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  • Steal them from Nocturnal then jump on Hircine’s back and ride over as fast as you can!
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  • Yays for spanking…! I mean oh no!
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anonymous asked:

hi! i'm the anon who asked you about the e/r fics before, and i was wondering if you had anymore? i love your taste in fic xx

hi there!! i’m so glad u liked them!!! okay okay so how about those:


I got to go back to the classroom later and touch the drawings up a bit. I was happy with the drawing given the time and medium constraints, but I didn’t like the way Jasper dominated the second image, especially from a distance. I had drawn Jasper’s reflection quickly toward the end of the original 60 minutes, and the orange marker had much more ink in it than most (I wonder why), so her lines were thicker and more solid than the ones I’d spent more time on, not to mention closer together.

My solution involved lightly tapping on the orange linework with an eraser (rather than swiping across the board), so the lines were broken up but didn’t vanish completely. I think it worked out nicely.