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1D Preferences #5 You're a Journalist

Just a quick note, this is the kind of job that I’ve always wanted to have and this is what I think would happen if they ever had a girlfriend that was in fact a journalist. Enjoy babes, I haven’t posted much in a while but I hope that this makes up for it xx.

Zayn: There were some perks to being a journalist; you worked for an entertainment magazine so you got to talk to many celebrities about their lives, music, movies, clothing designs and all that. But it had a large impact when you started to date Zayn Malik, from One Direction. Shots were fired at every station, rumours were constantly being created at the fact that you were pregnant or he was cheating or even the fact that you’re just sleeping with him for a good story. None of these were true.

But when you were out by yourself with a few of your friends, all hell broke loose. “(Y/N)! Are you pregnant with Zayn’s baby?” “Are you and Zayn getting married?” “Shows us a smile, you slut.” Those were only some of the things people were yelling out to you.

“Excuse me but I need to get through.” You mumbled to nobody in particular as you walked through the crowd to get to your car, as soon as you got in you drove off hoping to escape the large mass of the crowd. You then dialled Zayn’s number hoping that he was home so you could get inside with ease.

“(Y/N), how was your shopping day?” Zayn asked, his voice going through the speakers of your car.

“Hey Zaynie, yeah it was good until the paparazzi started to attack us at the end of it.” You explained, whilst pulling up towards his house. “Are you home babe?”

“Uh, yeah I am. Why are you coming over? The house is a bit of a mess,” He explained before agreeing that he would meet you outside of his home. When you pulled up into his driveway you ran towards his opened arms, hoping that no one was going to come over and attack the two of you.

“Thank you so much Zayn,” You mumbled, giving him a kiss as he lead you into his home. You had always written award winning articles on his band because of how well you knew them. Zayn was sort of scared to be dating you at first when he knew about your job but after he read your first article on the band he was super thankful that you hadn’t written about any lies about him.

“I was drawing you a painting.” He explained, leading you up to his art room. You loved going in there because you knew that this was where he felt most at home.

“Really?” You asked surprised as he went inside with you following behind him. He stopped with a big smile on his face as you turned to look at the non-graffiti covered wall. You gasped in surprise to see him have a graffiti version of you with the title ‘Best Journalist and Girlfriend 2014’.

“I love you (Y/N).” He said, wrapping an arm around your shoulder as you took a photo of the picture to post on Twitter or Instagram.

“I love you so much more Zayn, thank you so much.” You said, giving him a kiss on the cheek as he blushed before taking a seat on the sofa in front of the picture.

“It was my pleasure babe.” He said, happy to see you not in a bad or frightened mood after the run-in with paparazzi and fans.

Louis: The idea of you being a journalist to Louis made him scared, he knew the power that the media had over the boys and he wanted to make sure that he did nothing bad so that you wouldn’t write about what an asshole he and his bandmates were (not that you ever would anyways). But then he was also happy that you had this high-powered job; he thought that if the rumours about him ever got way to out of hand he would come to you so that you could sort it out and try to calm the rumour down. Just like today.

When Louis walked through the front door of your home, you instantly ran down the stairs and into his tired arms. He had a bad day at work according to Harry, he had texted you before saying that the ‘Larry Stylinson’ rumours had gotten way out of hand and he was so mad at everyone that he was grumpy Lou all day long.

“Hey baby, how was your day?” You calmly asked, leading him towards the kitchen so you could make yourselves a nice warm cup of tea.

“It was horrible (Y/N). This morning when I walked into the studio there were girls everywhere telling me to ‘come out’ and shit, but I’m NOT GAY!” He shouted, resting his heavy head in his hands. You jumped when he started to raise his voice. It was definitely a bad day, he never shouted at you when he got home after a rough day, never.

“It’s okay Lou, here” You said handing him a large cup of tea. He gave you an appreciated smile before taking a sip of the hot liquid. “If you want I can always write an article about this and hopefully the message would get across?”

Louis’ face brightened at the thought, he had requested for you to do it a while ago but you never got the chance to, always too busy with other news reports to even have the idea filed in.

“Really, you’d do that?” He whispered happily. You nodded, truth be told you would do anything to make him happy.

“Of course, I’d do anything to make you happy.” You replied, taking a sip out of your own mug. Louis just smiled happily at you before getting up and placing a loving kiss on your cheek. You smiled at him in adoration before watching him run up the stairs and into your shared room.

He then came out moments later with a jacket in hand and a new outfit on. He waved you goodbye before rushing out of the door as you started to wash the tea-filled mugs. After that you got out your notepad and pen and started to write up the article before spending countless hours throughout the week typing it up on your laptop before sending it to your boss and editors for the article to be posted.

The next week your article was front page of every magazine sold, when Louis came home that day with the magazine in his hand he immediately ran over to you and thanked you countless of times with kisses, the ‘Larry Stylinson’ rumours had also died down a lot and he was never bothered about it for the rest of the year.

That was what made you happy and Lou knew that if he ever had a problem with the media or the fans, he would go straight to you for any kind of help.

Liam: Your job was something that had a lot of writing to do so whenever you were given an assignment on one of the topics that your boss had given you, you would write it down on a pad of paper before storing it away in one of the drawers in your office, if anything happened to those ideas you knew that you’d be so done for.

The only person that you ever trusted with those ideas was your long-term boyfriend, Liam. There were no secrets to hide in your relationship so when you showed Liam your drawer of ideas one day at work, you made him promise to keep it quiet because you knew so many other writers in your building that would kill to have those ideas on paper.

“So what’s this story about?” Liam question as you sat down at your desk in your office, your glasses on as you typed up one of the sheets of papers that was due the following week. You looked up at Liam who was holding a paper with the mark #LM124. You immediately recognised the mark so you explained to Liam about the assignment that your boss had given about two weeks ago.

“That assignment is based off the Lady who went missing for about 10 weeks but came home the following month with bandages and blood wounds all over her body. The police never found out about what happened to the blood wounds, so my boss said that it was a create idea for me to write an article based on what had happened to her.” You explained, your eyes darting around the room from your computer screen to a very cute smiling Liam to the door of your office, which you kept shut for when any of your co-workers walked in whilst you were having a conference meeting with either your boss or your boyfriend.

“That’s so cool.” You heard Liam mutter before putting the notes back into the drawer. “I’m so proud of you, love. You must’ve worked so hard on all of these assignments, no wonder why you can’t come on tour with me this year.”

Truth was that you could go with Liam anytime that you wanted, you just had to sign it off with your boss and everything would be okay. But you were kind of the workaholic who enjoyed nothing more than sitting in their office with their minds focused on the assignment that they had to finish.

“I know babe and I’m super sorry about that, I just really want these articles to do well so that I can afford to take the holidays off next time.” You said, turning your full attention to Liam who had nothing put a proud smile spread across his face.

“I know babe, it’s okay.” He said but the guilt inside you was enough to send you crazy. He thought that you could never take a day off throughout the year unless you were sick but you didn’t have the heart to tell him the truth.

“Actually Liam, I’ll try and speak with the boss after this and I’ll see if I can take the next 3 months off to come on tour with you.” You reasoned, making Liam’s face light up and his head nod fast.

You started to type faster before sending the article to your boss with an explanation about how you wanted to take the next 3 months off with Liam just to relax but you still promised to work during that time.

You instantly got a reply saying that it was okay and that you didn’t have to work at all during that holiday because of how much effort you put into all of your articles. To say Liam was happy was an understatement.

Niall: Today you had been given your first interview job with a band, your previous interview jobs had been with solo artists, actors/actresses and models but today was something very different for you.

You’ve been a huge fan of this band for ages and it definitely surprised you when your boss made you interview One Direction, for starts your boyfriend; Niall was in that band and two you knew that you would lose your mind if you were placed in a room with all those boys. They were crazy, sure but you would instantly swoon over their good looks and high-class accents.

When you walked into the interview room their crew had set up for all of you, the look on their faces showed you how shocked they were to see you there. Or everyone’s but Niall’s of course, he had a large grin on his face as he walked over to give you a kiss.

“I can’t believe my baby girl is going to be interviewing us today.” He whispered into your ear as he led you over to the others lads who gave you a hug and kiss on the cheek since you were all very close to one another.

“Okay, so I’m here with the very lovely boys from the UK who have millions of fans wherever they go; it’s One Direction.” You announced to the camera as the boys all cheered and did a little dance just to make you feel more at home and welcomed on the tour.

“How are you lads, it’s been a while since I’ve last seen any of your faces.” You said, trying to play it cool and sound professional. The fan-girls around the world were bound to squeal after they watched your interview with one another.

“It’s been a hell of a ride this year and we can’t believe that it’s all gone by so fast.” Liam explained, giving you a happy smile. The boys were obviously glad to have you as their interviewer because they knew that you wouldn’t dare say anything rude about any of them.

“That’s right and how many shows have you played this year?” You asked curiously, looking around at all the boys before they landed on Niall’s gleaming blue ones, you blushed as you looked down at your cue cards trying to hide the tint of pink on your cheeks.

“I think we’ve played about 69 shows in total actually,” Louis said.

“Yeah I think we’ve played about 28 in Europe, 10 in South America and 31 in North America.” Harry added, counting through his head to make sure he hasn’t missed any.

“That’s quite a handful then, isn’t it? What have been some of the highlights of this tour then Zayn?”

“I think we can all agree that every show has topped our last but when our family and girlfriends came on tour it was definitely a highlight for me.” Zayn said before they all turned to Niall.

“Well my highlight was when I found out that my girlfriend was going to be interviewing us today and that she’d be staying with us for the rest of the tour!” You smiled in adoration at him before your cheeks started to burn up.

Harry: You were super excited to find out that your magazine company had booked you flights to Miami in Florida to see your boyfriend, Harry perform at the Sun Life Stadium. You were bouncing the whole flight to Miami but tried to stay under the radar as you landed at the airport, hoping to see your beloved boyfriend.

“(Y/N)!” You heard him shout as you saw his long curly hair holding up a sign that said ‘for the best journalist that is also known as my girlfriend (Y/N)’.

“Hi babe!” You said, giving him a long kiss as he wrapped an arm around your waist. He then led you outside the over-crowded airport and towards the black security van that Paul had used to make sure the two of you got out of the airport safely.

When you got ready for the final show of the boys you had brought your notepad and pen for when you had to write down notes about how the show went. You met up with Perrie, Eleanor, Lottie and Sophia before you all made your way down to the stadium after the boy’s left this morning for sound check and show preparations with the boys of 5SOS.

“I’m really excited for this show, I have a feeling it’s going to be good.” You told the girls as they all nodded in agreement. As soon as the car stopped the other girls left to go backstage but you and Perrie decided to go around the front to take photos for your magazine article.

“How about a selfie?” Perrie joked, holding up her phone before the two of you posed for the camera and pulled funny faces. The both of you posting different selfies on Instagram and Twitter. Once some fans noticed the two of you they started to calmly walk over to the two of you in high hopes of getting photos with you both.

“Can I ask you girls a few questions?” You asked them hopefully but smiled once they nodded. You asked them about they think the show was going to be like and wrote it down on your notepad, you also wrote down their Twitter names for everyone to follow too before thanking them and walking backstage to meet up with the boys.

You asked the boys the same questions as well and luckily bumped into 5SOS just before they went on stage to perform. Everyone had been saying about how they were going to surprise everyone with the closing performance for the WWA Tour and you were thrilled to catch the moment on tape.

Both the 5SOS lads and the 1D boys had added an extra song to the boys set list which included a remix of both ‘She Looks So Perfect’ and ‘Best Song Ever’. It was incredible and the audience throughout the stadium were more than happy to watch on for that extra 10 minutes.

When you walked on stage as the boys all huddled up for a picture, you told everyone to scream as loud as they could before you snapped the picture, worthy of a 4 paged article on how the concert went. Also being a loving fan of the boys you had each song videoed for your online article that everyone was very happy about and none of the fans had ever bothered to hate on you since because they believed that you and Harry were the perfect couple that they’d ever seen.