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Cafe Attitude

This is seriously amazing BECAUSE the awesome GALE HAROLD is a complete douche-bag waiter with an unbelievably bizarre beard.  He needs to work more so we can see his face again!

Eater LA is more interested in the rant by Chef Ludo Lefebvre though: “…features a performance from Los Angeles chef Ludo Lefebvre. The video makes fun of the touchy feely trappings of LA restaurant Cafe Gratitude where servers ask guests questions of the day like “What is blessed about your life?” and menu items are listed as affirmations. Funny or Die imagines what a restaurant called Cafe Attitude might be like instead; a place where service is rude and dismissive and guests are told what to order. While customers are dining, Ludo storms in demanding to know why the restaurant called him out on Twitter for no-showing, like LA restaurant Red Medicine once did. (By way of background, the chef’s new restaurant Trois Mec uses a ticketing system to fight no-shows). Ludo’s rant about hospitality is well worth a watch.”