Japanese Shinto bride : Osaka, Japan / Japón by Lost in Japan. Perdido en Japón on Flickr.

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Novia japonesa sintoísta en Osaka, Japan / Japón・日本・大阪市・大坂城
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Traditional Shinto Wedding Ceremony take place in a temple (jingo) where only the closer family and friends of the couple can go. As in the west, the bride is dressed in white from head to toe to show her purity to the gods, wearing a kimono and a white hood named wataboshi which covers the tsunokakushi, a difficult hairdo, symbol of her predisposition to become a sweet and affable wife. in the other hand, the husband always wears a black kimono.

As every Shinto rites, the ceremony starts with a purification ritual (shubatsu) where the brides change a rosary (juju) and nowadays, they also change wedding rings. Next the priests pray and proceed with the sansankudo (literally, three, three, nine) through which the couple seal their union and express the desire to achieve happiness.

During the ritual the miko (shinto equivalent of the acolytes) offer sacred sake (o-miki) to the couple in three small lacquered bowls (Sakazuki) to drink them in a certain order (each bowl has a size, from the smallest to the largest) and get them close to their lips twice to drink only the third time (nine attempts and three drinks). Number three represents Heaven, Earth and Human Being.