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Thanks for all your hard work, love the site! I see lots of questions on links. Random question now - If you could have dinner with one of the characters Lee Pace plays, who'd it be? Not a question about Mr Pace himself, but hope it's close enough ;)

That’s so kind of you! Thank you dear!

I know most of you are gonna shake your head because everyone hates the movie but I’d like to have a dinner and a nice conversation with Garrett (from the Twilight movie). What?? A vampire? Are you stupid? Are you a 16 years old girl??? 

Let me explain you why: that man has faced an unbelievable amount of things and experienced a lot of historical events (wars etc…). Since I’m a big fan of history, i’d love to have a detailed conversation about what happened during this period!

Hope it was convincing ahah 



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(not an intentional rhyme but I’m pretty chuffed with it :P )


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Hello dear followers, just wanted to let you know that I, (shakespearee) will be gone for 10 days and that I will probably don’t have the time to update/reblog news/infos during this period. I hope you will understand!

In the meantime, I wish you all happy holidays and a happy new year in advance

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