Day 4: Bandages/Bleeding Out
Natsu could hardly believe what he’d heard. He was E.N.D? Thousands of questions raced through his head. How long had this been going on? Who else knew? Why him? He automatically looked to his left at Lucy for answers, a habit he’d grown quite accustomed to. He saw heavy tears forming in her eyes, yet she was still able to look at him with the utmost strength and reassurance. He knew he’d always admire her for that. They turned back to the dark lord Zeref, standing tall with determination even though the fear was nearly suffocating them. They watched with caution as Zeref seemed to examine the pair before speaking.
           “Hmm…it seems like you’re not ready yet. Too aware of your emotions, too…stable. Guess I’ll just have to help you,” He raised his hands in a stance that clearly would result in a spell. “By killing her.”
          Zeref’s hands shot out in Lucy’s direction as he simply mumbled the words ‘Shi no yari’. A midnight and dark amethyst spear rocketed out of the new form his hands took. Lucy’s eyes widened in terror, the fear of the man’s magic doubled with the remembrance of her future self’s death. The overwhelming power froze her to her spot, unsure of what to do. The spear came towards her, fast and quick. She was sure she wouldn’t feel most of it. And she was right. She didn’t feel a thing. But it wasn’t because of the speed of the spear and the sharp tip. It was because her best friend had stepped in front of her. He had taken the hit. She watched in horror as the tip of the spear protruded from his back, blood pouring from the fresh wound.
        He fell to his knees. He had kept his promise. The sharp pain in the center of his chest reminded him of that. A numbing sensation spread through his body. His mind was slowly starting to lose focus. He heard a scream from behind him. It seemed so far away now. He began to fall forward before a pair of arms caught him, wrapping around him and turning him over so he was facing upwards. The arms that held him started to shake, he noticed. Why were they shaking? Wasn’t everything going to be alright now? He couldn’t hurt anyone now… A sob ripped through the air as his eyes drifted towards the source of the sound. Lucy… She stared at him, her big brown eyes full of tears that were trailing their way down her cheeks, cleansing her face of the blood and grime that had marked her soft skin. Why was she crying? She wasn’t hurt.. was she? But she was. Her very heart started to crack, threatening to shatter into pieces just at the sight of him.
      “No no no, Natsu stay, stay with me, please.” Her voice cracked. Pain was clear on her features as her hand went to move the pink hair out of his face. He looked up at her lazily and smiled. “It’s okay now Luce. It’s okay…” She sobbed harder, ignoring Zeref as he disappeared into darkness. “It’s okay.” he mumbled. “It’s okay..” He looked up at her through half lidded eyes. He had seen Lucy in make up and ball gowns, and all different kinds of dresses, but he couldn’t help but think that, at that moment, she never looked more beautiful. She was like a drop of light in the darkness. He gave her one last faint grin as he said softly, “It’s okay..” And then he slipped away in her arms, the last thing he heard was a sob. 

A little collab work done by me and Uni ( unisonrad ). I did the art and we both wrote half of the fanfic piece so enjoy! >:3
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“Ya sure? Maybe it was Cana. Her dad has this kinda stuff all over the place.” Head tilted in curiosity, the barest hint of a flush tinting cheeks as he flipped through glossy pages. “His are usually full of girls though…”

“Yeah, could’ve been Cana… or anyone at the guild considering how often they break into my house.”

*Takes it away*

“Don’t look at it.”

i just put on a shit ton of make up for no reason including CAT EYES like i’m wearing surprisingly even cat eyes along with magenta sweat pants i’ve had since college and a harvard t-shirt and my god i look fabulous. :/ so anyway i feel like i should go out into the world (………not in these clothes) but i don’t WANT to and the thought is just ughhhhhhh but the gas light in my car is on so i kind of need to but if i go into the world i will spend money and that’s no good.


Out of the Woods // LucyxIris Closed RP

Lucy looked up at the small woman approached her. She tensed her muscles, ready to bolt if she needed to, but she sincerely doubted if she would have to. The woman with the glasses has been coming around for weeks now, dropping money in her cup, or sliding over food. Once she got a little care package, with socks and tampons and deodorant and shampoo and all sorts of stuff she needed but couldn’t afford.  

Lucy looked up as she approached, then the silence was broken by her stomach giving a large growl as she smelled the food coming from the bag in her hands. 

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plue.... THANK SNOGFAIRY *sees THAT fanfic* uggh for this

Sexuality Headcanon: Asexual?
Gender Headcanon: I’m pretty sure Male but…idk
A ship I have with said character: No one sorry Plue
A BROTP I have with said character: Plue and Natsu 
A NOTP I have with said character: PLUE AND ANY HUMAN…NO OFFENSE 
A random headcanon: Plue really loves to dance and was thrilled when he found out Natsu liked his dancing.
General Opinion over said character: Plue is a ray of sunshine and amazing, not to be biased since he was one of my favorites in Rave Master. He is adorable and I wish Lucy would have him around more often.

LOOK AT THIS CUTENESS! (still glad I avoided that fic haha)

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I really want to know a bit about the other characters in Serenity!! I know there's Polaroid and a dog (I can't remember his name), but are there any others? What are they like, or will we find out?

Polaroid and the dog, Rodger are the only ones who will be main characters. There were three other characters originally; Harley, Tippy, and Lucy, but Harley’s plot line was combined with Polaroid’s. (And Loid’s story was way extended as well) Polaroid was originally going to just come and go a bit later, but now he’s a MAJOR part of the story, and nothing would develop like it did without him now. (The end would still be the end, but the middle of the story till nearly the end-ish would not happen) I should draw Loid more, he’s great. I need to draw human Loid. I already know what he looks like, just need to draw him.

Lucy was going to be a main character, but her story really wasn’t needed, and I like how the story has developed better without her. Now it’s like, really weird thinking back on her and how just, different the story was with her??

There will be one more character who shows up, and that was going to be Tippy, but I think I’d prefer it to be Harley instead. Not totally sure yet. Originally Tippy and Harley show up together, but that’s not the case anymore. If they both show up, what happens later in the comic wouldn’t happen without it being like, just completely stupid of the characters to do. Hard to explain without giving it away lol.