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Mox & Friends Play G/S/C Randomizer Part 7 - Balls of Heroin.

Can I gush about LD? I think I'm gonna gush about LD

… Yeah, I’m totally gonna gush about LD.

January 19th, a few years ago, was an absolutely inconsequential day in the year for me. I honestly would have never imagined then how significant it would suddenly become now, to the point where I simply don’t forget it.

I think there’s something to be said about a person like LugiaDialga when I start taking any opportunity to try to fit as many amazing things about her into a few paragraphs, but for as many times as I’ve made this one statement about her, it’s still yet to be any less true: Since the day I met her in early February 2012, I’ve never had an IM chat, Skype call, or conversation via any other means that didn’t put me in a better mood than I was before. Even when it’s just to tell me her time has been reserved by someone or something else, just the feeling I get from the fact that she even cares to respond to this awkward emotional mess is fulfilling, and motivating.

Today she’s celebrating her birthday, and probably spending more time with her local friends and family than on the internet, as she should. There’s quite a bit I would do, if I could, to be there too, but for now, I’m hoping what I can say on this phone keyboard will reach her. I just hope she knows that if nothing else, she’s perhaps the best friend I’ve ever had in my life.


Ever had a question or a topic you wanted me or another goofball to answer? LugiaDialga and I will be streaming a LIVE Q and A / discussion very soon! If you have a topic or a question, send them with the hashtag #MandustyQnA on Twitter, Facebook, or here be it by the hashtag or in Tumblr asks!

There is no definitive date yet, but it WILL be in the next two or three weeks on YouTube! I will keep you posted on this, but as I said, if you want something specific answered, send us your questions!

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By LugiaDialga

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New lil’ remix of the Route 38 theme from Pokemon GSC! 

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New upload, “vip mix” of sorts of a two-year-old original battle theme of mine!  Soundcloud/DL:

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Is that a new original video game-style song for a favorite dragon-burdy of mine~? Why yes, yes it is. A battle theme for Yveltal. Have fun figuring out the reference. If you know it then I love you.

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R&R Teaser Spam~ There is a lot to work on here, I’m aware. But hopefully I can get those things accomplished! The things that come off the top of my head that need to be fixed (That I personally decided):

  • Redo Vocal Slicing
  • Variations to both velocity and percussion tracks in general
  • Varation to the melodies
  • Different instruments for the first “breakdown” area
  • Better ideas
  • And anything else that’s suggested
DP Game Corner Remix
  • DP Game Corner Remix
  • LD

Figured I’d post a Preview/WIP of a random remix of a song from my favorite Pokemon games. It’s a remix to take a break on another remix… gotta love my logic. Anywho, say hello to NO mixing or mastering at all YET. I usually do that at the end so hold your horses and ponies and pokeballs, ‘kay~? :3