I’m sorry I just need to vent. I go to a predominately white high school, like 70% of the student population is white, and for the last week of classes the juniors have “senior week” where everyone dresses up according to a theme. Most of it is okay like “Super heroes” or “Senioritis” where people dress up like doctors. But there’s two really offensive ones that happen every year, “señoritas” and “senior swag.” For “señoritas” girls wear this cheap knock off linen dresses with embroidered flowers claiming that they’re “Mexican dresses” and boys wear sombreros and ponchos with thick fake mustaches. If that wasn’t bad enough, people go around talking in these ridiculous Spanish accents and make jokes about immigrants, mowing lawns, and washing dishes. For “Senior Swag” day, girls put their hair into “cornrows” (it’s in parenthesis because in reality it’s just a lot of french braids all over their head) and boys wear sagging basketball shorts and people speak in AAVE and in general just perpetuate every negative stereotype about black people that they can, all in the name of “joking around.” Every year students try to convince the juniors not to do these themes but the excuse is always that “these themes are traditions and we won’t change theme for the sake of your liberal political correctness” (actual quote from a guy when I asked him to not wear a sombrero and mustache on señoritas day). These theme days have become an excuse for people to be racist and xenophobic and the school administration won’t do anything about it as long as people are in dress code. Señoritas day already happened and was awful, but tomorrow is Senior Swag day and I am horrified to see what will happen. I’m so sorry for clogging your inbox, I just needed to tell someone or else I thought I would scream.  Also I just saw your request to submit something instead of making it multiple asks so sorry! 

But let someone mock white people and all hell breaks loose. 


Singapore February 2015 Part 2 - Orchard

Last February, JRunway flew me to Singapore for a campaign shoot. I arrived a day earlier to visit my older brother who’s been living there since October last year. It also gave me an excuse to take a break and go shopping!

Shopping at Orchard is the best thing ever. One of the reasons why I can never quit going to Singapore is the tax-free shopping. I feel like tax-free shopping discourages me from going all-out in Manila, since I know I can get things for a cheaper price elsewhere. Case in point, getting 10% off on electronics in Japan.

The view from Mandarin Gallery.

My youngest brother showed me to this place called Wood Would.

A treasure trove of everything quirky and adorable.

Everything in this store begs the question - IT’S SO CUTE OMG I WANT IT… BUT DO I NEED IT?

Toys for the cool kids.

Unfortunately, these Marc Jacobs x Coke bottles weren’t on sale! u_u

Stationary in front of stationery.

For all the awesome people in our lives.

Urban people (me included).

WHEN IN ION ORCHARD. Can I keep the whole COS store, please? 

Of course, I also went to the Kate Spade Saturday on the lower floor. Need to buy everything before they totally disappear.

Met up with my brother at a Starbucks in City Hall.

He was super busy so we just had Skinny Pizza at the food court! Loved this squid ink pizza!

The next morning, my younger brother and I went to ION Orchard again to visit ION Sky. No entrance fee, omg

I’ve never had a good aerial view of Singapore before, so I figured this time would be the perfect time to finally cross it off the list.

Marina Bay Sands from afar!

Comfortable dressing because IDK IF IT’S JUST ME but is Singapore warmer than Manila? 

Hi, trypophobia.

The future is now.

Real vs fake.

Quick outfit shots. Dress from Zara, bag from Kate Spade Saturday, flats from Pedro.

This is why it’s awesome to travel with my younger brother. I end up going to really good restaurants for my meals. 

Normally I eat really crappy food when I’m on my own because I hate having to go through the process of ordering at restaurants when I’m rushing to visit as much touristy spots as I can.

Wild Honey.

I need to have big windows in my future home. 

After lunch, we walked around Orchard some more, and I got kind of lazy to take photos. We did go to Haji Lane later that afternoon, but I’ll save those photos for another post.

Killer shoes.

Lots of unique-looking shoes in Singapore. Harajuku street style fans would go crazy.

Orchard at night.

Spaceship or…?

‘Til the next Singapore post! I’m actually going again next week, but not for work this time. Hopefully, I get some much needed rest and relaxation since most of my trips this summer have all been work-related.

A Quick Guide to Book Care: Where NOT to keep books

If possible you should spend as much time as you can with your books, loving and adoring them, so they don’t feel unloved or neglected. If this is not possible, you should leave them in a safe place, away from danger and harm. Here is a list of places you should not keep books;

DO NOT take your books into the shower with you. You may want to read it whilst having to wash your hair, but the book will not appreciate it.

The same applies for any other wet environment.

NEVER use your book as a coaster. This can scar and wound your books for life, and may make them angry with you.

DO NOT place books on radiators. Yes, they may be cold, but only a cold-hearted book owner would make them suffer a fate like this.

You MUSN’T EVER store books in a toaster. That is not what the book shaped slots are for. Come on!

Any of the above cases will lead to dire consequences for both you and you books. Remember - Books have feelings too!