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I haven’t EVER worked out of my own accord for any consistent amount of time. Right now I am on day two with this little work out machine my amazing mother gave me. I feel really good using it and REALLY motivated to keep using it at this point. I am ready to be fit again. Summer is coming and I want to be able to take my daughter on lots of hikes. When I move in August I want to be able to work any job I need to no matter how physically difficult. I am a powerful woman and I am ready to feel it in my body again. Wish my sweaty face luck.

Pregnant Severus Snape (Roleplaying at 3 am)
  • Severus glared into his closet, arms crossed.
  • Sarah walked up behind him. "What is it?"
  • Severus:"My clothes are laughing at me."
  • Sarah:"Sweetie, when did you last eat?"
  • Severus:"Last night. I don't have anything to wear, so I can't eat."
  • Sarah:"Babe, if you don't eat you'll starve the baby."
  • Severus:"I know! I'm so hungry, but my clothes." He pouted and then glared. "They're taunting me. Bitches."
  • Sarah:"Sev, baby, You need to eat." She took hold of his arm.
  • Severus:"I can't go naked!"
  • Sarah:"I know, sit down and I'll find you something."
  • Severus:He sighed and sat down, rubbing his tummy.
  • Sarah:"Then we'll go shopping."
  • Severus:"Shopping?"
  • Sarah:"You need new clothes."
  • Severus:"But... In public?"
  • Sarah:"Yes Severus, that is where they keep the clothes."
  • Severus:"Public is evil. He's mean to me. He belongs in the dungeons with my clothes."
  • Sarah:"Severus, can you HEAR yourself?"
  • Severus:"I'm making perfect sense."
  • Sarah:"Not even a little."
  • Severus:"Absolutely. The baby agrees."
  • Sarah:"Not at all, put this on."
  • Severus:"What is it? Is it going to strangle me?"
  • Sarah:"It's a shirt, Sev."
  • Severus:"Doesn't mean it's a shirt that will fit." He pulled it over his head anyway.
  • Sarah:"See, it's fits."
  • Severus:"I have an ally."
  • Sarah:"It's a shirt."
  • Severus:"It's a nice shirt."
  • Sarah:"Yes it is."
  • Severus:"Now I need pants."
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