5SOS Preference: Pregnancy Series #1 (Telling him) 4/4

Calum:3 pregnancy tests later and you were 99.9% sure you were pregnant. You didn’t understand, you were on birth control and Calum always wore a condom. You’re not even in a relationship with him, how could you be caring his baby? The two of you were friends with benefits, this wasn’t supposed to happen.

"Hey, can you come over?" You ask him casually.

"Yeah, I’ll be right over." 

20 minuts later he was walking through the door and kissed you. He pulled away and trailed down you neck, this is how it usually went.

"No, Cal, I can’t."

"What are you talking about, you had your period a few weeks ago!" He said before he went to kissing your next again.

"No, I’m pregnant." you bluntly say.

"We can work around that." He mumbled, not fully listening.

You pushed him back a bit, “No, Calum, listen. I’m pregnant. With your baby.” 

He stared at you for a moment, “I’m going to be a dad. Oh my god, I’m going to be a dad. (Y/N), I’m going to be a dad!” 

"You don’t have to stay if you don’t want to."

"What are you talking about? I’m the father of this baby and I’m going to be with you every step of the way. And the first step is going to buy you a ring. Well, only if you’re up for it."

"No, you don’t have to marry me because you got me pregnant."

"I’ve wanted you to be mine since I saw you."

Ashton:Your baby was planned but it wasn’t. The two of you talked about having one since you were in your first year of marriage, but you were just going to let it happen. You went to the doctor so there weren’t any doubts about if you were carrying baby Irwin or not. After the results you were in fact carrying baby Irwin! It was a around Father’s Day when you were going to tell him. So, you made a quick trip to the local walmart and went to the card section. About half an hour later you walked out with a card that said “Daddy, I love you For all that you do, I’ll kiss you and hug you ‘Cause you love me too” You signed “Baby Irwin” and put a picture of your baby in there from your first ultra sound. Ashton was sitting in his spot, the middle, of the couch watching tv. 

"Hey babe. I got you something." You smiled sitting down next to him with your arm on the back of the couch.

"Did I miss and anniversary or your birthday?" He asked quickly.

"No, no, no, just open it." You smile.

He opened the card and gave you a questioning look, “babe, did you get this mixed up with someone else’s stuff?”

"Nope." You giggle, "I’m pregnant." You cover your mouth to hide your smile and Ashton sits still for a moment to let everything sink in.

"Holy shit, I’m going to be a dad," He whispered, "HOLY SHIT I"M GOING TO BE A DAD! (Y/N) WERE GOING TO BE PARENTS.Oh my god, I have to tell the boys they’re going to be uncles!" He put his hands on your cheeks and kissed you repeatedly whispering "I love you" and "we’re going to be parents."

Luke:You were feeling sick for a few days and after arguing with Luke about it, you finally went to the doctor’s office. Instead of the doctor telling you, “Oh, it’s just the flu” or “You have cold” you were thrown “Miss (Y/L/N), you’re pregnant.” It wasn’t ideal to have a baby just yet considering you and Luke weren’t even engaged yet! 

A few weeks later Luke, Calum’s girlfriend, and the rest of the band were at your house for the afternoon writing songs for the album.

"Let’s take a break, yeah?" Ashton suggested. Everyone sighed and agreed.

"Let’s play a game you guys!" You suggested coming in to the living room with snacks on a tray.

"What game?" Michael asked.

"Charades! I want to be on a team with Luke." You smile sending him a wink.

"I want Cal." His girlfriend pipped up before one of the boys could.

"Fine. Mashton always wins anyways." Michael said throwing an arm around him and pulling him in for a side hug.

A few rounds later you and Luke were up. You drew cheese, the fraction 1/2, and an ink bottle.

"Chesse half ink." he said it a few more times out loud "She’s having!"

"Okay, next clue!" You attempted to draw a baby.

"She’s having a hotdog!"

"No! It’s a baby you dumb fuck! She’s having a baby! And that she is me! I’m having a baby!" 

"Why’d you give it- What? You’re having a baby? What? How did this happen? Well I know how it happened but really? We’re having a baby?" He sounded so excited and there was a tear in his eye. "Guys, do you know what this means? I’m going to be a father!" 

Michael: You found out you were carrying baby Clifford about two months ago, but you never found the time to tell Michael. You had to tonight and with the help of your best friend she helped you with it. You didn’t have to say anything, just write it. The pizza man rang your doorbell and you flew down the hall to answer the door with a scream, “I got it!” You paid the delivery man the money and a tip. You walked into the kitchen and took down two paper plates. On Michael’s you wrote, “We’re pregnant” in sharpie and put two slices of pizza to cover it.

"Here’s dinner." You said placing the plate down on the table so Michael could reach it when he could, because apparently FIFA is more important than eating.

After awhile Michael got up to get more slices. “(Y/N).” He yelled running back into the living room.

"Yeah?" You bite your lip trying to hide a smile and putting you pizza on the plate.

"We are?" He smiled getting on both knees in front of you.

"Yeah." You nod smiling.

"Hey bud. It’s daddy." He said putting his forehead on your stomach. "We’re going to have so much fun together. I’m going to teach you how to be punk rock, and we’re going to dye your hair, and beat up uncle Luke."

Bound to Fall Chapter Nine (Luke Hemmings)

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Chapter Eight


Luke’s P.O.V.

“Brown eyes…” I began to say drifting my words off

If I said more then she could figure out who it was

“I can think of about 15 girls who were there yesterday with brown eyes,”

“Well we promised on a description,” I countered

Oh yeah, she was right. Just a basic description wouldn’t completely set her off to see that it was her, but when it was her turn to say who she liked in the band, the four of us were all so different so it wouldn’t be that difficult to figure out who it was, at least on my part. But this is what we promised nonetheless and I’m not lying to her, so this will go along perfectly

"Fine," She groaned rolling her eyes

"Brown eyes,"

"You’re killing me here Lucas," She sighed

"And wavy brownish, blonde hair," I finished

She pinched the bridge of her nose realizing that she was getting nowhere with my description of her

If only she knew it was actually her

"Can you- uhhhh tell me what she was wearing yesterday?" She asked trying to find any source of individuality in my statements to see if she could narrow anyone done

"A band tee and jeans," I smirked knowing that that was basically what everyone wore yesterday and is probably going to wear for the next few days of the tour

"Jesus christ," 

"Your turn," I smiled at her frustration

I technically did do my part of the promise, but there was no way she could get out of doing hers

Madeline’s P.O.V.

So Luke’s description of his mystery girl got me absolutely nowhere, of course that little dick head would give me that type of description. But I had a plan of my own as well

"Let’s see here, he’s stupid, I can tell ya that," I laughed thinking about him in my mind

"4 out of 4 of the band members," Luke nodded

"Uh he’s got the most amazing smile, there are barely moments where he isn’t smiling actually," 

Luke gave me a confused look, but that was exactly what I wanted

"He’s a complete dork with no sense of coordination, his lankiness does not help his situation either," I said getting ahead of myself

"His eyes, god, his eyes, you can get lost in them in seconds, it’s like you can never look away," 

"And his hair, let me just say, props to him for being able to fix it everyday becau-" I stopped myself before I was getting too carried away

"And yup yeah- that’s my favorite," I finished quickly 

"What the hell Madeline I have no idea who that is!" He groaned

"Good," I smirked watching his agitation grow

"Hey, I told you what my girl was wearing yesterday, so now you have to tell me too," He argued

"Band tee and jeans," I smiled repeating his reply to me just minutes before earning another groan from his mouth

"Guess we’re even now Hemmings," I laughed

"I really hate you right now," He sighed

"How come you wanna know so bad?" I asked him

"Cause I- I ju-"

"Hey! Where have you been?" One of the security guards intervened cutting Luke off

"I’ve been here. I’m safe, don’t get your panties in a bunch," I muttered standing up to follow him back to the rest of the guys as Luke trailed next to me

As we walked closer and closer, we saw Cal, Mike, and Ash greeting some fans who were waiting at the barricades for them like yesterday so Luke moved quickly to join them as I remained with the security guards once again and focused my attention towards the stages nearby us where more bands were performing. None of the girls came up to talk to me this time because I’d be intimidated to talk to a girl with two massive guards by her side too. But when I glanced back over to the guys with the fans, I noticed Luke talking to a very pretty girl who fit the description exactly and Luke seemed to take a liking to her. So she’s the one Luke’s been dying over. Why am I not surprised? She could definitely pass as a model if I had to be honest, she was tall and skinny and had the same brown eyes and hair as I did but I really didn’t feel like I could compare to her. For fucks sake, I shouldn’t even be comparing myself to her, we were basically on two different wavelengths when it came to looks so of course Luke would pick her over me. I shook my head at myself, how could I be so stupid to actually think he’d be into me?

“Maddie, I’m going to pick up some food, you coming?” Ashton asked interrupting my thoughts

“Uh yeah sure,” I answered trailing behind him as we exited through the barricades into the actual venue. A small group of about 5 or 6 girls broke off from the rest of the crowd who was talking to Luke, Calum, and Michael and quickly formed around Ashton and I. Thankfully the security guards weren’t being too aggressive and actually gave me some space by trailing behind us

“Ashton what are you gonna get?” One of the fans asked as they walked with us to one of the food trucks

“Uhm I’m not sure yet, Maddie what do you want?” He asked me

"I kinda want Mexican right now,"

"Alright so we’ll get some for the boys as well," Ashton said leading us towards a Mexican food stand

"So you’re name is Madeline right?" One of the girls asked

"Yeah it is," 

"Do you mind if we take a picture with you?" Another girl asked

I gave a weird look to Ashton who acted like this was just normal, I mean I guess it was just a regular day for him but I wasn’t really prepared for any picture taking today

"Uhm sure," I said awkwardly smiling for the camera as her and her friends took selfies with me

"You get used to it," Ashton nudged me as I went back into line next to him

We got our food and began walking towards the backstage area once again and found the crowd of fans even bigger than before and once they spotted Ash, another group broke off to surround us as well. Lucky for me, I wasn’t the one they were interested in so it was easy for me to get out of that mob and back behind the safety of the barricades which Ashton had a lot of trouble with

"Excuse me, sorry," Ashton pardoned himself as he tried to make his way through the crowd as politely and quickly as possible

Today. Today just wasn’t what I expected. Hell. I’m just here for the music but I wasn’t able to actually watch one of sets today and I was getting more than slightly frustrated with it. Tomorrow was my actual birthday and I plan on spending it on the music. I’m thankful that the guys are here and I know how much they wanted to actually listen to the music too but we all knew that that wasn’t going to work out that well with the impromptu meet and greets whenever they were spotted which happened more often than not. It was like we were all kept stuck in the backstage area because that was the only place where we weren’t crowded by the fans

"I’ll bring this back to the trailer," I said taking the food from Ash as he went back to talking to the fans with the rest of the guys

"Alright we’ll be there in a minute," Ashton yelled to me as I got further and further away

"I’ll be in the trailer probably the rest of the day so you guys can go eat or whatever, it’ll be fine," I dismissed the security guards as I went inside the motorhome

For once they actually listened to me and went off to do who knows what, but they left me alone and I was very happy with finally being alone. I took a deep breath as I entered the trailer, closing the door behind me and dropping the food onto the table inside. It was only 5 in the afternoon and we still had four more hours until warped tour day two ended, so I knew today was probably just going to be spent in this room trying to avoid the mobs. I took my tacos out and kicked my feet up on the couch, turning the tv on in front of me

A half an hour later, my food was finished, and the guys still weren’t back

I checked back outside to find the sun setting and Cal, Mike, Luke, and Ash still with the fans outside. I stepped out of the trailer and looked left and right to see if security was back before slipping out and walking out of the barricades. The rest of the guys never saw me since they were focusing on the fans which meant that I could actually go out and see the sets. I was in the middle of watching The Dangerous Summer when I heard my name being called and found Joey, one of the guys I met while working at the merch table for wcar, behind me

"Hey!" I smiled

"Our only merch girl disappeared yesterday, do you have any idea where she is?" He asked referring to me

"Haha very funny, the guys didn’t force me to work the table anymore," I said

"Well we missed the only girl at the table so it’s nice to see you again Maddie," He smiled

"Aw I missed you guys too," 

Luke’s P.O.V.

I could hear my stomach rumbling over the crowd of fans that we had in front of us and that was when I knew it was our time to go. I don’t even know how long we were out there but it was nice meeting the fans. I have to admit that I did want to see the music but we couldn’t let them down regardless of how we felt. We said our goodbyes, but when we went inside the trailer, it was empty

“Maddie?” Michael called out

“Shit do you think we pissed her off?” Calum asked as we all came in

“I don’t blame her,” I sighed knowing that I probably would’ve done the same thing if I were in her position

“So what? Do we go find her?” Michael asked

“I mean she’s with security so she’s probably safe, and going out there isn’t really an option,” Ashton shrugged getting the food out

“Yeah I- I guess so,” I hesitated before sitting down with all of them to eat

But by now it was two hours later and still no sign of her. The sun was already set and she wasn’t answering her phone to any of our calls. Warped tour day two was close to ending with only a little over an hour left in the day and we still had no idea where she was. The guys weren’t as worried as I was because of course we all knew that she could take care of herself, I was just scared she found someone else to be with today, someone that should’ve been me

“I’m going to go look for her,” I stood up from my place not willing to just sit there while she could be whisked away by some random guy who actually has time to be with her

“How the hell are you going to do that mate? The fans are still waiting outside,” Ashton reasoned

“I don’t care, I just need to find her,” I argued stepping out

I knew I couldn’t go out just like that so I had to put my shitty disguise back on. A hoodie and a hat over my head to keep myself hidden. The group of fans started to die down the longer we stayed inside the trailer so it was a lot easier to get passed the crowd of girls waiting out by the barricades of the backstage area. I mixed in with a group of people who were also exiting and actually made my way out of the area without being spotted. I kept my head low and looked at the list of the line up for today to see if any of Maddie’s favorites were playing right now

The Dangerous Summer. That’s one of her favorites right? Hell. Basically all of the bands playing this tour were her favorites, that’s what made it even worse. She couldn’t even go see them play because of us, if we went out as ourselves, the fans would crowd around us in seconds and make enjoying the music impossible. Maybe that’s why she felt the need to sneak away. She could be at any one of the stages playing right now but I was guessing that The Dangerous Summer was my best bet considering how often I hear them play in the background of our skype calls

Then I found her

Madeline’s P.O.V.

I was talking to Joey during the set and it was really nice being able to actually breath out in public again

"So yeah, you wanna get some drinks?" He suggested as the set was ending

"Sure," I smiled following behind him before feeling someone tug on my arm forcing me to stay

"Madeline," Luke voiced keeping his head down low as he spoke to me

"Luke? What are you doing out here?" I asked him knowing he could be recognized at any moment

"You left and wouldn’t even answer your phone, do you know how worried I- we were?" He asked through gritted teeth

Was he actually getting mad over this?

"Hey Maddie do you know this guy?" Joey came up to us eying Luke up and down


"Yeah, she does and she’s coming with me so fuck off," Luke replied raising his voice

"Luke, what the hell is wrong with you?" I asked pulling my arm away from his grasp

"Hey if she doesn’t want to go with you then you can’t force her to go dude," Joey said stepping in front of me

I noticed that more and more people were starting to stare at us and that meant more chances of Luke being spotted so I knew I had to end whatever the hell was happening, but I still had no idea what was going on with Luke

"Joey I- it’s fine, we’ll take a rain check on those drinks though yeah?" I offered quickly moving to Luke’s side so we could get away as quickly as possible

"Are you sure you wanna be with this asshole right now?" Joey asked

"Asshole? You really wanna go there?" Luke muttered walking towards him

I saw his fists balled up like he was ready to punch at any second and I had to hold him back so the crowd around us wouldn’t grow any bigger

"Luke stop. Let’s just go. C’mon. I’ll see you another time Joey," I said pulling Luke away keeping a firm grip around his arm and forcing him to move

"What the fuck is your problem Luke?" I snapped at him when we were finally walking alone

"Where was your security? They’re supposed to keep you away from dickheads like him," he muttered ignoring my question

"Dickheads like him? You don’t even know him!" I argued

"I know that he was just looking for his chance to get you drunk and get you in bed when you’re underage Madeline, you’re not even 17!" He countered stopping in his tracks to look down at me

"Really? I turn 17 tomorrow and you’re the one acting like a dick head. You don’t have to fucking babysit me, I already have two grown ass men watching my every move, I don’t need you to tell me what to do," I spat walking away from him

"They’re not here right now so obviously you do need me to tell you what to do," he trailed behind me

"Stop Luke! You act like the age gap is so big like you have the right to boss me around. You’re only a year older than me and underage drinking hasn’t stopped you before you asshole. If you’re going to treat me like a kid then just leave me the hell alone. I don’t need you or your bullshit Luke." I finished

Luke’s P.O.V.

Fuck. I was getting so worked up over this. I didn’t want to tell her I was jealous. There was no way in hell that I would be admitting that I was jealous. She isn’t even mine in the first place. I knew she was right. I knew she could take care of herself, she doesn’t need me at all and that’s what scares me the most. The fact that she doesn’t need me. The fact that she could’ve gone with that other guy if I hadn’t found her in time, the fact that I could’ve completely lost her, but right now it feels like I already did.

5sos ot4/ofc imagine [smut/orgy, nc17]

( part 1 part 2 part 3 )

( this is for the lovely anon and summer who messaged me right after posting the latest part, i’m supposed to be sleeping but nah )

"I’d love some pussy instead of Michael’s hand", Calum says completely serious and the red-head looks like he’s going to punch the bassist before fake-pouting and smirking because I know he wants me too. Luke laughs and Ashton smiles even though he’s close to falling asleep - I’m proud how tired I made him. 

"Get over here then", I mumble, my legs are weak and wobbly, "how do you want me? I’m not sure if I’ll be able to support my body if you want me on all fours." Cal’s moving, up on his knees, biting his lip. He pulls his shirt off and stands up to remove his skinny jeans, looking down at Luke. The blond is so out of place, the other three completely down to fuck and then there’s our little Lukey, waiting for someone to tell him what to do.

"Get on him", Calum tells me, "he can support you. I’d just— I’d really love to see your ass while I fuck you." Luke blushes and looks at me, eyes flashing at my boobs and my thankfully flat stomach - that’s about to change when I get on my hands and knees. I roll over, crawling onto him, straddling his hips. My head’s pushed against his neck and I can smell the sweet smell, of course he would be the one to use a ridiculous fruit shower gel. With the remaining energy I have, I push my ass up in the air, arms on both sides of the blond’s head so I can keep myself up just a bit, back arching until it’s almost painful.

"Hi", I whisper to Luke at the same time as Calum says: "Fuck."

Michael has crawled to sit against the headboard, hands curled under Ashton’s arms to drag the boy up. The curls are spread against Michael’s milky thigh as the drummer uses the younger as a pillow, the guitarist’s cock right next to the older boy’s face. I smirk at them, following Michael’s lazy jerks with my eyes.

"Don’t come", I tell Michael because I have plans for him. 

"Whatever you say, babe", he agrees. 

Calum has a condom rolled over his cock in no time, sitting between the mess of legs and I can hear the cap of a lube bottle being opened. It’s incredibly nice and considerate of him, I’m wet enough for him but a bit of lube never hurts. Luke’s hands circle my waist, it’s like he’s hugging me like he hugs his fans, gentle and never-too-close. 

"Touch me, Luke", I dare him and he stares at me, "you were sucking my nipple just a while ago, Luke, touch me." His hands slide over my ass, brushing against Calum’s fingers as the bassist grips my hips with one hand, the other guiding himself against my wet hole. I moan, he rubs the tip against me before pushing in - I can only feel the crown of his cock and he pulls back out again, I glare at him over my shoulder. 

A few seconds later, I’m filled with another unfamiliar cock, not as big as Ashton, maybe rivaling the drummer’s length but not as thick. Luke’s hands follow my sides and he clearly likes touching my breasts, cupping them in his hands and I’m so proud that I can fill his palms, give him something to play with. He rubs my boobs together as Calum rocks against me, dragging my hips to meet his. 

I reach between myself and Luke, wrapping an hand around his cock and he sighs, a small delicious sound falling off his lips.

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There should be professional fangirls. We shall all go to fangirl college and take classes like History of Ships, BrOTP or OTP, How to Get Retweeted: The Art of Twitter as it Relates to Band Members, Feels 101, and Fanfiction Writing. When we graduate, we all get paid to do the dedicated things we already do for our beautiful idiots. Also, the band you fangirl over COMES TO GRADUATION.

New Kid - 5sos Imagine Part 2

A/N So the first part got 50 notes here is part 2 and a few people said they would like it to be a Fanfiction so when I’ve released a few more I will make a MasterPost and give it to you :) Enjoy! Oh also I changed her name to Eliza and her friends name to Emma cause I liked them better Mill

Part 1 - X


I was still stood firmly attached to that one piece of grass where Luke had left me, I pulled up my sleeve up again and it had stopped bleeding. Still shaken by that experience I walked inside and even though Luke wasn’t a doctor I listened to him and cleaned it up. After washing it gently I placed a bandage over the top and then climbed into my bed, I just needed to sleep but something wouldn’t let me. I couldn’t stop thinking about my accounter with Luke. As I stared up at the ceiling I just kept replaying when he leaned in to me and I saw his smile in the moonlight


I checked my timetable again as I walked into school; Triple Art, English, ICT. It was a good day if I 3 whole hours of art, as I walked down the corridor I saw the 4 boys hanging around the lockers. Luke and the one with the eyebrow piercing glanced at me and then turned back to their little circle. I looked down shook my head then carried on walking to art, it was out of the main block, take a right, keep going and then it’s on my left. I waited outside till the bell went and then entered the classroom. I told the art teacher, with soft tints if red in her hair, I was new and asked where I should sit. She gave me a seat in the middle of the room and gave me an A3 art book and a A1 folder.

"You get a desk to yourself because this class is quite small," she said smiling at me. I nodded and then the room started to fill up with more and more students. And the last one through the door was Luke’s friend, the bandana one and he came and his desk was the one directly in front of mine. I opened my sketch book and looked at the board, Miss talked for along time 23 minutes to be exact before she let us actually draw in our books. When I finally could draw I was very excited the first topic we were doing is natural form, like flowers and pumpkins and also being able to use mix media. I thought about it for a bit, then put orange and brown watercolour as a backwash and then on separate piece of paper I began to draw flowers and poppy seed heads.

I was so engrossed in my art work that I didn’t notice bandana boy staring at me, I looked him directly in the eye and he smiled. “Nice work.” He said turning around me page. I mumbled a thanks then I looked down at his hand on my work and it was covered in scars, some lines and some dots. I had a sudden urge to touch them and without meaning to do it my finger began to trace the lines on his hand. He glanced up at me nervously. “How did you get these Bandana Boy?” I asked him letting go of his hand and looking up to his face. He smiled at ‘Bandana Boy’ and I saw something I really hoped I didn’t…fangs like Luke’s. He then said, “The same way you got yours.” I looked at him again then got back to my work.


After break I walked back into art and Bandana Boy started talking to me again, “I’m Ashton.” He said extending a hand to me, I shook it and said, “Eliza, but you probably knew that.” He laughed and nodded, “Yeah your in my English and Luke’s mentioned you a few times.” I smiled at my work painting another line onto my page. “How you finding this school?” Ashton asked. I looked back up at him, “Um…it’s alright. Pretty sure Connor and his friends hate me, dunno why.” His smile faded and he looked angry and his eyes looked dark, “Woah, calm down they can’t hurt me they’re just year 11 dickheads it’s fine.” I said holding his hand to reassure him. He smiled at me and then turned around to do some work.

As I was painting I thought of what Emma had said, ‘I would stay away from them, they get into quite a lot of trouble and are bad news. So far they had been nothing but nice to me although I was still wary of Luke. Blood sucking monsters aren’t real, and even if they were Luke couldn’t be a monster. He’s out in daylight and didn’t try and bite me when my arm was running blood into his hand. Maybe he just had really sharp teeth, oh yes Eliza and really black eyes. Ugh idiot.

English was after lunch and ICT was after that, and yes I was sat by another of the ‘bad boys’ a boy named Michael, I’m glad it wasn’t the other one with tattoos and puffy black hair because he always gave me evils. We didn’t talk very much but when we did he seemed so sweet like he wouldn’t kill a fly, also today instead of his usually band t-shirt and leather jacket he was wearing a white jumper that kept falling off his shoulders (a/n you know which one I’m talking about.) and it made him look adorable. He helped me with some graphic design and I helped him. I can say that was the first lesson I thoroughly enjoyed.

As I walked home I walked through the woods playing my music quietly, I noticed the group of four boys walking down the path ahead of me, they must live near me. Well Luke definitely does if he saw me last night. I followed them through the woods then Luke turned around and saw me, he stopped so I could catch up and told the other boys to carry on. “Hey.” I said to him whilst unplugging my earphones. “Hey, was that green day?” I nodded putting my iPhone back into my bag. “Good taste. So…Do you wanna come over to our house?” Luke asked me still walking by my side. “You live together?” I asked surprised. Luke reached up to scratch hai neck thinking of a way to explain, “Uh yeah, we bought it because it was cheap and did it up ourselves, wanted to move away from the city…there was too many people.” He responded whilst turning left down a small mud track just wide enough for a car to fit down. I took my phone from my pocket and texted my mum. ‘Going to a friends, be back later walking home x.’ Luke read it over my shoulder and I saw him smile. Sliding it back I to my pocket I asked, “So what do your parents think about it?” Luke shrugged, “They don’t care I guess.”

We carried on walking until we reached a small house, a little smaller then my own. I watched as they all went in and dumped their school bags onto the floor. Ashton turned around and beckoned me to come in. After thinking I was walking into a house with four people who could potentially be vampires I stepped inside. I looked down as I walked in and it was just a simple house with modern matching furniture. I saw an Xbox and asked, “Michael I’ll beat you on call of duty Ghosts.” I heard him mention something about being good at Xbox in ICT. He smiled at me and said, “Yeah right.” Turning on the Xbox and sitting down. The tattoo boy went upstairs and Ashton went into the kitchen I guess and Luke sat perched on the windowsill in view of us and the TV screen. Ashton popped his head around the door and asked, “Do you want anything.” The boys asked for a tea and I said, “Nothing thank you.”

"Calum! Do you want a tea bro?" Ashton shouted upstairs and now I knew all there names. I started falling behind Michael and I got worried. Luke was laughing at us both, and I headshotted Michael three times and he shouted,"Bullshit." And that’s when I knew I was bringing it back. In the end I won and Michael curled into a ball and fake cried. I patted him on the back and said, "Don’t worry Michael you’ll win one day." I looked over at Luke and he was smiling at me. He bit his lip and held back a laugh, he stood up and held his hand out for me to take it. I reached out my own hand and luke grabbed onto it, he pulled me up from the sofa and I was very close to his face. "Follow me." He whispered, dropping my hand and running upstairs.

I laughed and ran after him, I found him lying on his bed, listening to music. His room was simple, a double bed, a chest of drawers and a ensuite. Like my room, his wall was covered in band posters. I saw lots of bands I loved and heard them playing, I walked up to the wall and dragged my hand across the paper. “Do you play?” I asked noticing a guitar in the corner. “Yeah I do he smiled.” He picked it up by before he started playing I heard a voice saying, “Stay away from Luke, Ashton and Michael.” Then I saw Calum standing at the door, when I looked at him a splitting pain began to start in my head. I cried out in pain but nothing came out, I crouched down onto the floor holding my head. I heard muffled sounds and then Michael was above me my vision was funny and I couldn’t hear properly. My head felt like it was on fire and Michael pressed his fingers to my head and I screamed in pain. I kicked my legs and tried to move my hands to get them off but Michael had my hands held away from him. After a while the pain started to go away and I calmed down. I could see Michael more clearly now and I saw how worried he looked. I began to cry and a tear rolled down my cheek.

Michael lifted me off the floor and put me onto the bed. “Are you okay now? How’s your head?” Michael asked generally concerned. You looked over at Luke who was looking at you from were he stood with Ashton shouting at Calum. “Calum what the hell did you do?” He shouted and pushed him backwards out of the room. I brought my attention back to Michael and said, “My heads fine.” Another tear rolled down my face and Michael hugged me. His white sweater was soft under my cheek and his head fitted perfectly into the crook of my neck whilst he rubbed my back. “I’m Sorry, it’s okay. It’s over now.” He whispered to me when he pulled away we wiped a tear of my cheek and I noticed all the features of his face. He leaned in and kissed my cheek then helped me to stand up.

When we walked downstairs they were arguing, “What did you say to her Calum.” Luke asked clearly annoyed with his friend. “Answer us Calum.” He looked back and forth between Michael holding me up and the two angry boys infront of him. “I’m making her stay away.” He spat. I leaned up on tiptoes and whispered to Michael, “I’m okay now, I think I should go now.” He smiled sincerely at me and watched me get my bag and close the door. As I walked away I heard the door open again and Luke shout, “No Eliza…wait.” But I had already walked to far. Leaving him Alone.

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To be the last one standing.

 ”Good to see you’re awake, cherie.” My mother kissed both of my cheeks before walking back to the kitchen. “The house seems clean.”

"Yeah, I did my Sunday cleaning," I yawned, rubbing my eyes. "Like you asked. "

"Avaline," My father welcomed me with two strong arms, almost choking me. His newly shaved chin pricked my face softly as he stroked my face. "I missed you, my Sweet."

"As did I."

"Oh, Ava." My father kissed my forehead again, scrunching my hair more. "We’ve missed you. Thank goodness, you’re graduating next year so you can come along."

I flashed a small smile at them, before turning my head around. If I declined the endless offers to go on tour with the boys, why would I join my parents’.

"How’s the school work going?" My mother asked. "It’s been okay, the work can be overwhelming.."

"If you want to get in a good college, it’ll be worth it." My father reminded me. "And, quit all the punk music. They’re not going to take you anywhere."

"Yeah, yeah."I mumbled, pouring myself another glass of orange juice. I watched as my parents walked in and out of the dining area, searching for the phones probably.

Once they were dressed, they both came and kissed my cheek. “We would’ve invited you,” My father started, adjusting his tie. “But, we already knew the answer.”

"Yeah, I have some French course homework. " I replied, rubbing my ear with my index finger. "Okay, we’ll see you soon. Don’t stay up too late."

Once they left, I grabbed the house phone and dialed Luke’s number. After two rings, his voice sounded.

"Hemmings." He voice was stern, he must’ve been in a meeting.

"Hey, It’s me." I replied, a little nervous. I played with the hem of my skirt as I heard him say my name. "What are you doing?"

"Another bullshit meeting, babe." His voice sounded stressed. "Can I come over?"

"Um.." I started, not sure how to tell Luke about my parents.

"I have to go.." Luke whispered into the phone piece. "The boys are calling back, see you in fifteen. Later, baby."

I sighed, putting the phone back on the stand. I unwrapped a pack of popcorn and placed it in the microwave. Once it was done and in a bowl, I sat on the couch and began watching some television.

I watched the television, but I was mostly daydreaming. I was snapped back to reality when Luke came under the covers and hugged my waist tightly.

"Hey, baby." He mumbled, as he kissed my lips before laying his head on my chest. "Hey," I replied before running my hand through his hair. He sighed lightly, before adjusting himself comfortably.

"How was the meeting?" I asked, my eyes on the television.

"Boring, it was just about scheduling." He sighed, rubbing his eyes. "We’re booked two years in advance. Anyways, how was your day?"

"Nothing really interesting happened."

"I missed you though." Luke’s lips lightly pressed against my neck. "I missed you too."

"I like it when we can be like this." He smiled. I couldn’t help but smile back.

Maybe it was the small gesture, but I really didn’t want Luke to leave. We were in that position probably until the movie ended because it was already evening. I yawned, looking through my missed calls.

I dialed my parent’s number, then placed the phone to my ear. “Hey, sorry I was asleep.”

"That’s fine, we just called to say that we’re on our way home now."


"Uh.." I looked around the room, desperately. "O-Okay, see you then."

I hanged up the phone rapidly, readjusting my body under Luke. He immediately groaned, and his eyes lazily glanced at me. “What’s wrong?”

"My parent’s are coming home." I told him. He mumbled a small, "Shit." before sitting up.

"Why didn’t you tell me they came back?"

"I tried telling you, but you insisted on coming here. " I whispered. "And, besides I didn’t want you to leave."

"How long ago did they call?" Luke covered his face with his hand, half asleep and half alarmed.

"Twenty minutes ago."

"My ass is grass." He mumbled just as the keys were heard at the front entrance. We immediately shot up, desperately trying to find somewhere to hide Luke.

"How do they hide people in the movies?" I asked, pushing him upstairs. "Under beds?" He replied, his eyes flickering from me to downstairs.

"No, that’ll never work." I pouted. "Go in the closet!"

"Okay, okay." He hid inside the closet, sitting under a pile of clothes. "It’s dark in here." He whined, as I threw a pillow at the closet door. "Quiet, he’s coming!"

"Ava." My dad yawned, peering through the doorway. "You’re okay?"

"Yeah, I’m just going back to bed." I lied through my teeth. "How was the event?"

"Pretty good, " He began. "Many were interested in our ideas. "

I nodded, slowly looking at the closet door. My dad looked as well, then walked over to it.

My heart began to beat faster as he inspected the door. “Ah, why do you insisted on leaving these on the floor?”

He handed me the pillow that was laying on the floor and patted my head, “Good night, Ava.”

"Night, dad."

As soon as I was sure my dad was gone, I stood up and opened the door. “I almost shitted my pants. ” Luke announced, resulting in me laughing. “I know.” I said, before pressing my lips unto him.

His arms held me against him, as I began to get lost by his lips.

"I forgot, we also brought some leftover sweets from the par—" His voice startled us and immediately made me pull away from Luke. I faced by angered father, with a innocent look on my face.

"I thought I told you to stay away from my daughter!" My father shouted, walking towards Luke. "I told you you weren’t needed in this family!"

"Dad!" I said, pushing Luke further away.

"We love each other, Mr. Smith."

"No, she loves you." My father barked. "You could careless, you’re just a pop star."

"Dad, that’s not necessary."

"What’s not necessary is the fact that you told me, you guys were over." My father shook his head. "The endless lying to protect this kid?"

"Get out of my house, boy." My father growled. "Stay away from my daughter."

ok but like we all know that the boys have SOME form of fanfic written about them

michael has most definitely read the smut

luke probably has read a few one shots, nothing too bad

ash and cal have probably read the fluff

and i can imagine their faces getting all flustered and laughing at it but also thinking that they should keep some of it in mind for when they get a girlfriend

5sos ot4/ofc imagine [smut/orgy/a bit of spanking, nc17]

( part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 )

( as the public demands, here’s more )

I start jerking Luke off, his cock nice, throbbing and hard wrapped inside my hand, and he moans deliciously, staring at me even though it is difficult and awkward because our faces are so close. He rubs my boobs, movements and pressure of his palms varying depending on what I’m doing with his cock. He leans up, attaching his lips to my neck, sucking gently and sweetly.

If Luke is being incredibly slow and tender, Calum is having his fun with rough, almost painful thrusts into me. I can feel his bones against the back of my thighs and he is squeezing my ass in his hands, gripping my hips to force me to meet him halfway to make the pounding even more powerful.

"Jesus fucking Christ, Cal", I groan, turning my head to look at him, also giving a better access to Luke who is admiring my neck with his mouth, "you’re killing me here."

"Too much?" he asks, sighing in pleasure and moaning: "Oh my f—" He slows down, not bothering to wait for my answer, and I can feel how he aims for getting deeper instead of doing it so hard. It’s better, I like sex intimate and less rough. 

"Could I—", he starts, hesitating a bit, looking down at my ass and then back at me, not really sure how to say his suggestion in a fairly polite way, "—spank you? I mean, I just, fuck, I like it a bit—"

"—rough", I finish for him, "go on."

I have never been spanked so the first time he brings his palm down, I feel the jiggle and the way it stings in a hot way. It’s something that you think about sometimes, fantasize of someone gently spanking you but the real deal is more painful. It’s still weirdly arousing to me, and the second time he spanks me, it goes straight into my nerves, down to my pussy and I moan because I’m actually enjoying it for myself, not just for him.

"Fuck, Cal", I sigh and Luke whines underneath me, I haven’t noticed how I’ve stopped working my magic on his cock and I squeeze, circle my fingers teasingly around the tip, sliding my hand up and down his cock that has been slicked by pre-come and lube, I don’t know when but I’m not surprised I haven’t payed attention to it before.

"Can you boys come, I want a go", Michael whines on the bed. He’s not touching himself anymore, it’s probably too much and he wants to last for me. It’s kind of sweet and cute. The red-head is distracting himself with combing Ashton’s hair with his fingers, occasionally bringing his palm down to pet the drummer’s cheeks.

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Runaway Chapter Eighteen

its here, its here! catch up on the story with chapters one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelvethirteen, fourteen, fifteensixteen & seventeen (: much love xx -m 

"Mom?" I said stunned. 

"October." She breathed, rushing forward to hug me.

"What are you doing here?" I pulled back so I could look her in the eyes.

"I came to see you. Are you feeling better?" She caressed my face.

"How did you know I was sick?" I squinted my eyes in confusion. 

"I called to see when you were planning on coming back and Luke told me." 

"How did you get our number?" I asked. 

"Luke gave it to me before you left the shop along with your address." She explained and I nodded my head with a smile on my face. 

I was so excited to see her I could hardly stand it. I was so happy I wanted to cry but I pushed the tears away. 

The driver down at the street honked the horn. I had forgotten about the meeting we were already running late to. 

"Oh my god we have to go!" I jumped. 

"Ms. Grey can come with us." Luke said and he began ushering all of us to the car.

"Just call me Isabelle." My mother smiled at Luke and he blushed.

The car situation was easy enough to figure out. My mother sat in the front seat next to the driver while I sat between Michael and Luke in the middle row leaving Calum and Ashton to sit in the back row.

I held Luke’s hand while Michael leaned against me resting his head on my shoulder, basically using me as a body pillow.He was still bitter that i had woken him up early. Of all of the three boys, excluding Luke, i felt Michael and i were the closest. 

Michael was like the brother i never had. He cared for me like a little sister, comforted me, picked on me, but most importantly, treated me like i was apart of this family. Michael and i had a special king of bond that i did not quite understand how it became of but i knew that it would be long lasting. Ever since the day i came back and Michael was the one to open the door, he gave me this look of “i knew you would do the right thing and come back, welcome home”. 

Ashton was still a little unsure about me , i could feel it but i understood why. Leaving Luke hurt him deeply and although he said everything was fine and that he wasn’t worried about it anymore, i knew that he was still scared that one morning he would wake up and I wouldn’t be there. Ashton had every right to feel that way about me. I knew that he was just waiting for the day i would run again and he would have to stay behind, picking up the pieces of Luke. But some part of me couldn’t help but wonder if maybe Ashton was also hoping that i would prove him wrong. I was determined to. 

My relationship with Calum was like one of a child with a puppy. He was fun, cuddly, and loyal. I knew that he would protect me whenever it was needed. He was apart of the shield that made me feel safe. I could trust him. I cherished my friendship with Calum. 

My mothers voice yanked me from my thoughts. “So you boys are a band?” 

"Yes ma’am. We’re called 5 seconds of summer." Luke said next to me. "We are actually on our way to the recording studio now." 

"How lovely." She smiled. "Will I get to hear you sing?" 

"Uh, yes ma’am." Luke shifted nervously i his seat. 

"Don’t be nervous." I whispered into Luke’s ear and he gave me a look of relief. 

We pulled up outside of the recording studio and climbed out of the car, walking inside and to the studio. 

As we walked into the room we all greet their producer John and introduced him to my mother. Then we all took our seats on the lounges and chairs. 

"So we just need to do the final guitar track." John said and Michael grabbed a guitar from a rack and began to tune it. 

"I’m going to get some coffee, you want some?" Luke said next to me and i nodded. 

"Mom, do you want something to drink?" I asked and she nodded. 

"Let’s go." I stood up.

"We’ll be back." Luke said before we slipped from the studio room and to the kitchen down the hall. 

My main reason for bringing my mother to the kitchen was to ask questions that were burning my tongue. 

The second we entered the kitchen the questions started flowing from my mouth. 

"How did you leave? Does Tony know your’e gone?" 

"No. I left on my own, but he wont find me here. He think i’m gone on business." She said calmly.

"Are you sure?" 

"I’m sure October." She said sternly. 

"We saw Delilah the other day. I’m being watched." I said and i could see Luke visibly tense. 

"That means Tony knows that you came to see me." She said in horror.

"Yes. Tony knows we’re meeting up and if we are going to be able to meet again we have to stop him." I crossed my arms.

"It’s not as simple as reporting him to the police October. Tony has sources beyond relief."  She sounded like she was scolding me.

"Well we need to do something. I’m sick of living my life in fear." 

"And we will. Just give it time." She said diplomatically.

"Time is the one thing we don’t have! Any day now he could just waltz in to a room and shoot me! I could be dead tomorrow!" I snapped.

"October!" Luke said loudly.

"October stop it!" My mother barked back at me and i shrunk back. 

I could feel Luke’s gaze on me and i could tell he was not pleased. 

"I’m sorry." I said quietly and hung my head. 

"You’re just upset that is all. It’s understandable." She sighed."Now lets talk about this later." She stood up, walking back to the studio room, leaving Luke and I in the kitchen.

It was silent and it felt extremely awkward. 

I could feel his tension. 

I pushed myself off the counter and took a few steps to leave but Luke used his long arms to his advantage and took my wrist in his hand, stopping me. 

"Stop." He said flatly and i did, looking down at the ground. 

"Look at me." He said more calmly. 

I turned around so that he was now holding my hand normally and i looked into his eyes, the look of hurt in them wanting me to cry. Instead i bit my lip. 

"Don’t ever talk that way. Do you understand? Never." He said, his other hand caressing my cheek. 

"I didn’t mean to make you mad." I said limply.

"You didn’t. I just don’t want you thinking that way." 

I nodded. “I’m sorry.” 

"It’s okay." He moved in close to me, closing the proximity between us with a kiss. "We’re going to get through this." 

That evening we all gathered in the living room after we returned home from the studio.  

I sat in Luke’s embrace on the sofa so that we were only talking up one seat. Michael sat in the seat next to us. My mother sat in a adjoining chair while Ashton and Calum took the other sofa. 

"So tell me…how this happened…how all of this happened." My mother said.

I looked up at Luke for reassurance and he nodded swiftly at me. 

"I’d been living on the streets for almost three years and i was about to be attacked by some guy and Luke stopped him and that’s how we met. He took me in and while we were shopping one day this guy followed us. The next night he showed up at the house while the boys were gone and tried to kidnap me. He said Delilah was still alive and showed me a picture and i believed him. I realized his motive and I fought him off but that didn’t stop him from stalking me. A few days later i received another photo of Delilah and a message saying where she was and i knew she was alive. I had to go find her. So one night i ran away and went back to the streets searching for her." Luke squeezed my waist when i mentioned how i ran away and i rubbed his arm soothingly. "I found her or rather she found me and we were in a safe house sleeping when we were kidnapped. When i woke up i was in a room and Tony was there and so was Delilah but she was free. That’s how i found out that she was working for him. I escaped and Delilah almost caught me but i stabbed her and ran. And now we’re here." I took a breath.

My mother was in shock. 

"Mom, i’m so sorry." I whispered. 

"No, sweetheart i’m fine. I just never wanted you to have to go through that, no one deserves that. You’ve been through so much and yet here you are. Strong, brave and beautiful as ever." She smiled through the tears that were now falling down her cheeks. 

"Mom." I croaked before pushing myself from Luke’s arms and running into hers. 

I sobbed into her arms while she cried into my hair holding me close like i was the same little girl that scraped her knee and cried her eyes out. 

"I promise you, we will report him. He wont get away with this." She said into my hair and i nodded. 

After we had sobered up our tears my mother looked at the clock and sighed. 

"I must go now." She stood up.

"Cant you stay with us?" I begged.

"No love,it’s not safe. Tony will know and it just makes it easier for him to get us both if we’re together. I have a place I can go where i will be safe." She smiled bravely.

"But how will i find you?" I said, sounding like a lost little girl. Maybe because i was. 

"Don’t worry. I will see you soon alright? And when i do, you wont have to worry about Tony anymore." She sounded determined. 

"Wait, what do you mean?" I said confused. 

She gave me hug and the same to the boys. 

"Thank you for your hospitality. And Luke, thank you for taking care of my daughter. She is lucky to have someone like you." And those were her last words before slipping out the door into the night.

After the door closed we all stood awkwardly in the hallway. 

"It’s been a long day." Michael said quietly and we all nodded, heading upstairs to our rooms. 

I didn’t even bother with taking a shower or changing clothes, i just fell onto the bed. 

"Baby." Luke cooed as he climbed in next to me, pulling me into him. I wrapped my arms around his chest and my legs around his waist, hugging him like a koala. 

"Just sleep baby, just sleep." He murmured into my hair as i whimpered into his chest. 

"You know, your mother was right. You are the strongest, bravest, most beautiful girl i have ever and will ever know." He said before kissing my temple.

I tried to let my body relax but all i could think about was where my mother was going and worrying that Tony would find her. 

But somehow, in the midst of my fear, i managed to fall asleep.

A shrill sound piercing the quiet house woke me up, causing Luke and i both to jump. 

We stayed frozen for a moment before we heard the sound again. It was the phone ringing. 

Luke groaned. 

"Who is it?" I asked and he shrugged. 

"I don’t know." He said in a groggy voice. 

I stood up with him, raising my arms up like a child. He chuckled at me before picking me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he supported me by my waist, carrying me like how you would carry a small child. 

He balanced me on his hip and opened the door. We came face to face with the other boys who had obviously been woken up by the phone ringing. 

Luke sighed and headed towards the stairs. 

The boys followed us as we walked to the kitchen, i snuggled my head into Luke’s neck as we walked. 

The phone was still ringing as we got down to the desk in the kitchen where it was placed. 

Luke picked up the phone and put it up to his ear. 

The sound of a blood curdling scream pierced the air and Luke dropped the phone out of horror. 

Luke turned his head to look at me and so did the other boys because we all knew the same thing. That scream belonged to my mother. 

Looking for Adventure Chapter Twelve (Calum Hood)

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Jessie’s P.O.V.

"I understand," He breathed as I watched a tear fall from his eye once he blinked

"Take my room for the night," He spoke

"What? No I can-"

"Jessie. I fucked up enough, just sleep there for your last night okay? I’m going to take a walk," He said quietly not giving me enough time to refuse his offer before leaving the house

And there I stood. Alone. Tears were flowing through my eyes I couldn’t stop it. I didn’t want to stop it. I wanted every emotion to just leave my body right then and there. I wanted to feel numb. I wanted to feel nothing. I made my way to Calum’s room and laid myself on the bed sinking in every scent of his into my mind knowing that this would be the last time I’d ever get to smell it again. Knowing that this would probably be the last memory I’d ever have of him. I finally cried so much that all I could feel was cold. The cold dry streaks of tears on my face, the cold London air brushing against my skin coming from the window that Calum always left open because he liked the cold. He liked being able to snuggle up in his blankets and wrap his arms around me because he warmed me up and I warmed him up. God. The feeling of his arms around me, I can’t even describe it. Just like how I can’t describe how I feel right now. THe fact that he won’t be able to do that anymore. The fact that I can’t wake up to his smiling face whispering a raspy “Good morning baby” to me and a kiss filled with morning breath that I didn’t mind because the softness of his lips would make up for the smell. Anything he did could make up for his flaws, his mistakes, but this time was different. Everything was different. 

I packed up all my things, placing it in the one suitcase I took for the trip over here. The clock struck at 1 am once I finished packing. Exactly three hours since what happened between Calum and I. Since the relationship that Calum and I had became nothing. Absolutely nothing but a paining memory embedded in my mind, stuck in my heart. Every word I spat to him, ever soft sentence he whispered to me. I knew I was cold, but I knew that if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be able to stand up against him. To finally say to myself that I deserve better. Did I even deserve better? Thinking about the memories that Calum and I had in the past made me think that I had the best. During those moments, I truly believed that I had the best. 

I sank myself into bed, hearing the front door open. The one thing I hated the most about this house was the fact that every single noise rang through the walls. Regardless of how big or how small, everyone in everyone could hear. I knew the rest of the guys already heard what happened between Calum and I, that’s why no one left their room to see the aftermath. Calum was back and just knowing he was there made it hurt even more. Knowing he was hurt made it hurt even more. So I laid there. Smelling his sheets as the cold London air breeze through the open window like it always does. My eyes were so tired from crying that I finally let them close. 

Calum’s P.O.V.

When I left the house, you don’t know how badly I wanted to get shitfaced drunk, you don’t know how badly I wanted to forget about to night, about all the mistakes I made, about how much I hurt Jessie. But I didn’t. I didn’t for her. I knew that if I did, I’d come home to her and I’d be a crying mess begging for her to take me back. But I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t hurt her even more. I couldn’t let her see how much of a fuck up I really was. So I didn’t get drunk. I went for a walk instead. A walk that killed me even more than getting alcohol would have ever done because it actually made me think. It made me think about the past, how happy Jessie and I were, and how badly I messed everything up. I couldn’t keep her back though. I swore to myself that I wouldn’t. If she really wanted to go, then I couldn’t bring myself to stop her. Not when she could do so much better. We were invincible before, now we’re both just fragments of a broken relationship. I don’t even know how long I’ve walking, but my legs carried my back to my home in the dead of the night. She was probably sleeping by now. Everyone was probably sleeping by now, but here I was, tears still running down my face. Who was I to get so hurt over this? I was the one who fucked up, I shouldn’t even be surprised that she’s leaving me. God. She is leaving me. 

Calum. How the hell could you fuck up this badly? How? How and why did you do this? I dropped my body onto the couch, pulling the blanket over my body as I sniffled every so often wiping the water from my face. 

Stop. Stop crying. It’s your fault. This whole thing is all your fucking fault. 

Jessie’s P.O.V.

Although I wanted to sleep, I couldn’t. There was a light shining in the corner of my eye and I couldn’t bring myself to look at what it was. I was just too tired to even move. But I could hear Calum outside. I could hear the springs of the couch as he tossed and turned, changing every so often, to find a comfortable postion to lay in. And I also heard him crying. God did it hurt. I knew he was trying to muffle it. I knew he didn’t want me to hear him but I could. 

"Jesus fucking christ what is that damn light?" I asked myself before finally forcing myself to sit up to see what it was

Then I saw it. The light of the moon from the open window was reflecting off of the one framed photograph that Calum had in his room. It was sitting on the bed stand right next to me. That one photograph finally let the tears overflow in my eyes again. It was Calum and I while we were in America, during our little park dates, one of the guys took a candid of us. We were sitting on the park bench and of course I remembered every moment of it. We were talking about our future. Every little detail. What we’d do after the tour, after the band. We had so many plans. We planned on getting a dog together after moving in and he swore he’d propose to me at the park so we’d never forget about our random sneak outs to random parks in random cities. It was something special to the both of us. In the photo we were sat on a park bench and he was kissing my temple like he always did. Who knew Luke would get his mum’s photography skills?

"A big ass house with six rooms and four bathrooms," Calum imagined 

"How many dogs are we thinking here? Three or four?" I asked

I was a massive dog lover and Calum has always wanted one since his family never had a dog before

"I’d say four, if we can handle them with our kids," He laughed

"Well then have a big future ahead of us then," I smiled

"And you’re the only one I’d want to spend it with," He smiled back kissing me on the forehead

"One two three," Luke said quickly snapping a photo of us before I even had the chance to look

I picked it up watching one of my tears plop onto the silver frame. We looked so happy. We were so happy. It kept making me think. Maybe we could fix this. Maybe it doesn’t have to end like this

But maybe it does

I laid my head back down onto the bed, clutching the frame against my chest. I tried to force my eyes to fall asleep, but I couldn’t. The sound of Calum struggling to sleep in the room next to me made it fucking impossible. The sound of him when I know that I could fix this. I could take away both of our pain, our hurt

So I did it

Calum’s P.O.V.

I finally stopped. I forced myself to stop crying. To stop moving. I forced my eyes to close as I took in deep breaths to calm myself down. But I still couldn’t sleep, all I felt was a stabbing pain in my chest every passing second

My eyes opened to movements in front of me

"Jess?" I asked

She kept silent, lifting the blanket I had on top of my body up and slipping in next to me

"We’ll figure it out in the morning," She whispered snuggling herself into me like old times

I wrapped my arms around her and the feeling in my chest was finally gone

I could finally let myself drift off to sleep

A Luke Hemmings FanFiction: Gone

Luke held my hand as we walked through almost-empty airport. It was the night he was leaving to go on tour with his band, 5SOS. As we walked further and further, my heart kept dropping. I wasn’t going to see him for 5 months straight. He would come back after the months had passed, but then have to get up-and-running again on the tour. His manager said he could only come back home and stay for a week. The tour would be finished by the end of the year.

I squeezed Luke’s hand tighter as we reached his terminal. His suitcase rolled over the tiles, skidding over the indents. We stopped at the terminal entrance, Luke glancing over at me. I looked at him as he pulled me in for a tight hug. I started to cry into his neck. My weeps were faint.

-Luke: I’m gonna miss you so much. So, so much.

I continued crying against him, my hands squeezing his back muscles. He ungrasped me from his hug and kissed my lips forcefully. He held my face in his hands. As the kiss broke, I wiped a tear off of my face. Luke thumbed off another tear under my eye.

-Luke: I’ll be on Skype… and FaceTime… and Twitter… and Instagram…

-Me: I know, I know…

I was about to start crying again. Luke held the back of my neck and kissed my forehead. Tears streamed down my cheeks.

-Luke: You can call me, or… text me whenever you want.

-Me: It’s just not going to be the same without you here. I…

I continued softly sobbing.

-Luke: It’s okay. Don’t cry. Please.

I hugged him again tightly. Suddenly, the sign of the terminal beeped and flashed. It was time for him to go. Luke jumped and unlatched his arms from my waist. He smiled at me and pecked my lips softly for the last time.

-Luke: I love you.

-Me: I love you.

-Luke: I’ll text you when I get to Colorado and meet up with the band.

Luke held onto my right hand.

-Me: Okay.

Luke smiled at me once again.

-Luke: Bye.

-Me: Bye.

Luke let go of my hand and backed away into the long hall, blowing a kiss before turning around. I shed one more tear and laughed as he stuck his tongue out at me after slipping around the corner. He was gone. But I knew I would see him again soon.


Luke Hemmings in the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood App. 

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5sos ot4/ofc imagine [smut/orgy/slight daddy!kink, nc17]

( part 1, part 2

( i’m still going to hell, i think you guys are joining me. please do, it’ll be fun, i promise. also this wasn’t supposed to be long, you peeps just seem to want more )

Ashton’s hips snap against my thighs and bum, he’s close, I can see it with one quick look at his face. 

"Michael, move", the drummer groans, a breathy, needy command and the red-head moves up towards the headboard where Calum is still lying down on his side. I can only see the mop of Michael’s hair but the bassist looks up, grins and it looks like they are shamelessly eyefucking each other. The older flops down against him, a hand reaching to wrap around Calum’s wrist. I moan, partly because of the two, partly because Ashton’s hips are powerful and I feel his cock deep inside me, forgetting the boys and how Luke is still looking at me with his puppy eyes.

Ashton moves fast, I don’t have time to exactly react - it’s natural, it’s something the oldest would do and he flips me on my back, lying down between my thighs and I open my legs so he can push his cock back inside my wet pussy because goddamn, he knows what he’s doing, what he wants and what’s going to push him over the edge. He starts guiding himself in and out, slowly at first, he’s towering over me, smirking, thrusting against my skin with quick slaps and I can imagine the bruises but it’s okay, I smile at him to tell how it’s good, more than good. 

My head’s next to Michael’s leg and I snuggle my face to his thigh, and he whines, probably because my breath is hot against his jeans and his skin underneath them. Luke lies down too, looking at me and then looking at Calum before he kisses me gently, totally contrasting the way Ashton is pounding into me. He breaks the kiss and reaches to Calum, dragging him down to an upside-down Spiderman kiss and it’s so cute. I could swear they have kissed before. I hear Michael laugh quietly. Calum’s hand is not on his cock anymore, it’s been replaced by Michael’s.

Ashton is close to his edge, his hands are holding his bodyweight upon me and I can see the sweat in his messy curls and on his forehead but I can’t see his eyes. I move in his rhythm and reach up to hold his cheek, my fingers spreading on the soft, sticky skin to force him to look into my eyes. I can imagine how my mascara is smudging under my eyes but he looks at me like I’m the most beautiful thing on Earth and he comes hard, a part of me wishing I could feel his sperm inside me. He stops moving and he rides his orgasm, he stops breathing and his eyes are shut tightly.

"You good?" I ask, kissing his lips softly and the response is light and tired. He nods then, slowly pulling out of me, rolling over to lie down on my left side. 

"Who’s next?" I ask. We’re far enough to make this as dirty as possible. Luke might think he’s good at hiding his feelings sometimes but he fails badly when he stares into my eyes. All I can see is lust and impatience. 

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getting naked


falling on their faces


literally the fam after after that picture…

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