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Interview Low-K

Découvrez l’interview de Low-K réalisée lors de la dernière Here I Come

Low-k, Dj et producteur bordelais, est aujourd’hui reconnu pour sa musique atmosphérique, profonde et bien “barré”. De par son originalité et sa distinction  mélangeant Jungle, Drum’n’bass et Drumfunk, Low-k nous fait une bonne piqûre de rappel en rejouant les bases de ces styles musicaux. L’équipe de Reggae SudOuest se fait le plaisir de l’interviewer aujourd’hui à l’occasion de la 1ere Here I…

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anonymous asked:

Thank God, Media looked good when I went! I'm doing it Joint Honours with History though so will probably stay on Park Campus though Good to know my first choice (hopefully) will be good!

ok that sounds good!

if you live on park dont live in William Carey halls and try and get an en suite because i know people who share a bathroom and they hate it so much!

but i would actually reccomend living on Avenue, I lived on park for a bit because i couldnt get into halls on Avenue, but i moved because the majority of my friends were over there. 1- the halls are a LOT nicer, and also the bassett lowke halls have such a big community spirit because its just the one block of accomodation, and you literally walk out your flat and you know everyone, its the same with the SU, you walk in and you can guarantee someone you know will be in there annd you know where everyone lives and who their flatmates are and the whole accomodation block basically are just like one big family (because theres only about 100 people living there compared to the 1000 on park) you just dont get that same feeling at Park, you dont know the vast majority on that campus because of how big it is.

If you come to Northampton come and be my friend, I’ll be living in a house next year about 5 minutes walk away from Avenue Campus :D

😂😂 my mum is so funny!
What are you looking for on the great wall of china mum? 😆
4 kids and she is hotter than me lowks😅

i fimcekd up so bad i fuck ed up m y lowke y oikawakin friend follows my person and i accidentlaly made a pos t about them and posted it on ymy personal and they are online right now oh god

Yesterday I told my friend about this interesting encounter I had in southeast San Diego with this 65+ y/o paisano. It was like 1 in the morning, i was wasted as fuck. I only recall being in the middle of conversation. I don’t even remember introducing myself or anything. We were smoking a lot of weed, so by the end we were both pretty lowked out. It was a little weird but nice experience. While telling the homie about this I jokingly referred to the old man as the devil. “Smoking weed with the devil”. As soon as I said devil i saw him start swaying a little bit, and he quickly looked my way, i saw like a pissed off type face on him, sort of unpleasant. A face of discomfort. Then he gripped the pole in front of him and said “can we please go inside your house”. I hugged him as he stumbled to the ground to make sure he didn’t freefall. This perro straight fainted after hearing my story, he thought i was talking about a raw ass ghost encounter of some sort. Im not gonna act like there wasnt an eerie touch to that story but damn. He also said my face was turning black as i told my story. He was so confused when he woke up, especially because he was laying in an awkward position on top of these metal poles and it really tripped him out to wake up like that. Damn. I felt pretty bad, he’s the younger homie and it was his first time passing out. I will definitely never forget yesterday.

anonymous asked:

Hey Beautiful. your blog is amazing, i feel like i can relate 100%, Lowks i have been a hopeless romantic since like the 4th Grade, i can literally remember when i had a massive crush on the class prefect and always used to fantasise of the perfect relationship with her, haha, in the 4th Grade? what did i know? I knew love existed and love was a beautiful thing, all i herd from the lyrics of songs and what i saw in those romance movies... i have always... (my Characters are up lol)

Awwww….thank you, i do appreciate xx

Anyone who knows Matt lowkey and manny Lowks anddddd don John Lowks and feels like they would be welcome probably are. So come and sell-a-brate for this bash-o-Rama. Any other info required you know who to ask 😏