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Jill’s Writing:

"Parachute Series: Forever & Always"- Michael Fluff (Part One)  (Part Two)  (Part Three) NEW

"Parachute Series: She Is Love"- Ashton Fluff NEW

"One"- Michael Fluff

"Is This Love?"- Michael Fluff

"Lost Without You"- Ashton Sad Fluff

"Drummer Boy" (requested)- Ashton Smut (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)

"Pleasant Surprise"- Calum Fluff

"Thinking Out Loud: Memories"- Calum Fluff

"Thinking Out Loud: Mystery"- Michael Fluff

"Thinking Out Loud: Young Soul"-Ashton Fluff

"Thinking Out Loud: My Forever"-Luke Fluff

"Fall For You"-Any Member


"No One But You"- Michael

"Home is Where the Heart Is"- Daddy!Luke Fluff

"You Said" - Luke Sad Fluff (Part One) (Part Two)

"Kitchen Quickie"- Calum Smut

"One Year"- Luke Smut

"Don’t Hold the Wall"- Michael Smut

"Mr. Irwin"- Ashton Smut

"Fights"- Calum Smut

"Alone"- Luke Smut

"No Hands"- Michael Smut

"Rounds"- Ashton Smut (Round One) (Round Two)

"Needs" - Calum Smut

"Kiss Me" - Ashton

"Time Bomb" - Ashton

"No Idea" - Calum

"End Up Here" - Luke

"Finally" - Ashton (requested)

"Long Way Home" - Michael

"Everything I Didn’t Say" - Ashton

"Beside You" - Calum

"Day Off" - Daddy!Luke

"Don’t Tell Mom" - Daddy!Michael

"Still Into You" - Calum Smut (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)

"Troubles" - Daddy!Ashton

"Surprise Surprise" - Daddy!Calum

"Beach Day" - Personal Luke Imagine (requested)

"Quiet" - Luke Smut (Part One) (Part Two)

"Say It" - Luke Smut

"This" - Ashton

"Naughty Naughty" - Calum Smut (Part One) (Part Two)

"Lazy Afternoon" - Michael Smut

"Marry Me?" - Any Member

"That Time of the Month" - Ashton (requested)

"Restless" - Ashton Smut

"Hero" - Luke

"Silence" - Michael

"Falling Asleep Together" - Ashton

"Your First Time" - Any Member

Krista’s Writing:

"Better for Loving You" - Any Member & Handicapped Y/N NEW

"In Tune"-Michael Smut

"Sir-prise" -Luke Smut

"Fix Me"- Ashton Smut

"Little Green Monster" - Calum Smut

"Who’s Your Daddy?" - Michael Smut

"Caught Under the Covers"- Luke Smut

"Shower Time" - Ashton Smut

"Don’t Forget About Me" Calum Smut

"Somewhere in Neverland" Michael Smut

"Awarded" Luke Smut

"After School Special" Ashton Smut

"Missed You" Calum Smut

"Pictures on the Wall" Calum Smut

"Back in the Stacks" Frat Boy Calum Smut

"Lick the Icing Off"- Ashton Smut (requested)

"What Goes Up Comes Down"- Luke Smut (requested)

"Secret Lovers" - Calum Smut (Part One) (Part Two)

"Animals"- badboy!Ashton Smut

"Locked In"- Luke Smut

"Sherrif’s Daughter"- badboy!Calum Smut

"Shut Up and Drive" - badboy!Michael Smut

"High School Hero" - badboy!Luke Smut

"Morning Rush" - Ashton Smut

"Oh Baby" - Any Member Blurb (requested)

"Just Friends" - Luke Blurb (requested)

"New Girl" - Luke Blurb (requested)

Ashton gets jealous at the VMAs (requested)

"Heartbreak Girl" - Calum Smut

"Eighteen" - Luke (Part One) (Part Two)

"How Michael Would Be in Bed"

"Small Bump" - Ashton Imagine for Jill <3

Your First Time with Luke (requested)

Calum being good with kids (requested)

"How Ashton Would Be in Bed"

First Time with Ashton (requested)

Frat Boy Calum Smut (Part One) (Part Two)

100th Follower Special Imagine - Michael

"Backstage Quickie" - Luke Smut

Frat Boy Ashton (Part One) (Part Two)

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Imagine lying on the bed beside Luke with a Good Charlotte song playing lowly as he quietly tells you his story about his first concert seeing them and that the way he felt when they came out on stage is the way he feels every time he sees you and your heart drops and you look over at him, not knowing what to say and his eyes are just locked on yours as he plays with his lip ring and because fuck it why not he leans over to kiss you and you cup his cheek with your palm and feel his prickly little stubble and soft skin

Luke Hemmings::: Stockholm Syndrome PT 8

Pairing: Luke and Y/N

Word Count: 3.3k words

Stockholm Syndrome* // Stockholm Syndrome PT 2* // Stockholm Syndrome PT 3* // Stockholm Syndrome PT 4* // Stockholm Syndrome PT 5* // Stockholm Syndrome PT 6 // Stockholm Syndrome PT 7

Alright guys, I have no idea how to format with this new layout for Tumblr. Like, I am very confused. But, yeah.

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4/4 Blurb - First time he says "I love you"

A/N So I’ve received a lovely message the other day, giving multiple ideas for my writing and I decided to turn this one into a blurb (since I haven’t done any before)


Luke: I feel like Luke would bereally unsure when to tell you that he loved you. Love is a big word and Luke was well aware of that. I think he would be very nervous about it and try to make the day he says it memorable – maybe on your monthly anniversary or on your birthday? He’d be all clingy and cuddly all day but this was, in fact, what you loved most about him. Holding hands was a normal daily procedure and at some point of the day he’d fix you with his blue eyes, filled with joy, gently taking your head in his hand to make sure you would notice the following would not be a casual love you-term: “I really love you, do you know that?” and kissing you before you could even reply. You didn’t even need to. He knew that Luke and you were a perfect team and when you smiled at him he just nodded with a proud smile “I know”

Calum: Cal would be a cheesy ball of candy floss. Dude, I feel like he would make it all dramatic when he was about to leave for tour. I can totally imagine him to spend the hours before he had to leave with cuddling, having take-out in bed with him and maybe taking a bath together. Helping him pack made the fact that you knew you wouldn’t see each other for a while even worse. Cal would obviously try to make the situation up with joking around and covering how much he was going to miss you and when you both hugged for the second time when he was standing in the doorframe, having his suitcase in his hand already, he’d shut the door close, waiting for you to sit on the couch in the living room, before he’d stuck his head in again: “Hey! I love you!” grinning cheekily as you replied the three magical words AND I’M SORRY FOR MAKING THIS SO CHEESY BUT FEEEEEELS

Ashton: He’d probably say it in a situation of encouragement. Like I think if something happened over twitter like getting hate or being told by other people (like 5sos’s management) that Ash had no time for a girlfriend and that you were acting selfish for spending so much time with him, when he could meet fans instead. He’d be very sad for seeing you like this and wrapping his huge arms around you, gently swaying both of you back and forth, whispering sweet nothings in your ear. He’d tell you that these things were not true and if he wouldn’t spend off time with you, he’d spend it on his own to relax due to all the lack of sleep the band had to take during tour. You’d tell him that you’ve started believing all the people who said he could have a better girlfriend. Ash would be appalled and tried to make you notice how much you meant to him: “Listen, I don’t want another girlfriend. I want you. I want the empty milk bags you always put back in the fridge and the pile of books you always leave on our lounge – I love every little thing about you. Don’t you realize that I love you?”

Michael: Dear Lord I swear, Mike would just say it without even hesitating. It would be just a natural feeling because there was no barrier that would hold him back saying it. Everything would seem so easy and he’d just realize what he just said when you looked up at him, ginning widely.

Picture this: Mike would come home from a long ass day of recording and he’d be exhausted, kicking his shoes off, yelling “Babe! I’m home” when he saw you standing in the kitchen. You were just pouring some dough into the pan. “Oh you’re just in time, Mike” you’d smile at him when he’d come over to hug you from behind as you flipped the pancake.

“Game of Thrones is on in a few mintues” you’d keep on talking, handing your boyfriend a plate with pancake where you’d already spread nutella on.

“God I god I love you, I really do” he would sigh, not even bothering to find an excuse for saying that when he saw your surprised, yet happy face.


A/N I hope my first blurbs were alright and you share my opinion :) Requests are still open xx ♥

50 Shades Of Earned It

Pairing: Luke/Reader

Request : Yes

Summary: You and Luke start kissing and it gets heated. But then his mom calls and you tease him while he’s on the phone. But he ends up punishing you for it.

Rating : R

Song inspo : Earned it x The Weekend // Crazy In Love from the 50 shades of grey soundtrack


(Your POV)

Luke had only thirty minutes before tonight’s show and since the boys all shared a dressing room, he dragged me back onto the empty tour bus. I hadn’t seen him in a while so when he locked the door behind him, I had an idea of what was coming next. 

He walked towards me creeping his one hand around my waist, pulling me closer.

"God, you’re beautiful."  He whispered against my mouth, resting his forehead against mine. "You look so sexy." He added.

Luke put one finger underneath my chin and bent down, kissing my lips softly. I removed the space in between us, running my fingers through his hair and deepening the kiss.

He began to trail soft kisses starting from the top of my hair, then my nose, then, my jawline, back to my lips, then my collarbone, then he proceeded to nibble and kiss my neck. 

I bit my lip and began to unbutton his jeans, pushing them down enough to expose his tight briefs.

"Someones getting a little eager." I smirked, rubbing his semi, then getting down on my knees. "How much do you want to be inside my mouth right now?" I asked.

I looked up at him from my position on the floor, I slowly peeled his underwear down revealing his thick, and continuously growing member.

Starting at the base, I slowly licked his cock, stopping right before I reached the tip. Then, I took it upon myself to blow on his cock. His member twitched at the sudden cool air. I wrapped one hand around it and cupped his balls with the other.

When he groaned out of impatience, I knew it was time. I proceeded to take off the little black dress I was wearing, exposing my black and red polka dotted bra and thong set.

"Fuck Y/N." He hissed.

I finally relieved him of his painful wait and took the very tip of him in my mouth. What I couldn’t fit in my mouth, I made up for with my hand, while the other hand was massaging his thighs.

His moans only encouraged me, once I began to deep throat him, taking as much of him into my mouth as I could he starting swearing, groaning, and grabbing my hair.

"Fuck, your mouth is so good. You’re so hot baby." He said, looking down at me.

I took a small break, and just pumped him with my hands for a few seconds. Right before I was ready to continue blowing him, his phone rang. 

"Damn it." He cursed, looking at the caller ID.

"Hey mom." He said, rolling his eyes, answering the phone.

I couldn’t make out what she was saying but I know Luke wasn’t focused, because I went back to blowing him.

He gasped, when I took all of him in my mouth.

"Yeah." He said, with the phone against his ear.

"Yeah mom I hear you. Twenty minutes. I’ll be there." He told her, biting his knuckles whenever he felt himself about to cum.

"Sorry mommy, daddy’s busy." I whispered, making eye contact with Luke, while rubbing my index finger over the tip of his cock, playing with his precum.

"Yeah I gotta go mom, love you. Bye." He said hanging up, throwing his phone on one of the near by tour bunks.

"You know … that wasn’t such a nice thing to do princess." He told me, picking me up from the ground.

We were now both standing, and it was like Luke turned a dominate switch on, because I was not ready for what was about to happen.

"You think you can just keep blowing me and tease me like that while Im on the phone?" He questioned.

"Why, what are you gonna do about it?" I asked.

Look smiled, took his shirt off and removed the rest of his clothes as well. He sat down on the couch and just eyed me.

"Have a seat." He told me.

I made my way to sit beside him before he grabbed my arm.

"No. Right here." He said patting his lap. "Right now." He added.

I proceeded to sit down, hovering over his cock, waiting for his next move.

"You really think you can just tease me like that and get away with it?" He questioned.

I didn’t know what to say. I’ve never seen this side of Luke before.

He sat up and rubbed my sides, eventually unclasping my bra, sliding it off.

"Play with yourself." He demanded.

I did what I was told while he reached around and slipped a finger inside of me.

"You wet for me?" He questioned.

I just nodded, enjoying the multiple sensations.

He then, sucked on one of my breasts, sending me into a state of pure ecstasy.

While I was rubbing my clit, he slipped a second finger in and switched his mouth to my other breast.

Within the matter of minutes I was screaming and squirting on Luke’s fingers. I couldn’t even comprehend the amount of pleasure he was giving me.

"Did I say you could squirt?" He questioned, slapping my ass. "Well now you have to be punished princess." He said.

"Im sorry." I said, fake apologizing, playing along with his dominant act.

"Dont be sorry. Just following fucking directions." He said. "Now to make it up to me … I want you to fuck yourself with my cock." He added.

I slid my thong to the side and lined his shaft up with my entrance, sitting down, putting my full body weight on him, making him grunt from the pressure.

"Now, ride me." He demanded.

I began to bounce up and down, grinding my hips in different motions, causing him to groan in pleasure.

"Dont you dare fucking cum yet." Luke told me. "You cum when I say you can cum, got it?" He questioned.

"Yes baby." I nodded, riding him harder.

"Daddy to you." He scolded me.

He stood up with me still on top of him. Luke proceeded to fuck me while standing in the air.

His neck and arms were filled with fans and he was continuously swearing.

"You there?" He asked, still in character.

"Almost." I threw my head back in ecstasy, almost nearing my orgasm.

"Oh my fucking fucking, fuck you feel so fucking good baby." He said.

"Please let me cum daddy. I begged.

"Shit, cum for daddy." He hissed.

I came seconds before he did.

"Fuck." He groaned, laughing a little.

"Okay that was really hot." I admitted.

"Shit, I gotta go babe." He said.

"Okay, I’ll be right behind you." I told him.

"Was I too mean?" He asked, getting dressed and fixing his hair.

His concern was too cute, I literally almost melted right then and there.

"Of course not. It was actually really sexy. Now go, before you miss your cue." I kissed his nose.

"I love you." He said pecking my lips.

"I love you back … daddy." I smirked.

He blew a kiss, leaving to go back inside the arena. 


A/N : Thank you for reading . Please give me feedback xx Request something, if you’d like !

You accidentally give him a boner (Luke)


Anonymous said: "can you do some thing where you like "accidentally" give him a boner???"

yes :) you didn’t say which boy you wanted to I just went for Luke, if you want me to do the other boys too just send in a request! x


The boys are having a few weeks break before they go back on tour again, and you decide to make the best of the time you have with each other. You met them through your best friend Luke, whom you have known since you were little kids, and now they’ve all become your best friends.

You and Luke have always had a very intimate relationship with each other, not minding sleeping in the same bed during your many sleepovers or cuddle on the daytime. Luke is your absolute best friend and you have missed him like crazy when he was on tour, thousands of miles away from home. 

You had given him the biggest hug of all times when you’d met them at the airport earlier, there to pick them up. Now, a few hours later, you are at Luke’s house with all of the lads, catching up and spending time together. Luke is lying on the couch while Calum, Ashton and Michael are occupied with playing fifa on the tv (like they haven’t done enough of that on the tour bus). 

You plop down onto the couch next to your best friend, cuddling in to his warm and big embrace. “I’ve misses you Lukey.” You say, feeling safe and content in the arms of your best friend as you wiggle a little to get closer to him, you back to his front. 

"I- I’ve missed you too." He responds, sounding restrained.

"Are you okay?" 

"Yep. ‘m fine. Totally." He assures but you can’t help but hear the low groan that escapes his mouth. You move again, so that you can get a better look at him, but he grabs your hips firmly, stopping you. "Please, don’t." He says.

"What are yo- oh." You cut yourself off as you feel something hard (that definitely isn’t his knee or elbow) poke you in the bum. "Luke Hemmings, are you h-" You start, trying to not let a little laugh escape your mouth, but he cuts you off.

"I can explain! I promise!" He pleads, suddenly blushing. "I’ve just been on tour for so long, without anyone to cuddle or, you know, be physical with. And it is hard to get a little alone time, if you know what I mean, when you live on a bus with a bunch of other dudes. And you look really hot today and your bum i-” He explains.

"Okay! That’s enough, I get it!" You say, not wanting to hear your best friend talk about your bum or his sex life anymore. "Just go do your business." 

He nods in relief, getting up from the sofa while concealing his crotch with his hands, though you absolutely clearly felt his boner poke your bum. You shake your head and laugh as he sprints off to the toilet to sort his situation out. 

A/N: I’m so sorry, this was rubbish, but it is in the middle of the night and I’ve just ran out of inspiration. send in a request if you want me to do the other boys too. I’ll try to complete as many requests as I can this weekend x

Calum Imagine - Surprising him with a puppy


“I know you will hate me for this but…” my older sister Y/S/N started off when she calledme.

“Keep talking” I replied, concerned what might’ve happened for her to start the conversation like this.

“You know… our dogs Max and Charlie they… okay let’s say apparently Charlie has to be renamed into Charlotte” my sister spoke.

“Okay and what’s the matter with that?” I asked unsure why something as unimportant as that bothered her.

“Well… Charlotte and Max had a great time together when I was at work…” she mumbled back.

“Wait, she’s pregnant?” was my reply, with the tone of surprise in my voice.

“She used to be…” Y/S/N answered quietly.

“BABIES?” I yelled into the phone. “Oh no, how many are they?” I sighed.

“Only 6 but Y/N – they are to die for. They are literally adorable and the reason why I asked is because we have two left and well, one is still looking for a home” she sung the last part and I was 100% positive she had the biggest smile on her face.

“No. No way, Y/S/N. I can’t just get a dog now. Calum and I just moved together I can’t just get us a dog – we haven’t talked about pets. Also, how am I supposed to look after him? Is it a him or a her by the way?” I asked.

“It’s a her and she needs you, Y/N. And I need you to need her back because I can’t hold 3 dogs okay and an animal shelter is no option” she whined and when I didn’t reply she moved on. “At least look at her okay? I’ll come over and bring her. Is that alright?”

I groaned, knowing that I wouldn’t be strong enough to resist puppy eyes. “Fine”

You can imagine how that went. As soon as the little pitbull mongrel stumbled into my flat, nearly tripping over her own skin which was way too big for her I agreed on having her over for a night to get to know each other. My sister obviously knew this was gonna happen and she brought the little bowl and a pack of dog food along with the tiny blanket.

As soon as Y/S/N left again I walked past the fridge to get some water for the puppy. In the second I glanced at the fridge the calendar leaf that was attached to the silver metal frame I remembered.

Each day had been crossed out and today was the day I had a huge red lipstick heart drawn around the date. “SHIT” I cussed, whispering “You never heard that” towards the tiny baby dog, that followed me with every step I took.

Calum would be home today. I checked the vintage clock on the wall but in the very second I did, I head the lock of the door being pushed back by the key which was being stuck into it. He would be home now.

As soon as Cal pushed the door open with a gentle kick, lifting the huge suitcase into the flat the puppy jumped up, running towards him.

“OH MY GOD!”, Calum yelled, first giving looks to me and the puppy right afterwards.

He dropped the bag which hung over his shoulder and kneed down to pet the little animal’s head.

“Y/N!” he now yelled, picking up the little pile of dog and rushing towards me, attacking my lips.

“A dog!” he now stated. “There’s a dog” he repeated his previous point, having the biggest smile on his face as he admired the puppy.

“I don’t think we can keep him” I mumbled, fondling the pitbull’s chin when Cal held her in his arm.

Calum looked shocked, backing away from me like a little child with being afraid his stuffed animal could be taken away by anyone.

“Yes we can. You’re a good boy, aren’t you?” he whispered directed to the tiny figure on his arm.

“Actually…” I stepped closer to Cal with a smile on my face when he grabbed my waist. “She’s a good girl” I corrected him, kissing my boyfriend’s nose and pushing his arm on my hip down, walking towards the bedroom.

“Where are you going?” Calum whined.

I didn’t turn around and kept walking. “We haven’t seen each other in weeks, what do you think where I’m going?” I laughed as I pulled my shirt over my head and dropping it on the floor.

“You coming or what?” I asked, peeking from the bedroom door into the living room.

“OF COURSE!” he gulped out, excitedly.

“But put the dog down first” I laughed, knowing he would’ve brought the puppy with him.


A/N Thank you all for being so supportive! Feedback is always appreciated - you can also leave a quick note on my wall xx 

Requests are still open :) ♥

Fan girls on some next level shit be on Twitter like:

Omfg Luke fuck me in the ass until I bleed and then collect it all in a jar then mix it with holy water so that when you pour it in my mouth I’ll be a renewed soul and all my sins will be washed away.

(1st) 5SOS Preference: Soul mates (Muke af)

Herro, beautiful people! I finally upload a 5sos writing so yeah, that’s new. I hope y’all enjoy it! 

Luke~ Your left eye was (your/eye/color) and your right eye was a pretty light blue. It wasn’t weird for your eye color to be slightly mismatched, everyone’s was like that. All of your friends had two different eye colors. Well, except for Grace. Both of her eyes were the same color ever since she met him. The story goes like this, when you’re born you have your eye color and the eye color of your soul mate. When you meet your soul mate, your eyes revert and you end up with having monochromatic eyes. You’ve always been on the look out for someone with the same eye colors as you, but it was to no avail. His blue was too dark, her brown was too light. No on had your eye colors. Even as you walked around the mall along with a hundred, give or take, people, none of them had the same eyes. You watched as multiple people passed each other, their eyes reverting to one color, but not stopping to acknowledge their soul mate. You checked your reflection in one of the glass display windows; your eyes were still two different colors. “Oh thank my lucky stars,” you thought, musing to yourself. You didn’t want to pass up meeting your soul mate because you were too busy staring at other people. Your thoughts were so distracting; you didn’t notice the 6’4 blond-quiffed boy walking right towards you. It was too late, next thing you know, you’re toppled over with him hovering above you. “He has the same eyes as me! Fuck yes!” you thought. His eyes turned into the light blue that has housed itself in your right eye. “Oh, erm, hi. My name’s Luke, uh, Luke Hemmings,” he said while helping you up, “and it looks like we’re soul mates.” You two headed to the food court and sat down at an empty table. “So, Luke…” you trailed before blurting out, “how come you get the pretty eye color?” He looked taken back by your question, he rubbed his nose nervously. “Well, I think your eyes are pretty, so I don’t know why you’re complaining,” he stated calmly, however on the inside he was a wreck. His mom gave him the talk about the whole soul mates thing, but he really didn’t know how to deal with the situation at hand, “Um, anyways soul mate, I never really caught your name.” You mentally face palmed yourself for forgetting to introduce yourself to him, he’s your soul mate for heaven’s sake. “My name’s Y/N, and I feel we need to continue this conversation after you buy me ice cream,” you stated, hoping not to put him off with your forwardness. He looked a bit taken back by your request before stammering out, “Uh sure. No problem.” 

Michael~ You’ve had a “Y” inked on your middle finger ever since you turned 18. It just appeared one morning while you were eating your birthday breakfast. Fearing that you’d done something stupid the night before with your friends, you had run to your mother in a state of panic. She reassured you that you did not do anything stupid, and it was just your soul mate marking. Right when you turn eighteen, a tattoo appears on you and your soul mate would have a similar one to yours. Your mother showed you her key tattoo and explained that your dad had a lock. Your hysteria died down, and you fell back into your normal habits. You stayed in your room all day sitting on your computer watching movies and TV shows back to back on Netflix. Your mom paid no attention to your activities, except one night when she forced you outside the house to pick up your own pizza. So there you were, standing in the pizza parlor in your plaid pajama bottoms and oversized t-shirt. You didn’t pay any mind to the other people around you; just waiting for your number to get called, so you could go home and devour it all. Then, a boy walked in. He had bright red hair that stuck out in multiple directions, an eyebrow piercing, and he was staring intently at his phone. He stood next to you and was still staring at his phone. Then his phone rung. “Hey Calum, I’m picking up the pizza… Luke, shut the fuck up,” he spoke animatedly into the phone. I couldn’t help but notice the tattoo on his finger. What is it? My curiosity overtook me and I grabbed his hand to inspect the tattoo. “What the hell?” we both said at the same time. He probably said it because some random girl grabbed his arm. You said it because the “X” tattoo was in the same font as yours; this guy was your soul mate. “Hey, you’re pretty, but I was kinda in the middle of a… oh shit. Um, so you’re my soul mate?” he asked. You nodded your head, still trying to absorb how this incredibly attractive male was supposed to be your other half. You let go of his hand, and he brought his phone back to his ear. He gave his friends a quick fib about how he might be running slightly late. You two went to take a seat (your pizzas were not ready yet) to sort everything out. He cleared his throat before speaking, “I’m Michael Clifford, and I have two questions. What are your opinions about kittens and All Time Low?”