At the Lean Startup Machine workshop over the weekend. Awesome learning experience. Totally sold on the idea of ‘assumptions’ and their validation/invalidation thereof. Focus on what customer wants! Helps you remove the blinkers and have a broader outlook. Go Lean!

LSMNYC--day 1

Today was the first day of NYCLSM, Lean Startup Machine. there were many pitches given, but only 9 officially made the cut. Congrats to Wendy for gathering a team after not quite making the “official” cut…that is very telling, I think. It sounded like an interesting premis. I am working with a team to test out who is the actual audience for a site where the frumpy and the fashionable can seek and dispense advice. Two guesses on which does which! I think the start was a little rocky; one of the mentors *may* have said something that included the words train, cliff, and hurling… or something like that. However, after more discussion, we decided on a way to test our hypothesis. I actually had the gumption to talk to a couple of women in the target demographic — young, fashionable, and willing to talk to me. The feedback, while not positive about the idea, was a great start at testing the hypothesis and the actual questions I was asking. Tomorrow? More strangers…