Lucifer - When You're Sick

When Lucifer learns that you have contracted a virus, he shows his ‘caring’ side in a very peculiar way.

Alright… so maybe he went on a rampage, wanting to destroy whoever ‘infected his human’.

It’s the thought that counts… right?

Nevertheless, you somehow manage to calm Lucifer, telling the dark archangel to worry about dismantling all of humanity when you don’t have a drum choir beating against the inside of your skull.

Surprisingly enough, Lucifer had agreed, taking his rightful place beside you in bed before using his powerful mojo to close the door, and turn out the lights. Pulling you against his side with a little more care than usual, the Devil wrapped his arm around your body, and placed his free hand behind his head.

"Rest, my little human." he had stated, his chest rumbling against the skin of your cheek. "Tomorrow is a new day, and I need you to be feeling well."



Request: Could you do a one shot with LuciferXreader where the reader is like biblical Eve and she and lucifer had a thing before she was cast out of Eden. It would be like a billion times more amazing if they could get into a fight about what happened between them in front of like sam and Dean.

Request: Can I have a Luciferxreader where the reader seems gloomy and stuff and Lucifer (being one that likes her… A lot) wants to cheer her up by something??

Request: It’s Monday—yay! Can I have a LuciferxReader Christmas-y oneshot where Lucifer and the reader are caught under the mistletoe or something and Lucifer keeps teasing her about it? Fluff!

Request: Hello, so it’s Monday and I wanted to ask if you could do a Lucifer one shot where Luci and the reader are laying in bed, and he gives lots of compliments and fluff fluff fluff. I love your blog btw (: ty

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(I’m gonna do this like this ‘cause it’s going to be in a future fic)
You stared at him with shock and fear. You swallowed thickly before daring yourself to speak. “Why’d you kill her?” You didn’t asked because that the insane girl was dead, you asked because you wanted to know WHY. “Well, why not? She was going to kill you weren’t she?” The supposed-to-be-Devil said as if it was the most simple thing he ever said. With a shaking voice you asked “A-are you going to finish me off too?”. “Why? You didn’t exactly did anything.” It was true, you were just kidnapped here to be sacrificed to the “Great lord Lucifer”. “Besides, Can’t I save a pretty damsel in distress?” That comment made you blush and double-take. The Fallen Angel Lucifer calling you pretty? THE King of Sins? THE Morning star? “W-well uh-” “I get it, You think I’m evil. Just like every hairless ape does. But I’ve got to say darling, You don’t look like one.”

Winter Wonderland!~
  • DEAN:okay, let's go Sammy. We need to do things and stuff. *attempts to open bunker door*
  • SAM:What's up?
  • DEAN:I, uh, * attempts to open it again* I don't know, it's jammed or something...
  • SAM:Jammed? *attempts to open door* I guess it is.
  • SAM & DEAN:*shrugs and go back to watching T.V, Listening to music and eating food*
  • CASTIEL:Where are the Winchesters?
  • CROWLEY:like I know, I haven't heard from them all winter. Moose and Squirrel are probably hibernating.
  • ADAM:I fucking hate everything.

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“Satanic apologetics” are those who
openly call themselves “Satanists,” especially members of the
Church of Satan. These people claim to speak for the Satanic tra-
dition, and yet they relegate Satan to the position of an “arche-
type” with no real existence. To them, Satan merely represents
‘intellectual rebellion.’ Their beliefs are, at bottom, atheistic, and
if they worship anyone, it is themselves
—  Lucifer’s Lodge pdf

ah yes. the pre apocalyptic era where everyone in heaven still got along. good times.

(or the one in which i just really want to draw gabriel and cas in teeny weeny robes) (also apparently i cant draw a platypus) (im so sorry)