How to Stay Organized in College

By Hannah Rodriguez ‘15. Hannah is a junior transfer pursuing a BBA in Global Marketing Management.

Many students come to college unsure of the social and academic balance. We are all focused on doing well in school, meeting new people, and getting that dream internship! All of this can make you stressed if not properly planned out. I have listed some of my organization and planning tips that get me through each semester.


1. Carry a planner with you at all times! I’ve had many cases where employers have called me asking to set up interviews, and thanks to my planner, I can sort everything out while on the phone.

2. Create folders for every class with the syllabus highlighted. This has helped me when I need to go back and study. Trust me, it helps!

3. Highlight special events on your calendar. I strategically plan deadlines for myself (for internship applications or anything else) and highlight the deadline in a specific color so I know it needs to get done.


4. Every night before I go to bed, I take out everything I need for the following day. I also make a to-do list that sits on top of those items. This helps me start the day with everything I need.

5. Give yourself “me” time. I never used to do this, but I’ve realized taking those few extra hours to do nothing but what I want to do allows me to recharge and stay focused on my goals.


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It’s Park Row today, but it was Newspaper Row in 1936, when this photo was taken by Berenice Abbott. New York City’s newspapers were based here to have quick access to City Hall.

And it’s because of the area’s history of newspapers and printing presses that there’s a statue of Benjamin Franklin, who among other accomplishments was a newspaper editor and publisher, in front of One Pace Plaza.

Bonus fact: Did you know that 41 Park Row was home to the New York Times from 1889 to 1903? Pace took over the building in 1951. 

(image via @MichelleDavret and officialpaceuniversity on Twitter)

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