Skies that could have inspired the Dutch Landscape Painters

Stage 6 of “Le grand tour de Zambie” is taking place in the Luapula region up north in Zambia. The region is quite similar to the western region, It lies on high plateaux that flood during the rain season. The termites are busy building their termites mounts to keep the colony on dry land when the plains flood. 

I love the rain season… Only for the magnificent skies, it is a marvelous season…. and the road does not get better than this. This road has just been finished a year ago by the way. Before that, it was pot hole heaven.

Sunday at the Beach

I m suspicious when somebody mentions going to the beach in Zambia. This is a land locked country…. coconut trees and sandy beaches is the last thing i expect to see in Zambia.

So when colleagues of mine suggested stopping by Samfya Beach on the shore of lake Bangwelu on the way to Mansa, i thought it would be more like stepping into muddy still water than enjoying a cool ocean breeze.

As often, i was proved completely wrong. Zambia never cease to amaze me. After a jaw dropping experience at the bat migration, i found myself spreading my toes in fine white sand and reaching for my swimsuit.

Lake Bangwelu is big. The opposite shore is far out of sight. But it is not even the biggest lake in the region. Lake Tanganika in the north of Zambia bordering with Burundi and Tanzania, and Lake Malawi in Malawi are far bigger.

Water was warm…