midoriouji said:

“No matter what they say, don’t believe a word!” (fob memes are just ahskshksns)

                                                       A pause.

                                      「Yer sayin’ ‘tis a lie then?」

The blond glares coldly at him.
Maybe he’s being unfair,
trusting his friends other than his lover,
but he couldn’t really help it.

                                     「Yer cheatin’ on me, ain’t ya?」

                                 「Ya don’t hafta lie to me, ya know.」

                           「Ya can just say ya don’t love me anymore.」

It wasn’t like didn’t know it.
He was too blind to not see it before.
In the end their relationship was just that.
One sided and idiotic.

                 「I forced my way into you to start this relationship anyway,」

                                   「I guess it’s normal for you to hate it.」

He was lying through his teeth,
but he didn’t know what else to say.
All he wanted was to scream at him,
to hit him until he apologized,
but he kept those childish wishes inside his chest.

                       In the end, you really can’t force someone to like you back.