Disney/Lucasfilm have announced the Jan. 2015 release of Strange Magic, an animated, musical retelling of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

According to Disney/Lucasfilm’s official synopsis, the film will use “popular songs from the past six decades help tell the tale of a colorful cast of goblins, elves, fairies and imps, and their hilarious misadventures sparked by the battle over a powerful potion.”

Strange Magic is directed by Gary Rydstrom (Pixar’s short Lifted) and written by David Berenbaum (Elf) and Irene Mecchi (The Lion King, Brave). The voice cast includes Broadway favorites Alan Cumming, Kristin Chenoweth and Alfred Molina. The music is by Marius de Vries (Moulin Rouge).


Today the Department of Awesomely Good Deeds is basking in the glow of a 7-year-old Star Wars fan and aspiring Jedi Knight named Colin Gilpatric, who found himself with a tremendous dilemma. When he grows up he wants nothing more than to be a fully fledged Jedi, but more than that, he wants to be a married Jedi raising his own family of young Padawans.

There’s just one problem. According to Star Wars canon, Jedi are forbidden to marry because such personal attachments can be fraught with danger and lead Jedi to the Dark Side. But Colin wasn’t having it and decided to go to the source to solve this problem. He wrote a letter to George Lucas asking the creator of Star Wars to change this solemn rule so that he may fulfill his dreams without losing himself to the Dark Side and becoming a Sith.

Lucasfilm replied to Colin’s entreaty, providing him with some sage guidance and a pretty awesome pile of Star Wars swag to boot. The Force is strong with Colin and he and his dreams are going to be just fine.

Click here to watch a video of Colin receiving his package from LucasFilm and getting the good news.

[via the always awesome Rusty Blazenhoff of Blazenfluff]

since purchasing star wars, disney has...
  • created what is rumored to be a female force-using stormtrooper-armor-wearing imperial inquisitor played by gwendoline christie, therefore fulfilling in one fell swoop every single dream I had as a little girl who was way too cool to want to be princess leia and who couldn’t decide whether she wanted to be a sith lord or a stormtrooper or a grand admiral and instead decided she wanted to be all of them
  • made the main hero of the new movie female
  • in the remaining major announced roles, continued to have non white-ablebodied-male casting decisions OUTNUMBER white-ablebodied-male casting decisions, with the vast majority of the latter being return characters like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo
  • released or announced multiple storylines via books, films, etc that do not revolve solely around jedi vs sith and feature “normal” people
  • released or announced storylines with a variety of Imperial characters that they have so far managed not to blindly vilify in the black-and-white good-vs-evil mentality of a five year old
  • produced a new animated show that is, from what I hear, far superior to The Clone Wars
  • is still extremely early in establishing New Canon after invalidating the EU/Legacy storylines and yet has already announced a lesbian character, therefore making me feel a little less bitter about them decanonizing my gay mandalorian grandpas

ok disney i forgive you for canceling the 1313 game


Strange Magic - Trailer


Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Second Teaser // by Lucasfilms (2015)