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Lujure: Customizing your Facebook Fan page made easy .Drag and drop your fan pages together with complete control. You and your clients are unique, now your Fan Pages can be too.


Ok, there may be better things to do on a Saturday night besides checking out our awesome new page by homegirl Kristine Arth.  She’s rocking our FB and we thought we’d share the link.  If you aren’t following us on twitter or Facebook, do it now!  There’s stuff going on!

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Amazing and Engaging Facebook Update Strategy

This is from an email I received today sent by the super prolific and talented Nathan Latka. I used this technique today and received 18 comments and several likes on Facebook.

From Nathan:

Let’s face it,

If you haven’t used this EXACT strategy, your fan page updates are missing the mark.

Post this as a status right now on your fan page:
"The first thing I do on a Monday Morning is _______"

…. to be short and sweet- your page dies if it’s content doesn’t get in the newsfeed of your fans.

Did you know that only 3% of Fans ever actually come back to your fan page?

Try these tactics for sky high engagement:

1. Ask yes or no questions:
Example: “Yes or no do you like dogs”
For a Chinese Restaurant: “Yes or no, do you like to use Chop Sticks”

2. Post fill in the blank updates:
Example: “My favorite thing to do at 10pm is ________”
For a Network Marketer: “The last conference I went to was _________”

3. Ask for opinions or edgy questions:
Example: “What is wrong with this picture?”

Lujure: “If we said we’re about to release something absolutely revolutionary what would you say?”
(See Live Example Here)

4. Ask True or False questions:
Example: “True or False, on average 80% of start-ups fail”

5. Ask for tips:
Example: “What are your top 3 strategies to improve your Yoga workout”

"Para mí, el amor era sólo lujuría con celos añadidos. Todo lo demás era un disparate total. Por cada cien delitos cometidos en el nombre del amor, sólo uno se comete en el nombre del sexo"

-Joe / Ninfomaniaca

Rei ploz UuU

El es Reidar, es un muchacho de 18 años, nacido en Noruega, descendiente de la línea sanguínea de la Lujuría y el pecado original.

Es una persona calmada y reservada, no habla mucho y es amigable cuando se siente seguro con las personas que lo rodean.

Tiene un gran sentido de la justicia y odia a la gente falsa y que intenta hacer sentir menos a los demás.

Le gusta dibujar, esculpir, ejercitarse y componer música.

Toca el piano, guitarra acústica, violín, gaita y ocarina.