The return of dark haired Michael - Trailer

Rich Boy - Epilogue

Pairing: Luke & Y/N 

Words 2900+

Warning: This is smut, read with caution. 

This is the final instalment to the Rich Boy series, It’s set a few years after part three, i really hope you guys love it!! xx

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4/4 - Things you would frequently hear if you were dating them


“Play video games with me?”

“Wow, you really suck at this game.”

“Babe I’m horny… babe?… babe?… baaaabe?”

“I want a kitten…… no not me, like, an actual kitten.”

“I don’t have a bald spot, leave me alone!”


“If you boop my nose one more time…”

“Y/N, Michael’s being mean to me!”

“Where’s my shir- oh, you’re wearing it, never mind.”

“Yeah, maybe I will tell Liz.”

“You so pwetty.”


“Babe can we get a dog?”

“But I am Beyoncé.”

“You know what they say about bassists… ?”

“Baaaabe, come cuddle meeeee!”

“Are… are they my jeans?”


“How many times do I have to tell you? I don’t like being called that!”

“Shut up, I don’t giggle!”

“Look how giant my hands are.”

“Oh that happened to me once when I worked at KFC… ”

“Heyyyy, how would you like it if I made fun of your accent?”

i think its luke we all need to thank for getting dark haired michael again since mikey said that luke makes all of his hair colour decisions


but imagine you’re luke’s girlfriend and you joined luke on tour and he just pointed at you while singing this 

Mixtape Luke Imagine

Synopsis: After you and Luke break up, he finds a mixtape on his front door step with a letter.

“Bye!” I shout laughing as Calum tries to fight Ashton to drive,

“Dude you can’t drive!” Ashton shouts laughing and pushing, “Plus you’re fucking drunk!”

“No I’m not!” Calum shouts.

“You’re lucky, you’re not stuck with this,” Michael says as I jump out of the car quickly.

“BYE LUKEY!” Calum shouts out the window as Ashton drives away far too fast. I smile at the back of the car before fiddling with my keys as I walk towards my door.

No-one was in because my parents were having a(nother) honeymoon and my brother’s simply live in their houses and apartments. The sound of paper crumbling under my feet made me look down and frown.

A letter and a mixtape.

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Why the signs are cryYING

Aries: Dark haired Michael
Taurus: Dark haired Michael
Gemini: Dark haired Michael
Cancer: Dark haired Michael
Leo: Dark haired Michael
Virgo: Dark haired Michael
Libra: Dark haired Michael
Scorpio: Dark haired Michael
Sagittarius: Dark haired Michael
Capricorn: Dark haired Michael
Aquarius: Dark haired Michael
Pisces: Dark haired Michael


you were on the  top level for soundcheck, with you phone. usually you watched, but you were texting a friend. 

there was a loud sound and you looked to the stage at Luke, he grinned, “does it need to be louder!?” he screamed, “more attention grabbing!!?”

Luke Hemmings smut:He fingers you in public

The flashing images that the TV presented continued to bore you in a light slumber, as the evening continued to descend into darkness. The night was only just beginning, and yet you were close to knocking out on the couch. The events of today exhausted you greatly, and the last thing that you wanted was to be stuck in a room, overheated by a radiator, with 4 boys that persistently argued over fake characters: shooting at zombies with great exaggeration on the flat screen that hung against the plain black walls. Usually, movie night with Luke and the boys was a laugh. There would always be several arguments over little things that arose: eyes glued to the moving pixel images on the screen, yet screaming in order to retaliate to an argument as to whether gun shots in the film was real, or a result of heavy editing. 

This time around, the lack of energy engulfed your body, causing you to lay your head on Luke’s shoulder, legs sprawled over his own. His eyes were glued to the screen, ignoring the childish screams of Calum and Ashton, as he gently lay his hand on your inner thigh. Although he focused on what was in front of him, the tips of his fingers rubbed gentle circles that lightly hovered over your inner thigh, soothing you a little as the stress from the day’s events continued to lightly flutter away.

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Imagine Luke’s reaction when he sees you.

5sos imagine: Calum Hood

7 years of marriage, three kids and countless number of pets that have either run away or are forced down the toilet, you couldn’t be happier to be a mom and wife. Sure it was hard, every eye in the entertainment industry watching your every move,listening to  every breath. But that’s the price you pay for being married to Calum Hood. He had just gotten back from tour, tense stressed, distant. You have to admit, you not the easiest to get along with but still, why does he have be so stubborn all the time.

“ I just don’t see why you have to hang out with them tonight, babe. It’s Rena’s first dance recital and she really wants you to be there.” You tried to plea with him.

“I missed her first birthday, her first day of school, and she seems to be fine. I just want to hang out with the lads for a bit. Sometimes, I like to be talked to and not nagged at, you know?” He spatt.

“I don’t nag at you, first off. Secondly, You are gone with them most of the year I’m sure a little family time would’t kill you.”

“ And what if it does.” asking as he pulls his coat over his shoulders.

“ Then what kind of flowers would you like at your funeral?” At this point, there was no reason to argue. He isn’t going to budge. With that, your oldest, Cooper, knocked on your bedroom door.

“ Dad, someone’s here.”

“Looks like I’m out of here.” An eye roll for you and a pat on Cooper’s head, he was down the stairs. In the front entrance stood a tall, blonde bombshell with eyes so green, they looked like a forest.

“Y/N, this is Ellie, she works for the boys and I. It’s her birthday, so if you don’t mind, we are going to go celebrate.” With a wink of his eye he was gone. 

You plopped down right there on the bottom step. Wondering what just happened, you heard Rena yell for you. Slowly, you stood up and followed the bellowing child’s voice. 15 minutes of trying to get glue out of her hair, you were out the door with a gluey-tutued 3 year old ready to shake her tail feather. The whole drive there, you could’t stop thinking about that barbie doll that your husband is hanging out with. 

3 hours later, the kids were sound asleep and you were quite drained as well. However, you planned to stay up until Calum arrived home. Doziness got the best of you until you heard the front door open quietly. Sitting up, you saw Calum peek around the corner. Roll of the eyes was all he was getting from you. You began to head up the stairs til a familiar hand grabbed your wrist.

“ Y/N, I have to tell you something.”