My LSD experience

I was hesitant about talking about this at first because I know a lot of my followers on this website aren’t that acceptable to these kinda things especially towards me for some reason and I know people are gonna find a way to hate on me but I don’t care I think it’s necessary to share my experience with the people who are interested. If you have a problem with things like smoking pot or taking psychedelic drugs then you might as well stop reading. Anyways, I have been smoking weed for quite a while now and I have experimented with RCs and K2 spice in the past…I’m fully aware now those are bad and I have no intention on ever doing them again but I thought since I have experimented with those things I could handle something like pure LSD. The first time I did RCs (research chemicals) I did them because I wasn’t aware at the time what could happen to me I thought it was just something I could do and have fun because my friends were doing it too. No. Don’t get me wrong It wasn’t bad, I didn’t hate it and it made me extremely giggly and high as fuck, but now that I have actually taken pure it makes me realize how much I hate RCs. The second time I took RCs I thought it was pure acid so I was expecting to trip major balls but all I got was high and it wasn’t really anything and it was a total waste of money. This was just yesterday, my best friend Brittany got a plug for pure acid by one of our close friends so we could trust that it was pure. This was really outta the blue after doing RCs I gave up on the search for pure but our friend said he had it right then so we were like alright summers almost over let’s fuckin do this shit. It was nothing like I expected. Brittany had took hers probably 20 minutes before I had taken mine because I was extremely nervous about what it would do to me and I was also paranoid at the fact they could be Rcs again and I had this feeling in me it was gonna be RCs so I wasn’t really expecting what had happened, which I’ll get into in a minute. So I put it on my tongue and after a while it tasted bitter as shit and it turned thick from my saliva so I spit it out and waited. In the meantime Brittany I went up with our longboards to a park by my house and we met up with our close friend Anthony who knows everything and anything about drugs. (He wasn’t tripping, just stoned) Since Brittany had taken hers before mine, we get to the park and she instantly starts trippin balls. She was on ground rolling and she looked so happy and fascinated by everything around her and at first Anthony was like y’all bitches got some fucked up RCs because brittany was acting like a lunatic and she kept saying she wanted me to feel what she’s feeling because it’s so amazing and here I am not even feeling anything and I’m like okay what the fuck. So were all just chillin and I’m waiting and waiting for something to happen to me and I was looking at a weed magazine and all of a sudden it was like the magazine came to life. Every page was like a hologram full of different colors and everything looked so fascinating I was freaking out and my mind was blown to what I was looking at, that got Anthony thinking well shit maybe it is pure. It was definitely pure i could feel it and it felt totally natural. I looked all around me at the trees, the sky, the clouds, people, the ground, everything was an illusion. Believe me when I say the trees at this park are tall as fuck and they got even taller and the trunks turned purple, not even kidding they turned purple and the trees were dancing and the sky was vibrant blue and the ground looked like it was moving as I was walking. It was the most amazing feeling of my life and everything was so funny and I felt so happy and everything was absolutely perfect, it was like I was in a perfect world. You know those trippy illusion pictures all over the internet? Everything looked like that but seeing it first hand is so different and much more amazing and everything connected in some way by shapes and patterns. It changed my view on life and things and myself like I got some kind of spiritual enlightenment and I’m not trying to sound like a dumb white girl trying to sound cool and hippie I swear I could never explain to you what I saw but it’s amazing and beautiful is an understatement, I saw the world in a totally different way and it was like seeing it in a newborns perspective. I’m not promoting or encouraging anyone to do this, but if you’re iffy about it and not sure I would say go right ahead because I absolutely loved it and if you have any questions feel free to ask.