“I was a drug addict for a while, but then I had a kid and decided to smarten up and make things better for him.”
     “How did you get into drugs?”
     “My dad passed away when I was in the second grade. Growing up, it was tough to do things without him sometimes. By the time I got my car, I was hanging out with the wrong crowd. They were doing drugs, and I missed my dad, so I figured, ‘What the hell?’ He had been down that path, so maybe that’s why I did too.”
     “Is that how he died?”
     “No. He was cutting a 55-gallon barrel drum at a junkyard, and it exploded in his face. At least, that’s what they put in the paper. His employer had been writing him bad checks for a while before that happened, so you never know.”

Ludlow, VT

  • Chantefleur
  • funeral-wreath

Another poem, finished yesterday, ‘Chantefleur’. The opening lines came to mind as I walked in view of Ludlow Castle. At least two pretty-sounding names, Sir Oliver le Chantefleur and Jeanne de Belle Cheveux, came out of it.

  • T-Rex:nudges baby t-rex towards the food
  • Baby t-rex:looks up for approval, jumps on top of Ludlow
  • Me:Awwwwwww, that's adorable!
  • Ludlow:[death throes]
  • Me:That's just, like, so cute.

     “I shut down a pipeline in Texas by locking my arm in the gears of an excavator. They charged me with two felonies, but I beat them because the police used excessive force. Too much mace. I kept my eyes open for the first can. ‘Release! Let go or I’ll mace you!’ I looked right at him and said, ‘Do it!’ My eyes were swollen shut for the next 20 hours.
     “But I really liked the jail. The story was in the news, too, so everyone in the jail knew who I was and they were all giving me cigarettes and extra food. A crowdfunding campaign quickly raised enough money for the bail, but I didn’t want to leave.”

     Ludlow, VT

The beautiful walk, during which I took the photographs seen in Sunday’s photoset, taking me among the castle ruins then over Dinham Bridge and up the shaded paths of the opposite bank – this being in Ludlow, visiting family and the childhood places – this walk, I say, gave me such vivid impressions of nature. Sometimes I surfaced in empty spaces of flowers flitting with butterflies; at other times plunged into trees and caught glimpses through their branches of the castle and church hanging in the middle distance. You should have heard the bells, the birds, the wind. In fact two poems were stirred into life as I marched along – both a result of that peaceable medievalism so characteristic of Ludlow, as well as my own strange twists. It goes to show that the landscape of one’s early childhood – and I am fortunate to have Shropshire at the heart of it – never quite leaves one.

anonymous asked:

"Louis and Harry stayed at the same tiny boutique hotel in NYC on their trips here. #CONFIRMED" i'm really really sorry if i'm being extremely dumb... but is this legit? or is a joke (that i'm not understanding) or something like that? once again, i'm sorry if this sound dumb (but i hope it's true).

It’s real!

Both Calvin and 247 paps “leaked” it for when Louis was in town and then the Daily Mail confirmed it when Harry was here.

Keep in mind there are HUNDREDS of hotels in this city, and likely dozens in that exact neighborhood.