ludolik - ⌘ <—- Leave this in my ask if you want to see an AU where our characters are treasure hunters

"Nahir, how much closer until those ruins? I wanna see some treasure…!"

"Ah, sh-shouldn’t be much further, I believe… just stay close; I believe these t-tribal grounds are growing darker…"

In this Alternate Universe, we see Nahir and Ludo together stepping through beautifully dark forest ruins, all in the search of lost treasures and valuable artifacts.

The forest in which they tread is quiet and carries a cold beauty to it that seethes with age, coming across new objects in relation to forgotten culture as they proceed. Whether this tranquility is a means to let one’s guard down is unknown, but it would be best for these two to stay alert, and not let themselves become distracted by the views and the tender chirps of the forest…

… lest they become lost with the treasure that they seek…