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My work explores the contradictions between the impulse to destroy and the compulsion to mend. I juxtapose rapid acts of destruction, such as spilling and cutting, with painstaking, restorative labor. Embroideries are hand-stitched over stains and rips, contrasting the accidental with the meticulous, constructing narrative from randomness and mistake. The initial marks are found on linens or are created by cutting and staining canvas. The work scrambles expressions of aggression with masochistic patience and sublimation and plays with the feminine through the graphic form of the “stain” and the adding of peek-a-boo, lace inlays to repair cut holes that expose the hidden space behind the canvas. Shadows on the wall add a sculptural dimension and some pieces are hung off the wall to reveal the secret and unintended marks of the verso. Thanks Rhumboogie



WRONG HOLE w/ DJ Lubel, Taryn Southern, and Scott Baio (par Taryn Hollywood)

o boy briliant shows today !!

today i gave second peformance of my promnade theatre show “lickin a bin “, this time on leith walk ,and this time it much better !! numbers are up on day 2 ! much nicer crowd and more generous bucket ,i earnt 5 chips , which i ate . i happy with that !!

today i have seen briliant poetry comedy man alexis dubus ,doin his show cars and girls , which is all about chasing cars with girls in them ,and i am big fan of chasing cars so it definitely a 5 stars from me !!

also i am goin to see briliant 5 star al lubel at pleasants courtyard tonight , it very exiting !! he is still al lubel ! he does a bit with singing instead of talking and it very funny .

o boy ! it hoting up now !

love from fringe dog

Private Planning Effort Spearheads Los Angeles River Bike Path Proposal

January 26, 2015, 1pm PST        James Brasuell    


Looking for a way to connect the separate pieces of the bike path along the Los Angeles River, a local developer took planning and designing a new path into his own hands.

Sam Lubell reports on an ambitious proposal for a bike lane inside the channel of the Los Angeles River. The project is the brainchild of local developer Yuval Bar-Zemer, with the blessing for an initial study from the city and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Here is how Lubell describes the proposed bike path: “The plan for the trail, which Bar-Zemer designed with Geosyntec engineering consultants and wHY architects, is composed of precast or cast-in-place concrete panels that are fluted on their underside to allow the passage of water. The panels sit six inches above the riverbed. Diagonal fissures in the sloped ramps connect bikers on the existing raised paths to the channel path.”

As for the unique way the plan has hatched: “In May, Bar-Zemer received approval to begin a feasibility study from the city and METRO, the county transit agency. The approval comes after a year of delay stemming largely from the hesitancy of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which initially objected to any public access inside the channel due to safety and water management concerns.”

Lubell goes on to provide more details about how the path would work and the additional steps needed for project completion

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Israeli arrested in Madonna song leak probe - private investigator

By Maayan Lubell

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – An Israeli man was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of hacking Madonna’s computer and selling the pop icon’s songs online, a private investigator involved in the case said.

Israeli police confirmed they had detained a man suspected of stealing the work of a number of international stars, but declined to name any of the possible victims.

In December, unfinished tracks were leaked from Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” album before its release, an act the singer described as “artistic rape” in a post, later deleted, from her Instagram account.

Asher Wizman, owner of the Wizman-Yaar investigation firm in Israel, said Madonna’s team contacted his company several weeks ago to look into the matter after rumours of an Israeli connection to the leak.

Madonna, a devotee of Kabbalah, or Jewish mysticism, has visited Israel several times and kicked off a 2012 world tour in Tel Aviv.

“Our investigator found her computers, at home and at a studio, were broken into from a computer in Israel,” Wizman told Reuters. “We tracked down the computer, and the man behind it. After gathering enough evidence, we turned to the police and he was arrested today.”

The name of the 39-year-old suspect was not immediately released by police, who said its cyber unit had carried out an investigation along with the FBI following a complaint from a Madonna representative in Israel.

Israeli media said the man taken into custody was a former contestant on a popular television singing contest in Israel.

“He is suspected of computer hacking, copyright violation and fraudulent receipt of goods,” a police spokesman said, declining to confirm that Madonna was a target.

“During the investigation it appeared the suspect had broken into the computers of a number of international artists, stole unreleased demos and final tracks and sold them over the internet,” the spokesman said.

No charges have yet been filed against him.

(Editing by Jeffrey Heller and Crispian Balmer)


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Four names that people call me (other than my real name):

  • Smelly
  • Lulupops
  • Lubell
  • oi u

Four jobs I have held:

  • dishwasher
  • erm
  • does work experience count
  • teaching assistant in a junior school ????

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:

  • angus thongs and perfect snogging
  • this is us
  • the house at the end of the street
  • the fault in our stars

Four books I’d recommend:

  • the perks of being a wallflower
  • looking for alaska
  • girl online
  • geek girl

Four places I’ve lived:

  • current home
  • previous home
  • flat before that but for like 6 months
  • does the hospital count

Four places I’ve been:

  • Luss, Scotland
  • Stirling, Scotland
  • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Glen Coe, Scotland

Four things I don’t eat:

  • Grass
  • Dog poo
  • cheese
  • mud

Four TV shows I watch(ed):

  • sherlock
  • supernatural
  • im a celebrity get me out of here
  • the voice uk

Four things I’m looking forward to this year:

  • turning 16
  • buying my first lottery ticket
  • sex??????? maybe?????????
  • new books

Four things I’m saying:

  • you’re a decent human being
  • make love not hate
  • continue to be decent
  • crappy people are crappy. if they were crappy once they’ll forever be crappy. get rid of crappy people

Four people I’m tagging to do this next:

johnlock-destiel-frerard-wholock book-of-randomness staryeyedstyles literally have no one else to tag except my three hoes

Liberal intellectuals were betraying themselves in a moment of crisis for liberal ideology. They saw themselves as tribunes of the people, Republicans as the people’s traducers. Liberals had written the New Deal social and labor legislation that let ordinary Americans win back a measure of economic security. Then liberals helped lead a war against fascism, a war conservatives opposed, and then worked to create, in the postwar reconversion, the consumer economy that built the middle class, a prosperity for ordinary laborers unprecedented in the history of the world. Liberalism had done that. Now history had caught them in a bind: with the boom they had helped build, ordinary laborers were becoming ever less reliably downtrodden, vulnerable to appeal from the Republicans. The pollster Samuel Lubell was the first to recognize it: “The inner dynamics of the Roosevelt coalition have shifted from those of getting to those of keeping.”

Their liberal champions developed a distaste for them. One of the ways it manifested itself was in manners of style. The liberal capitalism that had created this mass middle class created, in its wake, a mass culture of consumption. And the liberals whose New Deal created this mass middle class were more and more turning their attention to critiquing the degraded mass culture of cheap sensation and plastic gadgets and politicians who seemed to cater to this lowest common denominator…A working class that was no longer poor, but seemed so much poorer in spirit.