Lower surgery update. Thursday 18th September.
so everything was going really well at home, mobility coming back, eating properly again, then tuesday i started getting itchy throughout the day and rashes started appearing. they spread everywhere and by the evening it became unbearably painfully itchy, to the point that i was crying. The Out of hours GP came out to look at me and suspected that i caught an infection so he wanted me to go into hospital. along came the ambulance guys, mum came in with me. i got given IV antibiotics on the way to hospital, and then blood tests and got checked over by a surgeon once there at about 12.30am. everything looked like it’s healing fine and that I’ve just had an allergic reaction to something. just nobody knows what still :/ so i was allowed to go home at 4am and given a pack of antihistamines. my step dad came to pick us up and we got home just after 5am. the rash is still angry looking but i’m nowhere near as itchy. i don’t know what i would’ve done without my mum, step dad and girlfriend. so incredibly grateful for everything they’re all doing for me at the moment. fingers crossed this will be the only complication throughout recovery.