So pleased to finally own a beautiful @andodesign piece. I picked up the blue and gold speckled ring plate at the @bigdesignmarket yesterday ✨ (as well as the luffly Beci Orpin brooch in the middle)

lovely-luvli-luffli asked:

Blood magick, Love witch, and candle Love you :) have a great day/night xoxo

Blood magick: What’s the most physically painful experience you can remember?

When I woke up after surgery back, and the tranquillizer started wearing off. It was so painful I almost fainted.

Love Witch: What is your favorite thing about being in love?/What is your favorite thing about being single?

Love: Everything. I love being in love. Unfortunately for me, I have a hard time falling in love.

Single: The fact that I don’t have so much drama around, but that’s just me. I have had some shitty relationships. So right now I just prefer to not have any romance in my life, unless it just kinda slaps me in it face like ”BOOM YOU’RE IN LOVE ASSHOLE DO SOMETHING” But y’know.

Candle: List at least three of your biggest passions.


The Paranormal

Vintage cars.

Witchy ask meme!

(And you too darling lot’s of love ♥)


I haven’t been doing much design or illustration work recently, so I apologize for the lack of posts about that subsection of my life. I got back from a holiday a couple of weeks ago and hurt my back, so last week was quite slow. I’m finally feeling better and the weather is spectacularly reflecting that. My hair is getting longer, my health is getting better, it’s my birthday this week and I am feeling luffly. I hope you are too :—)