• Ace:I sacrificed my life to save my brother
  • Sabo:I will come to my brother need whenever he needs me
  • Neptune Brother:We will look after our sister no matter what
  • Doflamingo:I wanted to sacrifice my brother life to become immortal but killed him instead and I am currently trying to kill a guy who I referred to as a brother
  • Me:Doflamingo you fail at brotherhood
A One Piece ASL Marriage Scenario

I think up all sorts of weird stuff while chatting back and forth with friends. I finally built up the courage and decided to post one. ^^ First off, I must start off with this line that began it all:

Godfather Whitebeard: “You come to me on the day of my son’s wedding to ask me a favor?”

Then, to the finale:

"In sickness and in health."
Ace and Luffy: *picking their noses* “Never been sick. Don’t need to worry.”
Sabo: “I’VE been sick. You gonna just leave me behind?!”
Luffy: “No!”
Ace: “Yeah~” *cheeky grin*
*trying to go on*
"For richer or poorer."
Sabo: “Poorer would be nice.” >3>
Ace: *smack* “Shut up. We NEED money just to eat. Being poor sucks!”
Sabo: “It’s better than being rich!”
Ace: “Says the guy with all the money!”
Sabo: “It’s not my money!”
"Til death do you part."
Luffy: *head pops up* “HEY!” *smacks Ace and Sabo’s head* “NO. No. None of that. No dying.”
Ace: *hits him back* “Take care of yourself first! You can’t even do that!”
Sabo: *smacks Ace* “This coming from YOU?!!”
Ace: *hits him back* “Says the one who played dead!”
Sabo: “You can’t go pointing fingers with your close call!”
Luffy: “I have the best record~!”
Ace & Sabo: “YOU come the closest most all the time, though!”
Luffy: *pouts, ignoring them* “And what’s with this til death do we part? We have a bond that’ll survive anything. Even death. Stop talking crap about stuff you don’t know about.”
Ace&Sabo: *touched*
Priest: *freakin’ irritated with all of them*

I hope anyone who read my weirdness enjoys. XD And a special thanks to suzuwarahikaru for inspiring all this insanity and itssygis for convincing me to post it. ^^