It turns out that Lucy has a whole side career as a reader of audiobooks. Per her profile on her agent’s website,  Josefine Preuß has read all of the Ruby Red books for the German audiobooks, and she’s also done Harriet the Spy and one of the books in the Matched trilogy.  Evidently, she’s a star on German TV and even hosts a show about children’s books.   She also does rhythmic gymnastics, so we can all look forward to her performance in a dramatic re-interpretation of the books using ribbons. Her profile describes her as “slender and graceful,” in case you had doubts that Lucy is not appropriately dainty.

Loving the picture with the modern interpretation of Princess Leia buns. Let’s cast her in one of the new Star Wars movies!

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I watched this movie several times, then I read this book (Precious Stone Trilogy) and I love it. So, here is my new work - fan-video about main characters of ”Rubinrot”. Hope you like it!


The Weasley girls’ wedding dresses [± maid of honour ± bridesmaids]:

  1. Molly (29 September 2033): Matron of Honour - Victoire Weasley
    Molly marries her fellow Head Boy Sebastian Hastings when they’re 32. Lucy’s a bridesmaid, as is three year old little Olivia, Molly and Sebastian’s daughter. Sebastian’s brother Benjamin is Best Man. Molly’s very heavily pregnant with her second child, so the dress had to be very specifically measured so that it suited her. Lucy made her sister’s wedding dress a few years ago as a project, so simply had to make a few (major) adjustments in order to make it fit pregnant-Molly. The wedding is very much like your typical wizarding wedding, save for Molly’s famous Montrose Magpies teammates causing a bit of a stir. Much like her mother before her, Molly goes into labour during the wedding, but this time it’s at the reception that the water breaks instead of in the middle of the ceremony. Molly’s in no fit state to Apparate to St Mungo’s, so Albus, freshly out of his Healer training and about to have a nervous breakdown, bravely takes it upon himself to deliver the baby. Sebastian helps. Audrey and Victoire try to soothe Molly; Lucy assists the boys by getting them whatever they require; Ron Weasley and Roxanne both go very pale and queasy at the whole scenario and jointly go to make cups of tea; the Montrose Magpies players try to get everyone’s panic and excitement under control. Baby Madeleine Hastings is eventually born and Molly’s dress is ruined but no one cares, of course
  2. Rose (March 2036): Maid of Honour - Cassie Abrams
    Rose marries Finn, the boy she met during travelling, in a simple ceremony. It takes place in a Church, as Rose is Christian, and it’s entirely Muggle since Finn and his family and friends don’t have an ounce of magic in their blood; Finn and Rose think it best to keep it Muggle so none of Finn’s elderly relatives get too shocked. Rose’s best friend is Albus, whereas Finn’s is his younger sister Cassie, so the two did a switch-up since everyone’s friends and Rose had Cassie as her Maid of Honour and Finn has Al as his Best Man. Lily Potter and Rose’s school friend Helena Davies are bridesmaids. James, Fred, Roxanne, Lorcan and Louis are outright banned from sitting anywhere near each other (Hermione caught Fred trying to sneak in a few ‘harmless’ WWW items to ‘show’ Finn’s family). Midway through the ceremony, someone in the front row bursts into loud tears. Most assume it to be Finn’s mother, grandmother or Hermione, but instead it’s Hugo (his emotions having overcome him). James is promptly heard declaring this to be the best day in his entire life, and, Finn mate, could you take a photo for me from up there?
  3. Lucy (May 2041): Matron of Honour - Lily Potter
    Lily and Scorpius get married in a registry office. Draco Malfoy deliberated on coming since, eugh, a Muggle marrying away his son, but Astoria had firm words with him and made him see sense. Lucy’s extremely interested in fashion so whatever she wore would be great; she chooses a dress suit since it’s only a simple ‘ceremony’ and it’s still very fashionable. Lucy and Scorpius are perfect together so even though there’s no great event going on it’s the most lovely thing their families have seen. Scorpius’s friend from Hogwarts is Best Man, and Lucy talks to her father when she and Scorpius are planning the wedding to tell him that they thought it over and they’d quite like him to marry them. Since Percy’s pretty high in the government and fond of paperwork he’s just the man to do it, but Lucy asks him because there’s no one she loves more than her father. Since they get married the latest, most of their cousins’ children are already born, but only Isabelle (20 years old, Vic/Ted), Rosalie (14, Lily/Lysander), Olivia (10, Molly/Seb) and Maddie (7, Molly/Seb) are chosen as bridesmaids. The reception is held in a swanky hotel, and most of the children aren’t allowed to come, with the exception of Isabelle and Rosalie. In fact, the reception is where young Rosalie has her first kiss and where Isabelle meets her future husband (but doesn’t know it).

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