O designer Mike Lubrano criou esta montagem com o famoso DeLorean do filme De Volta para o Futuro, para uma campanha de moda nos Estados Unidos. A intenção da publicidade era criar um táxi para a cidade de Nova York que pudesse viajar no tempo, levando o  cliente para onde o mesmo desejasse. De acordo com Mike Lubrano, o DeLorean simboliza o futuro que mescla perfeitamente com a tradição dos táxis da cidade americana.

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An Introduction to Working Class Culture

An Introduction to Working Class Culture

Limbo: Blue-Collar Roots, White Collar Dreams

by Alfred Lubrano

Wiley (2004)

Book Review

Limbois based on the premise that working class Americans (regardless of ethnic background) have their own distinct culture, values, language and world view. This cultural conditioning, based on early childhood experiences, provides an instinctive approach to the world that persists throughout adulthood –…

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Have not updated this thing in forever. Here are some updates.

- We are currently in the process of recording. and in regards to that the studio we are recording at was damaged with major water damage and they have a gofundme set up to try and get back up and running. A lot of Syracuse bands record at this studio, so it was definitely shitty to hear. Luckily they saved the hard drives so they did not lose our music. We are going to do vocals on Feb 16th somewhere.

- We are trying to clear out some leftover merch on our bandcamp at We have limited numbers small, medium, and large shirts left. $16 (includes shipping in US). These were designed by Lubrano of Iron Chic.

This dude is stoked about our surprise pizza date. He’s also very much bringing back turtleneck fashion. 🍕👌 (at Lubrano’s Pizza)


Eu não consigo

Apagar o erro que eu não cometi

Eu não consigo

Fugir daquilo que fingi

Eu não consigo

Essa minha mente limpar

Por isso eu finjo

Esse coração liberar

Eu não consigo

Me lembrar de esquecer

Pois o que ver eu consigo

Acaba sendo parte de ser

Por mais que eu tente

Estar sem doer

Numa declaração imprudente

Me deixo absorver

“Eu consigo”

E fingindo entender

Eu comigo

O meu sofrer

Jonas Lubrano


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