I really wish you were here
to baby-sit me when I get the urge
to do something stupid.
I would pay you with lipstick molested
shared menthols, fumbled hand jobs
and allow you to call me her.  I know I don’t
float your fatal iceberg. I am okay with that.
But I need someone to pull away the
and pills
and self destructive thoughts.
You would know that
hiding the knives is not
necessary, but you know
to hide the pens and cell phones.
and my trembling lower lip.

- Jaydon and Noah: Hollister dressingroom, now.

Jaydon bites on his lowerlip to hide a smirk as he watched Noah’s ass as he walked away. Fuck, that guy was freaking perfection and was this seriously happening? Well, it better be happening, since Noah turned him on like crazy. He could already feel how his jeans were getting tighter. Jaydon nodded his head disbelieving as he started to make his way to Hollister, getting more and more eager as he was getting closer to the store.

Jaydon easily entered the store, smirking as he saw that nobody was there, which didn’t surprise him if he was being completely honest because, why work when we’re all snowed in right? He licked his lips once as he walked into the restricted area, or better known as the employees only area. He just waited there for Noah, wanting the guy oh so badly already.

izaya-wonderfuldays-orihara said:

"Hachimen, you'll scare people if you keep saying you're territorial over me~" // -hugs the bae- I'm all yours ;w;

Roppi’s face lights up in a shade of red. “Shut up. I can’t help it..” He played along with his red fur, trembling as he but his lowerlip. “If I don’t, you’ll forget who owns you.” [*hugs Mun tightly and glares at everyone else* Imsosorry.]

anonymous said:

Excuse me

51. Writing a big paper, and hasn’t saved yet


Mikorin hadn’t taken a break in 5 hours, or more he hadn’t been aloud to take for over 5 hours, the pressure was getting to him and in honesty what more was there to write about the meji era. Biting his lowerlip he scrawls something down.

As a well known era, the Meji era was where bonus play was implemented and in turn must have encouraged people to work but…

He wanted to say got some into depression due to not being able to keep up with the bonus pay but thats not the way to put it.

"Excuse me"

He turned, his eyes glistened was he finaly free

"Haiiii~" but as he looked up he found a unfamilar face.

She smiled a little relieved whenever you told her she was gorgeous. She then just laid her head back, enjoying your touch. Nodding whenever you said she had to warn you whenever she was in pain. While you were busy down there, she closed her eyes, letting out some soft moans.

Fuck.. I’ve missed you.

She said while she let her own hand trail down to your crotch, jerking you off. It wasn’t much later till her panties were off you. She then rolled over again so she was on top of you once again, slowly letting you enter her. She pulled a face at first but she got used to it after a little while, fastening her pace a little.


She stroked your jawline, kissing your lips tightly in the meantime, biting your lowerlip a little as she pulled back.