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"When people first started asking me for autographs in my career, it was mostly just young boys forming small crowds, I’d always spend a lot of time making sure they all got their autographs, I’d even ask "is everyone satisfied?", because I had been in their shoes, and I knew how much it would have meant to me to get an autograph as a young boy, and what it would have felt like to leave without one. Now of course, the crowds are too big for me to get to everyone, but I always try my best, because I know what it means to them, through what it would have meant to me." - Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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Musical Discovery 


You know what’s fun? Discovering music. You know what is even more fun? Discovering music live. I didn’t fanboy nearly enough, so any readers that I may or may not have are likely unaware that I attended a Paramore show two weeks ago, here in good ole Atlanta. it was there where I discovered a lovely band call Kitten.

My my my, what a lovely sound. Like a little collage of elements that I like in separate corners of my mind came together to make this sound. And they have such an intense edge when they perform live! Its ethereal. They’ve earned themselves a fan. Already bought their EP’s and I’ll rock back and forth on my heels while awaiting their debut album.

I’ll have to ask them one day how they made me like the sound of synth. I despise it, actually.

Anyway, check them out 

Kitten on iTunes

Cut it Out - EP on iTunes

Sunday School - EP on iTunes,

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Wer friert uns diesen Moment ein, besser kann es nicht sein. 

Denkt an die Tage die hinter uns liegen wie lange wir Freude und Tränen schon teilen. 

Hier geht jeder für jeden durch’s Feuer.

Im Regen stehen wir niemals allein. 

Und so lange unsere Herzen uns Steuern, wird das auch immer so bleiben ! ♥