Star Wars Day: May The 4th Be With You // artwork by Drew Struzan and The Hildebrandt Brothers (2014)

Hey guys, what’s up? I hope you are enjoying your Star Wars day if you are a fan. If you are not I hope you give the saga a chance and learn why it’s so beloved all over the world. You can also check out all my Star Wars post over the years in Comics Forever over here. If you want to see more Star Wars around this place, just hit the ask box and let me know! 

Not very long from now in a theater not very far away …

It is a time of hope in the galaxy. In late December, Disney completed its purchase of Lucasfilm and announced that it would be making new Star Wars movies. Soon a director was found — JJ Abrams! The next episode is due in theaters in just two years. Suddenly the Saga is again full of possibilities. New Jedi! New Darths! And a new chance to return the faded franchise to its former glory. But listen up, JJ: As you try to restore order to everyone’s favorite universe, you must beware—the forces of mediocrity, silliness, and CGI overkill never rest. To help ensure your success, our band of rebels searched from Alderaan to Tatooine to find the 74 Things Every Star Wars Movie Needs.


J.J Abrams To Direct Star Wars: Episode VII // via Comic Book Resources (2013)

It seems, despite his reluctance to direct “Star Wars,” that Lucasfilm Chief Kathleen Kennedy refused to give up on him – and for good reason. Abrams obviously has experience with breathing new life into beloved franchises, nowhere more apparent than with the acclaimed “Star Trek” in 2009. The sequel, “Star Trek Into Darkness,” is still in post-production on target to hit its May 18 release. The main difference between the two franchises being Abrams’ “Trek” was a complete reboot of the property, while the new “Star Wars” film will follow “Return of the Jedi” in continuity. Abrams will direct a “Star Wars Episode VII” script penned by “Little Miss Sunshine” writer Michael Arndt for a target 2015 release.

what the hell did i just watch

what is this gem

how did i not know about this

even tho it came out months ago

why did i have to discover it on tumblr

did i miss the marketing campaign

or was there no marketing campaign

i mean the animation is crazy

and the singing and voice acting are incredible

it’s like moulin rouge mixed with a midsummer night’s dream mixed with jane eyre

like where the f did this silly masterpiece come from

and how was it such a flop

i’ve fallen head first into this fandom

butterfly bog 5eva amirite