped his face off. The warmth of his body on top of yours left leaving you bare. Opening your eyes you saw he was taking his pants and boxers off. You groaned at the sight of his hard length finally free from its confinements and then you realized you still had two more to go and you weren’t sure you could last.

“Up,” he barked.

“Huh?” You asked your mind still fuzzy.

“Get up you’re gonna ride me princess.” He said like is should’ve been obvious to you.

You sat up climbing onto your wobbly knees. The weight of your body feeling way too heavy to be held up even by you kneeling. Your thighs quaked and all you wanted was for Luke to get back on the bed so he could help support you up.

Taking the spot you had just been in Luke crossed his arms behind his head smirking devilishly at you. Slowly you climbed on top of him, placing the palms of your hands on his chest for support as you straddled his waist. Moving his arms from behind his head he gathered your hair into a messy ponytail getting it out of your face.

“You already look so wrecked.” He chuckled.

“Luke,” you whined bowing your head.

“Go on.” He said.

Reaching between your sweaty bodies - mostly your sweaty body. You take a hold on his firm length giving it a few weak pumps. A small moan fell from his parted lips giving you some satisfaction that you were now pleasing him too.

Your jaw dropped, head lolling back as you sunk down onto him. A deep throaty moan left Luke’s lips as you remained almost breathless and fully motionless on top of him. Suddenly you felt a slight sting on your ass - realizing Luke was becoming impatient.

“Move,” he snapped.

Somehow you willed yourself to lift your bum. Finding a slow steady pace you knew you could keep. Luke’s hand stayed firm on your hips helping you along while the other still held your hair. You were sure there would be bruises from his fingers left behind by the time you woke up the next morning.

“Open your eyes.” He said. You hadn’t even realized you still had them closed. You were so focused on your movements you couldn’t even process - so you shook your head no speeding up the pace of your movements. “Do it princess.” He growled tugging lightly on your hair.

“F-uck.” You hiccuped. “I can’t.”

“Fine have it your way.” He huffed.

Dropping your hair from its makeshift pony. Luke knocked your hands off his chest. Wrapping his arms around your shoulders pulling your top half tight and close to his as he began to thrust up into you. Heavy breathing, hot kisses and muffled moans left Luke’s plump lips on to the skin of your neck.

“Oh m-my god!” You cried out.

“You gonna cum for me again baby girl?” He moaned.

“F-faster!” You whimpered. The pit of your stomach churning once again. “Luke please faster!”

Obeying your plea for the first time of the night Luke snapped his hips quicker. His balls slapping against your ass. The only sounds filling the room were straggled, heavy moans and skin against skin.

“Yes right there! God i’m gonna cum again.” You whispered.

“I wanna feel that tight little pussy of yours squeezing my cock baby.” Luke breathed.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, shit!” Your lip trembled.

Your core squeezed Luke’s cock firmly. Moans leaving Luke’s mouth sounding like music to your ears. Your body was limp with pleasure, eyelids extremely heavy. But Luke hadn’t cum yet and you had one more to go.

“Can you handle one more?” Luke asked through gritted teeth.

“Y-y-ya.” You said yes but nodded no.

“Are you sure?” He chuckled slightly.

“Luke!” You practically yelled, fingernails digging into his shoulders.

Helping remove you from his body Luke basically rolled you off of him. Your cheeks were red, face and body sticky with sweat and your legs and arms ached. But you felt on cloud nine internally.

“Face down, ass up.” Luke muttered.

“Jesus,” you whispered under your breath.

“Excuse me? What did you say?” Luke cocked an eyebrow.

“N-nothing.” You mumbled.

“That’s what i thought.” He said sassily.

Once you were in the position he wanted you wiggled your bum a little bit wanting to have some fun of your own. You could hear Luke whined at the sight of you doing this before he was lined up at your entrance once more. Ready to finish you off.

“Now don’t you cum until i tell you to; got it?” You nodded furiously.

Placing a hand on each of your hips Luke pulled you back onto his length. With every bit his length that rubbed against your walls you whined. You were sensitive as ever and completely sore and so ready to go to bed. But at the same time could’ve fucked him all night if you had to.

Luke pulled all the way out before slamming back into you. Jostling your body forward pushing your face into the pillows. Gripping the sheets you breathed heavily through gritted teeth. Biting down so hard on your lip you swore you could’ve drawn blood. Luke alternated between fast and slow thrusts edging you on and then backing you down once again.

“Have you learned your lesson?” He asked between huffs of breath.

“L-lesson?” You whined.

“Never to fake it again.” He seethed.

“Yes baby, fuck! I’ve learned my lesson.” You cried.

“Good - goddamn i’m close.” He whimpered.

“Me too.”

“Not yet.” He huffed.

Grabbing you by your hair Luke pulled you up so your back was flush with his chest. The new deeper angle caused him to hit your g-spot making you cry out in pleasure. He whispered sweet nothing’s in your ear. Biting down on your neck and leaving behind an abundant amount of kisses.

“Stop clenching.” He tsked.

“I-i-i-” you stuttered.

Reaching up one of your hands grabbed ahold of his arm that was holding your hair and the other grabbed his neck. Your fingernails digging into both as you held on for dear life.

“Oh fuck!” He cursed. You felt him start to release into you - his warm cum filling you up. “Shit cum for me baby girl.”

That’s all you needed. Your breath hitched in the back of your throat as you released around his cock for the second time. The fourth orgasm of the night totally knocking the wind out of you completely as your senses went numb. The next thing you knew your cheek was coming in contact with the fabric of the blanket. Luke’s sweaty body still draped over yours while he kissed your shoulder blades.

Luke pulled out allowing the mixture of your arousals to drip onto the sheet. Your body laid limp you no longer having the power or strength to move an inch. Which was no worry because you knew Luke would take care of you.

Flipping you over he nudged his nose against yours causing your eyes to open slightly.

“Are you okay?” He whispered stroking your cheek calmingly.

“Better than ever.” You chuckled. “But i don’t think i can move.” You both laughed.

“Don’t worry princess i got you.” He pecked your lips.

Removing the dirty sheet from the bed Luke threw it in the dirty wash. Coming back with a clean sheet to put over you two.

“I never want you to fake it again okay? I always want you to feel good.” He said and you just nodded already almost asleep as he cuddled into you. “Sleep tight princess.” He laughed.

“Night Lukey.” You smiled softly, fading into a deep sleep.

Surely this was an event [Y/BFF/N] would get a phone call about when you woke up the next day.

Imagine #26 : Power couple (Luke Hemmings)

Requested : Yes

can you write one where you’re Luke’s date to a red carpet event and people start asking about you and calling you guys a power couple and goals and stuff x

Rating : No smut

I wasn’t sure it was a good idea anymore. The whole ‘going to a red carpet event with my famous boyfriend who just told his fans about our relationship’ was suddenly making me really nervous and I was about to ask Luke if it was still possible for the driver to take me back home when I felt a hand grab mine.

“Hey, baby, look at me” Luke sweetly said and I turned my head to him as he started rubbing his thumb over my knuckles.

“I’m just… Are you sure this isn’t too soon?” I asked and he cupped my face before pressing his lips to mine.

“I’m sure! Now come on, where’s the girl who was in my bathroom 30 minutes ago telling me that everybody on the red carpet was going to be jealous of her dress?” he said and I chuckled before brushing my thumb over his lips.

“Lipstick” I informed him as he frowned at me and a smile appeared on his face as I showed him the red stain on the tip of my thumb.

We eventually arrived just in front of the red carpet and Luke gave my hand a squeeze before opening the door and helping me get out of the car. I had never been this nervous in my life before and I had to admit that I had completely underestimated the situation.

Luke and I were standing in front of a crowd of photographer and I couldn’t see anything anymore as they blinded us with their flashes. I was grateful for Luke’s arm around me as he led me through the red carpet and stopped where he had too.

I felt Luke lean his head toward mine at some point and my eyes widened as I thought he was going to kiss me but he went for my ear instead as his hand rested on the small of my back.

“I gotta answer a few questions with the boys over there, are you gonna be okay?” he said over the noise that was surrounding us.

I nodded and gave him a smile as he pecked my cheek and walked toward Calum, Michael and Ashton. I quickly stepped to the side, hoping that the photographers wouldn’t shoot me alone and I found myself against a safety railing.

“(Y/N)?” I heard someone call behind me and I turned around as I noticed a few girls leaning toward me.

“Hi girls!” I said as I gave them a smile and waved my hand around.

“Sorry to bother you but we just wanted to say that you and Luke are sexy as fuck together! Although if you could tell him; we thing you’re sexier than him” she laughed as she winked at me.

“Would you mind taking a picture with us?” her friend asked and I was completely taken aback by her question; why would they want that.

“Huh, no, sure” I nervously answered and I stood in-between them and gave the camera my best smile.

“Thank you so much! You and Luke are going to be such a power couple!” they said and I thanked them before trying to find Luke again.

He was still being interviewed and I saw him nervously look around before his eyes fell on me and a smile appeared on his face. I couldn’t hear what they were all saying but I was pretty sure either the boys or the interviewer starting making fun of him as he shyly smiled and started rubbing his shin, the way he always did when he was nervous.

you say i need some kind of medication
no motivation
permanent vacation
—  permanent vacation// 5sos X

5 Seconds of Summer - Permanent Vacation (not my video credit to owner)

First time after your baby is born - Luke Hemmings smut


“Well, she’s asleep,” Luke chuckled as he entered your bedroom, having finally gotten your six week old daughter to sleep after an hour of trying.

“You’re so good with her,” you smiled as you reached up and pulled him onto the bed next to you, cuddling into his side.

A slight blush formed on his face as he let out a nervous laugh, smiling proudly to himself.

You tilted your head up to kiss his lips, “you know what else your good with?” you smirked, moving so that you were straddling his waist

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If you say you aren’t a Luke girl since last night, then you are lying as shit.

ok girls, let's play a game

each time that fuckboy in your life pulls some shit on you, ask yourself, would luke hemmings do this weak ass shit to me?

if not, then leave that bitch ass and take his severed dick with you. if so, then you clearly don’t know luke hemmings well enough to be playing this game

Sugar (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

 The moon was shining through the open balcony door, illuminating the floor. Goosebumps pricked my skin as I stood in just one of Luke’s t-shirts and gazed out at the stars. I jumped at the sound of the front door opening. Luke’s footsteps echoed through the flat. I could hear him dropping his bag on the floor and kicking his shoes to the side. His jacket landed on the sofa before he noticed me standing in the doorway. “I thought you’d be asleep,” he said, making his way into the kitchen. “Couldn’t sleep,” I shrugged, not turning around. Luke emerged from the kitchen with a bottle of beer in each hand, holding one out to me. I took it graciously, smiling as I put it to my lips. 


 Luke and I had a quiet relationship. To the public eye, we were happy and in love. Holding hands and cheek kisses in public. But once we got home, it was hands all over. Not always in a sexual way, though there was plenty of that, but in an ‘I want you to know I’m always here for you,’ kind of way. Not many people saw what we were really like as a couple. Sure, we couldn’t last a day without laughing with each other. And Luke could barely last two days without getting it in, but who could blame him. He was only home every so often so any chance he could get, he took. We liked to keep our life together private. Which is why not many people knew about the late nights where we stayed up talking about our fears. And not many people knew about the deep love songs that Luke wrote for me, the ones that never made the albums because they were so personal.  We could read each other like a book, like we had an instruction manual for each other that nobody else could translate. 


 Luke joined me on the balcony, sliding his hand around my waist. “Hey baby,” he mumbled, pressing a kiss on my lips. “Long day?” I raised my eyebrows. Luke nodded, resting his head in the crook of my neck. I set my bottle down on the banister, wrapping my arms around his tall frame. His bottle joined mine on the banister and his hands found their way to trail up the back of my legs to my butt. “Luke,” I giggled, reaching one hand down to grip his wrist. Luke smirked against my neck, playfully pressing kisses into my skin. “Have I,” Luke pulled away and looked at me, “told you today that you look hot?” I rolled my eyes, pressing my hands against his broad chest, “Only this morning when I got up, and when I was making breakfast, and again when you left for the studio.” “Oh good, I knew I couldn’t have forgotten,” Luke kissed my forehead, pulling me into him. His hands drifted back down to my butt, giving it a squeeze before lifting me up and wrapping my legs around his waist. “You know that if anyone looks up right now, they can see my ass Hemmings,” I scolded, looping my arms around his neck. “Well,” he smirked, “we’ll just have to take this to the bedroom then.” I laughed out loud at his cliche joke, “I can’t believe I’m in love with such a dork.” “I can’t believe I’m in love with such a brat,” Luke teased. I gasped, placing a hand over my chest in mock offense, “Excuse me.” “I love you,” Luke bit his lip, hiding his smirk. “Now,” I straightened up, running my fingers through his hair, “can we get to the bedroom?” “As you wish,” Luke carried me into our flat. 


 “I wonder-fuck-if our neighbors can hear us?” I spoke between moans as Luke thrusted into me. “I hope so,” Luke panted, dropping his head to rest on my chest. “Then maybe that tool on the third floor will stop hitting on you,” he added. My nails raked down his back, leaving trails of red, “That’d be nice.” Luke brought his hand down to rub circles on my clit, making me moan, “Come on sugar, I know you’re close.” “Fuck, Luke,” I arched my back against the mattress, reaching my high and clenching around him. “Shit,” Luke finished after me, dropping onto the bed. “That’s a new one,” I breathed, brushing my hair off my sweaty face. “Hmm?” Luke glanced up at my face, sweat dotting his forehead. “Sugar?” I smirked. “Yeah, cause you’re sweet,” Luke grinned, “in more ways than one.” My mouth dropped open and I shoved his chest, “Luke!” “What?” He faked innocence, but the light in his eyes gave it away. “You’re a perv,” I groaned, rolling over. “Maybe,” Luke’s eyes held a mischievous look. He rolled me onto my stomach and pulled me onto his chest. “If you don’t like the pet name, I can go back to baby, but I personally find it quite boring,” Luke played with his lip ring. “No no, I like it, but only when you say it,” I rested my chin on my hands, looking up at him through my lashes. “Don’t worry, sugar, I’ll be the only one calling you that,” Luke promised. “Good.”

A/N Just because. Also, I was listening to Sugar by Maroon 5 and just went with it. 

how 5sos probably wrote permanent vacation


5SOS: Lisbon, 4th of May.

(orig. photos)

can we bring this back 💕

ashtonirwin: Tonight was insane. I love you Lisbon! You blew the roof of the place and kicked off the tour like nothing else ❤️🎸 hope you enjoyed the show