The truth is a job doesn’t necessarily mean an adequate income. There are some ten million jobs that now pay less than the minimum wage, and if you’re a woman, you’ve got the best chance of getting one. Why would a 45-year-old woman work all day in a laundry ironing shirts at 90-some cents an hour? Because she knows there’s some place lower she could be. She could be on welfare. Society needs women on welfare as “examples” to let every woman, factory workers and housewife workers alike, know what will happen if she lets up, if she’s laid off, if she tries to go it alone without a man. So these ladies stay on their feet or on their knees all their lives instead of asking why they’re only getting 90-some cents an hour, instead of daring to fight and complain.
—  Johnnie Tillmon, explaining the politics of welfare-shaming and low-wage work

It’s officially out on the airwaves now. The reason I’ll be on WGN tomorrow is:

Chicago is going to be on strike for NOT JUST ONE, BUT TWO WHOLE DAYS. 

We’re striking for dignity at work, paid sick days, $15/hour, and the right to form a union without retaliation. We’re striking for our lives. We’re striking for all workers. 

You know how we roll here in Chicago. Don’t cross any picket lines Wednesday or Thursday. Join them and help us fight for 15!

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